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Posted Aug. 24, 2020, 5:57 p.m. by Lieutenant Commander Pilar O'Keefe (Head Nurse) (Tyra Schroll)

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Posted by Lieutenant Commander Pilar O’Keefe (Head Nurse) in Main sim - Holodeck: The madhouse of the Jasperwock

“And how are we feeling, Dr Black?” the Jasperwock asked in his nasally tone, the dim light from the flickering bulb glinting macabrely off his thin, round spectacles.

Joe Black tried to turn in his tangle towards the familiar voice. DOCTOR JARVIS? I APPEAR TO HAVE GOTTEN MYSELF QUITE STUCK. PERHAPS, IF YOU WOULDN’T MIND ASSISTING ME DEAR FELLOW. he said unaware of his hosts madness.

Dr Black

Pilar heard Jasperwock coming down to Black’s cell “What is our next step Doctor?” She asked completely ignoring Black’s request for assistance.

Head Nurse

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GM Wombat

Joe Black for his part continued to struggle. DEAR ME THIS ISNT RIGHT NOT RIGHT AT ALL. WHAT DO HUMANS SAY AT A TIME LIKE THIS? he mused aloud HMMM I BELIEVE IT IS HELL? NO…YELP?… he continued to try and figure out what he was supposed to shout.

At this point the doors to the holodeck opened outside the walls of the dentists cell and two NEs tossed a third in before hastily backing away. The doors closed and the NE lay in a heap at Pilar’s feet.

”NO No!!!” she yelled and diet angling herself threw herself at the stone wall where moments before a door had been she beat on it with her fists. ”Please i don’t deserve to be sent here please my queen!!!”

Dr Black

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~My queen?~ Pilar liked the sound of that “Now dear. Just calm yourself. The doctor will be with you shortly.” She said an evil smile playing across her face. She turned to Jasperwock “Who’s first?” She asked him wishing that the infernal sound of the comms would stop “And do we make them think we’re fine or just not respond?” She asked

Head Nurse

Calm yourself. Often those words are used when someone is hysterical like poor NE Laci Retsyh who now turned on the kindly form of the deraged nurse and as she spoke to the doctor grit her teeth, gave a feral growl and pounced like a sprung cat grabbing and the woman she shrieked and clawed and tried to pin her to the ground.

Meanwhile Doctor Black lay in his restraints. He tilted his skull slightly. DEAR ME…IS SOMEONE GRINDING THEIR TEETH? THAT ISNT GOOD NOT AT ALL.

Dr Black

Pilar heard the feral growl and allowed the attack to happen, Pilar found it curious how people reacted in certain situations. It only took a few seconds of the attack before Pilar attacked back and attempted to pin the woman herself “I said ‘Calm yourself’, now this is not at all ladylike now is it?” Pilar asked as she grabbed Laci’s wrists and attempted to restrain her.

Head Nurse

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