Outpost 42
Five Time Emma Award Winner for Best Starbase/Outpost!
Outpost 42 is located in the Gamma Tiltium star system, orbiting the class M planet Gamma Tiltium IV. Near Romulan space, it was originally constructed as a defense base against this hostile power. In the years since the Dominion War, however, it had been the site of increased civilian traffic, the effect of the lasting cool, but peaceful relations between the Federation and Romulan Star Empire.

In 2387, disaster struck, far across the border. A supernova - somehow combined with unforeseen and unexplained subspace phenomena - destroyed Romulus and Remus, ripping the heart out of the Romulan Empire. The Romulans, the Federation, Outpost 42 itself - all were woefully unprepared for the sudden tragedy.

Now, lacking commerce and traffic from either side of the border, Outpost 42's civilian and mining facilities lay fallow - havens for the disillusioned, the downtrodden, and those who would prefer to stay in the dark.

Factions rise from the ashes of the Star Empire - some friendly, with an open hand extended to the Federation, seeking friendship and aid... others less so, acting only with closed fists, seeking to forge a new Empire, violently opposing the Federation's 'meddling.'

Starfleet Command recently opted to promote an ambitious new captain to oversee the station's operations and continue the renovation to bring it up to Starfleet's current standards. As the Outpost itself gradually transforms from a rickety old station to a cutting edge facility, will it also transform back into the commerce hub it once was as well? Or will rogue factions from the nearby territories of the Romulans and Klingons hinder the development of both the Outpost and the region? Will the Romulans accept the Federation's aid to reconstruct their empire? Or will they drive Starfleet from their presence on the edge of their borders?

One other question looms: What part will you play?
CO: Mathias McGarrett
Welcome to Outpost 42! I'm Adam, the CO here. I must say we have a stellar group of writers here and a roleplaying quality well worth the "best ship" nomination that the outpost sometimes receives in the STF Awards. If you have an interest in joining our fantastic crew or have any questions about Outpost 42, please let us know. Don't hesitate to contact me using the contact form if there's anything you'd like to discuss. Also, I'm usually pretty easy to find on our chat service Discord where my user name is either AdamW or something chimpanzee related. I'm frequently online at various times of day, especially in the evenings in the US.

Played by: Adam W.
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XO: Jessica Teller
Hello. I am so happy to be working with you here. Please feel free to contact me at any time by email or discord as Captain Kate "Border Collie" O'Neill. As the name suggests I do love to herd people together so please form a nice orderly circle so I can lead you into the best RP ever. (Or if you have anything you want to explore let me know and I will follow.) All jokes aside my role here is to keep the captain in line and provide the best RP experience for everyone on the crew. Please don't hesitate to contact me with any ideas.

Played by: Kate O'Neill
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GM: Liam Schoepp
Sim Information
Sim Name: Necrofantaisa
BATTLE STATIONS! Ever since a number of artifacts have been brought aboard the Outpost, things have gotten more insane then usual. People misplaced in time, Klingons with inorganic tumours, and mysterious people popping in and out. What's worse is that now the Outpost is under attack by strange attackers. Hopefully the inhabitants can reassemble the situation before things get even crazier.

Important Threads

Played by: Liam Schoepp
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The merchant's wing
CNS: Zhi-anne

Played by: Nathan Derricutt
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CMO: Vacant

Played by: Vacant
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CSO: Toveka Brine

Played by: Melissa Aragon
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COO: Bernie Warren

Played by: Christopher Logan
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COS: Charles Tenkiller

Played by: James Sinclair
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SOO: Vacant

Played by: Vacant
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Posting Limits
CO/XO/GM - 5 days
DH's - 7 days
JO's - 10 days

Unrostered Characters
Ensign Dabor Vak, Nurse, played by Adam W.
Evelyn McGarrett, Civilian, played by Kate O'Neill

Rank Character Position Species Age Height Weight User Status
Captain Mathias McGarrett CO Human 34 6' 3" 210 lbs Adam W. AWOL (6)
Lieutenant Commander Jessica Teller XO Human 27 5'4" 130 Kate O'Neill OK (1*)
Civilian Zhi-anne Counselor Orion 30 5'11 140lbs Nathan Derricutt AWOL (8)
Lieutenant Junior Grade Bernie Warren Chief of Operations Human 22 7'0" 120 lbs Christopher Logan OK (0)
Civilian Char'kat Morden Operations Klingon/human 28 5'10 210 Melissa Aragon OK (1)
Ensign Chloe Harland Nurse Human 32 5'4" 130 Kate O'Neill OK (1*)
Lieutenant Toveka Brine Chief Science Officer Human/Romulan 29 5'10" 195 lbs Melissa Aragon OK (1)
Lieutenant Commander Charles Tenkiller Chief of Security Human 29 5'11" 158 lbs. James Sinclair OK (2)
Gamemaster Mr. Snuggles Gamemaster Teddy Bear Liam Schoepp AWOL (14)

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