Graduation Week - Earth 2383

Posted Dec. 17, 2019, 10:03 p.m. by Lieutenant Nathan Harland (Assistant CNS/ Child Psychiatry) (Steven Sigle)

“Come on doll down the hatch, you can do it Kelly… I see you take it father, so has Mason and half the class… so come on down the hatch… down the hatch!” Nathan said as he sat by the bar, filled with fourth year cadets and Ensigns with a small spattering of what his drinking buddy loved to call the JG’s as they stood surrounding Kelly Schultz, friend and ex fling whom Nathan loved finding chances to tease her whenever she came back to Earth.

“I’m impressed, six shots, you got seven in you Kelz or are you gonna slink back to your ship and sleep it off?” Nathan asked, smiling widely at the gorgeous blonde. The irony was Nathan and Kelly where never truly serious, it was this hot spark that only lasted a month, but he always enjoyed her random calls to bars even after they split where they talked trash and tried to see who could drink the most.

“The Constellation will survive without you you for a few hours, plus you promised me you would wing man me… you owe me after the last date you set me on… that Andorian girl was a freak but she had more screws lose than a Ferengi freighter.” Nathan said as he took back a shot as the music and crowd seemed to get louder.

The truth was none of the people here sparked him. He was officially an Ensign himself, having just graduated yet waiting assignment. Most of the people of the people here in this bar were ex cadets just a week ago, as he took a deep breath as he ran his hands through his messy brown hair as he looked back at Kelz, his icy blue eyes seeming to try and guess just what she might be planning for the night, or if she did indeed have some mark in mind to try and pawn him off she she could grab Mason and run off on some odd bender that those two always seemed to be getting into.

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