Harland quarters - Where in the universe is Molly Kendrick

Posted Jan. 26, 2020, 8:59 p.m. by Ensign Chloe Harland (Nurse) (Kate O'Neill)


As the men walked out, Molly’s mood improved immensely. Her cheeks were still streaked wet with tears, her eyes were red-rimmed, but she was at least managing a weak smile. “So can we go home,” she asked him letting out a deep breath through pursed lips starting to relax some.

“Yes pumpkin, first though you need to thank Evie. She did you a solid, only fair we thank her.” Nathan said as he turned his attention to Evie.

Molly looked at Nathan biting her lip. It was clear she was struggling to do what he asked her to do. The silence hung in the room like a dead weight as Molly looked only at him instead of the woman she should be thanking for helping her out. Molly glanced down at her feet in deep thought. After a long pause, she looked up at Nathan. “Can I talk to you first,” she asked in a low tone not sparing a look at Evie. Molly could feel her cheeks becoming red and flushed.

“There we go, now… let’s go see Aunt Chloe. I know she is worried sick and so are your parent’s hon, you can tell us the whole story there.

— Home —

Entering the quarters Nathan could see the lights were still mostly off, but as he suspected a small light could be seen near the kitchen table. Looking over as he suspected Chloe was there, as he let Molly come in front of him.

“Look who I found…” Nathan said as he took a deep breath. He wasn’t quite certain what to do next but Nathan always had a way of planning as he went along.

Nathan Harland

“Molly,” Chloe jumped up and ran over to Molly taking her into her arms holding her tightly. Swaying slightly she kissed the side of her niece’s head several times so that she could comfort her and not let her go. Sparing a glance at Nathan Chloe mouthed thank you before growing quiet as she held Molly Kendrick. Molly was the one who finally broke the embrace stepping back from her Aunt. “Aunt Chloe I am so tired. Can we talk in the morning,” she asked moving forward so that her head was resting on Chloe’s shoulder.

Chloe could feel the exhaustion in Molly’s body. Her red-rimmed eyes indicated she probably was mentally exhausted too. Placing her hands on either side of Molly’s head she kissed her niece on the forehead. “Yes,” she replied wrapping an arm around Molly’s waist. “You can sleep in Logan’s bed tonight and we can talk in the morning sweetheart. Give me a second,” she looked up at Nathan before heading down the hall to Logan’s room.


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