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“We have so much more to see… I need to get you to the mound.” he insisted in an excited tone as he looked back, his eyes seeming to smolder as he looked back at her knowing she probably wasn’t expecting anything he had thrown at her so far.

“See,” she said quizzically. “Its pretty much pitch black. Like the Schemes of Royalty finale. Did you see that,” there was pure disgust in her voice as she walked with Nate. “Eight years of my life I spent on that show. All my high school Sundays and all four years of the academy wasted,” the ire in her voice was getting more pronounced. Her body was also becoming more rigid and her steps more purposeful. “You know what happened in the finale? I don’t because they shot it here…in the dark…the entire hour-long thing. Hell, I could have been blind and enjoyed the show more than I did watching it. Why,” she asked rhetorically, “because they shot it in the dark. Thought it would create suspense but it only created hostility. I mean what did they have against torches. The entire series was shot in a time set without electricity but I can tell you how Catelynn Blark died. She was killed at the Red Wedding. I can you how Jamie Bannister lost his hand. He lost it when Rooster Bolton chopped it off. I can even tell you where they kept the dragons. In the House of Undead in Marth. What do all these things have in common? You could see it. So why did I sit for an hour waiting for the battle to end all battles only to get eye strain and have me on the edge of my seat bobbing back and forth? I was waiting along with ten billion other viewers to get one torch lit to see Saria leap from the shadows to kill the Deathwalker only we didn’t get a torch. We got the death, but we didn’t see it. No, we had to remember that Brian was sitting under the weird tree from the previous episode to know where the heck we even were on the set and we only know that because Brian was in a wheelchair and said leave him there.” It would not take much for anyone to see Chloe was livid. Her palms were even sweaty in Nate’s hand but she didn’t care. They had crossed her point of no return.

Turning to face her stared at her for a long moment. She hadn’t shut up once about the show as he walked up to her forcefully as he pulled her in and kissed her like he had just came back from war and he hadn’t seen her in ages as he let every moment of the kiss melt and twist and form a perfect moment before slowly letting go of her as he put a little bit of space between them so he could look directly into her eyes.

“I mean why wou,” she continued until she was not able to talk. Oh she tried, for a few seconds but the words were a muffled mess. The muffled mess soon turned into a soft whimper and then silence as she kissed Nathan for the first time. The setting was exactly like she planned it: in the dark under soft moonlight with a gentle breeze. It was the moment she hadn’t expected: on an angry tirade about an imaginary story that ended a show she later didn’t care a hill of beans about.

“Oh look you can shut up… come on you dork.” he said with a wink as he kissed her once more but more playfully so as he got her to the middle of the mound before leaving her a for a few second as he went into the dugout. Moments later there was a hum as lights came on as spotlights illuminated the night as night became day for Chloe up on that big dirt mound.

Chloe let out a small giggle realizing she had forgotten she was in public. The Schemes of Royalty anger still ran deep in its fans but tonight was about making new friends and nothing about a holovision program.

“If they had just hired me I could have giving them all the light they needed, you can even see how cute you are as you blush under the night sky.” came Nathan’s voice echoing in a boom as he came from the dugout back onto the field, pulling behind him a hovering machine with one hand, as the other held a bag over his shoulder as if it was bootcamp.

“And Nathan said, “Let there be light and there was light. Harland San Franscisco 6:12:83,” Chloe wasn’t sure if he was the religious type or might take offense at the joke but if he ever got past the tight collar of her cadet uniform, he would find the small gold cross she always wore around her neck. It was a topic they could discuss later if the situation arose. For now, she let the topic change abruptly.

“If you can hit a ball I will let you tell me more about how awful it was, if you miss I will come up with random punishments that will make you blush and squirm and say to yourself ‘this isn’t baseball, it’s love making.’” Nathan said with a playful wink as he teased her as he tossed the bag at her feet. Inside as she opened she would find gloves, bats, and helmets for them to use.

Nathan Harland

“And if I want both options to happen. What’s a girl to do,” she laughed kneeling down to pull out a ball and a glove. “So I assume we are teaching me to pitch? I played softball like every girl when I was eight but I was never a pitcher. Right middle fielder,” she tossed the ball up and caught it in her hand. “What do I do,” she turned her body so that her toes were on the white stripe of the pitching mound. Adjusting her feet so that they were slightly hip-distance apart, she wiggled a bit and held the ball in both her hands close to her chest. “Holy smokes you can throw it hard enough to get to home plate,” she dropped her stance looking at Nate after sizing up the distance between her and home plate.

“Well yes… I mean every player has to be able to. How else can you throw someone out at home plate?” he asked her with an arched eyebrow at her statement as she got on the mound. He couldn’t help but find her adorable as she stood on top of the mound trying to look like she knew what she was doing. “I take it you didn’t play pitcher, even in softball.”

“Shut up,” she laughed and readjusted her body to what she thought was the perfect pitcher stance. After taking a deep breath, she brought her knee up to her chest. This was a move she had seen a million times only each time the ball flew over its intended target. This time, Chloe realized raising your leg to throw was harder than it looked. It was not that she was ungraceful, but by raising her leg, it did take her off balance. The flew but only halfway between her and home plate. “Wait wait wait lemme try again,” she said pulling another ball out of the bag.

“I mean… it left your glove, that’s progress.” Nathan with a smirk as he watched her get ready for the second pitch. “Maybe try not to rotate your arm so early.”

“Oh okay,” she took his advice and this time she added the rotation later in the throw. If she was being scouted at this moment, anyone watching would be wearing a corkscrewed expression as even Chloe had no idea what she did to make the ball act the way it did. By twisting her arm the way she did, it caused the ball to bounce on the hard ground. This allowed the ball to not only cross a longer distance but ricochetted from the ground, up into the seats between home plate and first base. A slight ding rang out in the stands as the metal from the chair vibrated. “Sorry,” she grimaced. “I think we need less rotation but I did get it over the trail line to first base.”

“Yes, the trail lines. The ones that connect the bases so you know where to go an which direction to head. See there is one from home plate to first and then from third to home plate. Since I got it over the trail that has to count for something,” she smiled at him picking up another ball.

Nathan’s comment made Chloe’s face wrinkle up in deep thought. “Huh, I never realized that,” she said now looking at the fact there was no line from first to second or second to third. “Learn something every day. Next ball…I would stand back,” let out a full laugh knowing that throwing a ball could be dangerous.

This time she wound up but did not bring up her leg. The ball left her hand and traveled farther but nowhere near its intended target of the batting box. “Cheese and crackers,” she growled pulling another ball from the bag. Before she assumed her stance again, she marched up to Nate and began to frisk him slightly. “You don’t have some inertial dampener on you do you,” she asked looking up at him.

“Then there is no reason I should not be able to get the bah…ellll,” she over hand threw it letting out a small grunt. Chloe also took not one but two steps forward as she lobbed the ball towards home. It was an extremely ugly pitch but even so, still did not reach home plate.

“Well… I may be just a simple country doctor, but I think maybe we should switch to the pitching machine…” he said as he made a thumbs up jab as he pointed behind his shoulder.

“Pitching machine. Why would we need a pitching machine,” she cocked her head to the side looking at him.

“Because I am a shortstop love, not a pitcher. While I can throw to home plate I excel at fielding and hitting… so maybe we try that before you get yourself hurt and I have to try my main profession out on you… but then again I would get to play doctor on you so honestly this might just be a win win.”

Nathan Harland

“You’re not the pitcher,” she replied with a truly confused expression on her face. “Number eight. Nathan Harland the North Paw Bazooka,” she repeated looking for some validation.

“Eighteen… my number is eighteen.” Nathan said as he couldn’t help but smirk, she was the one from the games, the bracelet he knew matched but it seemed she didn’t watch him nearly as much as he suspected.

“Okay this is awkward,” she started laughing. Scratching her forehead Chloe glanced up at him with a sheepish grin. “But do I at least get a few brownie points for knowing your nickname is the North Paw Bazooka because you can get the ball anywhere you need it to go? And besides,” she began to backpedal as she talked, “it’s not like you have your names on your shirts. That would be too easy,” she winked at him.

“No one ever has called me that… like… no… no one on the team is the North Paw Bazooka, unless the game program’s say it and I just don’t know.”

Oh you have no idea what we call you Mr. Harland and the program is not always correct at least in our minds, Chloe thought hearing Nathan talk about how dumb his name was. The problem was men had no idea how sexist women could be. The reason was women were much more quiet about it. They didn’t go whistling at some guy as they walked down the street. No women kept is seedy and secret only whispering among themselves. This is what happened Saturday afternoons at Oracle Park when Chloe and her baseball groupie friends showed up never missing a game. They had custom t-shirts made that matched the color of the Admiral’s uniforms exactly with a blue base, gold piping, and a gold accent stripe that ran under the sleeve from the waist to the armpit. Across the front was the Admiral’s logo just like the team but the back was what defined the shirt. Instead of the player’s number under the name was a picture of a baseball diamond. On the back over a number, each girl had selected was the Monogram DRAGBF. To anyone out of the group, it was explained as Drag your Best Friend to the game because they were always there. To members of Chloe’s girl group, DRAGBF actually stood for Diamonds R a Girls Best Friend. Each and every one of Chloe’s clan had a player they daydreamed would marry one of the Admirals and be whisked away to a life of lap and luxury. They were all between the ages of eighteen and twenty-two so the fantasy seemed completely legitimate.

“That’s a stupid sounding name, I don’t even have to throw the farthest, that’s Kyle Park our Right Fielder… he has to throw the farthest.” Nathan said wondering just where she had been getting all this information.

For the first time tonight, Chloe was totally zoning out at Nathan talked. She only got every other sentence as her inner thoughts overlapped his like the noisy conversations in the bar. Looking at Nathan, Chloe nodded like she was listening to every word only Chloe was replying verbally in her head with her own comments. Oh baby North Paw Bazooka is not a bad name. If you only had a clue at what we call all your brothers at-bat behind your backs. There is Hal, Open the Overbay Doors, Olstein who does that sliding catch move where he is sitting almost Indian style on the ground as the ball falls in his lap. Sabrina came up with that one and always remarks she dreams of being the ball and landing in that position on him.

There is Don’t Ask… Dotel, Davidson** who is not the sweet southern gentlemen on first you see holding doors open but someone who likes to keep his activities quiet. Julia Martin and he have had a thing going since freshman year. You would never know it but we do. John, Safe at Home, Cooper is your man at home plate. Ever wonder why scoring with a girl is referred to by first base, second base, and sliding into home? If you hang out with old Johnny you are never safe at home but the trip around the bases to get to him is worth the effort or at least that is what Maegan Murphy says. Ivan, Jerkin his, Kurkjian** is probably the basest nickname but he earned it over his tenure on the team.

A Long Walk off a Short Pierre DeSaul is that guy that can knock the ball over the wall into the bay at least once a season. You Down with OBP? is in reference to Obediah Billy Peters. He is a really nice guy and a great friend when you get to know him. There is nothing seedy about him and our chant of ‘You down with OBP…Yeah, you know me.’ It’s just because he is really a great guy to get to know. I have found that always to be true about catchers. They typically are the comedians of the team.

Now Leggo my Lugos** is that new freshmen on your team. He is up for grabs and currently, it is Becky and Physlis target who are trying to steal his second base from each other. Leo Whipp is Whipps and Chains** because he can tie up a game if he gets the ball to first Davidson then the Lugos. There is another connotation to his name but that is all Brenda Barkley’s overtime game not mine.

So now back to you. Nathan North Paw Bazooka Harland is not as bad as it could be. I mean listen to all the other names. They all are things that would give us improper conduct demerits if we screamed them across the quad as you passed by on the way to class. You throw with your right hand and are from the North so how is North Paw not doubly appropriate. That jump turn thing you do when you fire the ball from up the middle or in the gap is freaking amazing. Also for the record up the middle is between you and Lugos. In the gap is between you and Whipp so I do know a bit of the terms thank you very much. We have both taken small arms training so everyone knows the bazooka is a powerful rocket. When you do that jump twist thing to get your body back around to sling the ball where it needs to go is pure arm strength. You are not touching the ground but hovering like some God-like being that descended from Mount Olympus. I digress but it takes nothing but pure arm strength to launch the ball to where it needs to be from that position. With all that being said, you Nathan Harland are going to be my North Paw Bazooka even if I only call you that in my head. Looking at Nathan, Chloe realized she might have been daydreaming a bit longer than expected. For the second time this evening, she abruptly changed the topic.

“So batting it is. Do I go to the mound and hit them to you or are we both batting,” she began to pepper him with questions. It had been years since she had hit a ball with a bat. As dates went, this one was going to be a hard one to beat. Most men took you for coffee and maybe breakfast from a bar. No one had ever taken her to play baseball in a real stadium under the stars.

“Come to me sweetie I will get the pitching machine on the mound… ” he said with a wink as he grabbed the handle of the machine and pulled it to the mound as he set everything up. “Okay, this thing has several style of pitches and speeds, but I am going to start you on a change up, 70 mph. That’s a fairly slow ball, but it whizzes past you like a blur I can adjust it.” Nathan said as he walked back and with the PaDD that was attached to the machine as he let it calibrate. The technology of now could have the pitching machines do far more than when baseball was invented. It could change angles, velocity, pitch types… all while calibrating the perfect strike zone for each player that goes to hit in front of it.

“Okay, lemme see your batting stance…” he said as he put the PaDD down for a second as he came over to her, coming behind her he placed his body directly behind her as he waited to see just what kind of stance she thought she should have.

“You just want to see my butt,” she rotated the bat a few times using her wrist while giving Nathan a wink. After removing her coat, slipping off her heeled boots, and pulling her hair back into a ponytail, Chloe took her spot in the batter’s box. She then attempted to square her body up trying to remember the position. Her toes touched the edge of home plate…check. She bent at the waist slightly leaning over letting her body take a forty-five-degree angle to home plate…check. She held the bat three-quarter of the way up on the shaft flexing her fingers several times to get a good grip…check.

“I mean who wouldn’t… but that isn’t the only reason to get you in this position.” he said with a wink as he ran his hands down her arms softly and slowly as he he cocked his head as he looked over the position she was forming.

Chloe felt his hands close around hers on the bat. She closed her eyes feeling the pressure as he adjusted her choke. The scent of his cologne was so strong with him this close. He smelled of musk and oak with a hint of rosewood undertones. In a reminded her of the ocean. Chloe concentrated on the scent letting him move her body into whatever position he needed for her to bat. She fought the urge to shift around to make him stay this close longer.

“Okay legs apart, grip needs to be tight with wrists firm…” he said as he helped adjust what he saw right and wrong as she stood before him.

Nathan Harland

Shifting her weight several times she then announced, “ready,”. If anyone was watching they would get a huge laugh as the poor pitching machine looked like it was short-circuiting as it continuously made adjustments to find her pitching range.


“Okay… but first you need a helmet… safety first doll.” he said as he went back to the bag as he began sifting through it as he pulled out a helmet as he looked over it.

“But it will dork up my hair and the machine is set for my batting zone. That shouldn’t include my head unless you don’t know how to calibrate the thing. Besides no one wears a helmet in a pickup game,” Chloe looked at him rolling her eyes.

“Fine,” she said sliding the helmet on. The girly part of her loved the fact that is was his helmet. Lame and stupid but at times that all girls were. They loved men’s coats and sweatshirts and if you were a baseball junkie, his hat and glove. After placing it on her head, Chloe assumed the batting position and prepared for the ball. Unfortunately, the bill of the hat slide slightly covering her eyes. Letting go of the bat Chloe adjusted it and took up the position again only to have the hat slip that inch to block her vision once again.

Looking over at her he cocked a head as he placed the helmet aside. “Give me just one second puppy…” he said softly as he saw her looking back just briefly as he turned his back to her as he went back into the dugout and into the ball club area.

“No No No its fine,” Chloe called out. I love this hat. You don’t know how long I have dreamt of this. Me. Your hat. Batting. It is all like my dream so it okay, she whined mentally.

“Hold your horses buttercup, you’ll like this…” came back a shout from the tunnel as Nathan reappeared, with what looked like an entire ensemble of gear, jersey, cap, helmet all seeming to have very subtle changes yet very similar to what Nathan wore. “Safety is always important, but doesn’t mean you can’t have something that also fits…” he said as he handed her the helmet, which instantly seemed different from Nathan’s own he had set aside. While the overall shape seemed the same, it was smaller with the Admirals blue and gold but there was some new feminine highlights of pink through out that made it clear it wasn’t meant for just any other player.

“Oh my god,” she said looking up at him holding the items to her chest. Chloe felt like she was a sixteen year old with all the butterflies in her stomach.

On the back when she turned the helmet around she would find it wasn’t just smaller with subtle pink changes, no it even had her name “Kenrdick” and a number “6” on the back in pink with gold highlights that made it clear this wasn’t something Nathan just did for any random girl he meet. Many would call this playing it on thick but so far the past hour had felt electric and perfect, his stomach was fluttering with butterflies and his heart seemed to keep skipping as he tried to keep up with all that was going on.

“What do you think? Now you can be part of the team… oh and this too.” he said as he tossed one last items at her, a Jersey that had the same subtle pink alterations along with the number 6 to match. “I even have a cap but for now you can’t wear it and the helmet so that’ll wait later.” Nathan said as he placed the cap on top of the bag he brought out as he looked up at Chloe, hoping the gesture would be something she would appreciate.

A smile crept onto her face as she spun around giving him her back. “Don’t look,” she said then broke out laughing. “Okay so maybe there might be one reason the series finale of Schemes of Royalty had for being black,” she commented pulling on the jersey. It fit her perfectly hugging exactly where it needed to but flowing enough for modesty. Lastly, she placed the batting helmet on her head. It fit extremely tight like it should. “Well how do I look? The DRAGBF,” she spelled out, “is never going to believe this,” she beamed.

“So now… I guess I need to give your very own nickname too, hot stuff.” he said as hit bit his lower lip as he couldn’t help but smile widely at her as she put on the Jersey and helmet.

Nathan Harland

“What about Chloe the chaos from Connecticut Har…Kendrick. Kendrick,” she rapidly fixed her error as she set the bat down and leaned on the top. Unfortunately, it was not level and bobbled making Chloe stumble about like she was drunk. Finding her feet, she looked at Nathan with a dazzling smile. “Just testing the fit of the hat,” she tapped her helmet. “Perfect fit. It is not coming off for anything,” she spun quickly waiting for the ball to come.

“Good, I wouldn’t want anything to hit that pretty noggin of yours. Now… I need you to stand right there…” he said as he pointed at the center of the batters box for her to step in. “Let’s see what you got Ms Chaos”

Several moments later the soft pah chunk of the ball leaving the machine sounded along with a pop of it landing in leather. “What the,” Chloe said looking behind her as Adam Watson stood up lobbing the ball back to the machine. “Where did he come from,” Chloe looked at him confused.

“We made holographic players for training purposes. It matches replaces the players as needed. To let people be able to train even when no one is here.”

“So there is a virtual model of you,” Chloe bit her lip.

“You wanna take a copy home doll face?” He said with a smirk and wink as the field became field with players.

Nodding at his reply with a sly smile, Chloe took up position to bat again. This time she was ready and still, the ball sailed past her like she wasn’t there. A growl escaped her lips as she choked up higher on the bat. Pah chunk pop swish. Pah chunk pop swish. Pah chunk pop swish. By the third time, she had swung and missed Chloe looked at Nathan. “Kinda sounding like a bee bop,” she laughed waiting for the next round of balls. This time however she did a dance spin with jazz hands after her swish. “Yep. Total dance routine. I am gonna bring it into style,” she winked at him.

“Can this thing go slower?” Pah chunk pop swish. Pah chunk pop swish. The sound was soon going to either put Nathan to sleep with its rhythmic quality or become white noise he tuned out. “I’m just looking for a crack,” Chloe began to sing. Pah chunk pop swish. “One crack.” Pah chunk pop swish “A single crack.” Pah chunk pop swish ” A crack that will make my nig… ight peerrrr fehhhh kaht,” she put sounds to the rhythm. It didn’t matter how many times she struck out. She was spending the night with him. Okay, that was not exactly true. It was irksome that she could not nail the ball once.

“Can you hit this,” she asked him breaking the rhythm to only a Pah chunk pop.


“I can… you sure you don’t want to do it first? Wouldn’t you feel better to hit a ball before I do?” Nathan said with a smirk. He was enjoying his quiet moment with her as the balls came swinging.

Nathan Harland

“Oh I didnt say I was giving up. Pffff,” she lip trilled him as she used the bat to knock non existent dirt from the cleats he replicated for her. “I was just asking if you can,”. Pah chunk pop the ball wizzes by her again. “I mean,” Pah chunk pop,” it cant be that hard.” Pah chunk pop “You have knocked it out of the park twice last game”. Pah chunk pop “I mean you didn’t have the pressure of a hot guy watching you form the entire time,” Pah chunk pop, “ which is making it harder for me.” chloe was broaching they borderline line of frustration with each Pah chunk pop of missing the ball. Still there was no way she was giving up. This was becoming a matter of principal. Two more swings Howe’s her she had to think outside of the box she was standing in. Moving five steps closer to the autobot she took her stance again. There was no way she couldn’t hit it closer


“I mean you did just spend like half an hour telling me how hot my entire squadmates are… so evidently I did play with hot guys watching my form,” Nathan said with a smirk as he pushed a putting to turn off the machine. Pressing another button the machine remote-controlled moved behind them as he smiled. “Maybe we can do better with this,” he said as a version of the famed pitcher Noah Syndergaard appeared, an early 21st-century legend nicknamed Thor due to his ability to hit for yard as much as he could strike them out. Much like the famed God of Thunder, from whom his nickname derived from, Noah was known as a strong handsome man with long blonde hair and an intimidating stance of 6‘6 as he took the mound.

“And Thor descended Mount Olympus himself,” Chloe said letting the bat slide slightly in her hands. “I have not seen you in the roster,” she felt her cheeks redden slightly as this holographic pitcher smiled at her. Yes he was holographic so to make something out of thin air cause a girl to turn this coy with a side glance only spoke the attraction this man was emitting just like the photons of light that made up his illusion.

“Hey, Nate, who do we have here?” Nolan asked as he looked Chloe over with a smirk as he began to look Chloe up and down.

“I’m Chloe,” she tucked a lock of hair behind her ear looking away for a second before letting her eyes slow trail up his body until they met his gaze head-on. “Oh my god,” she half mouthed the words biting her lip. Okay so if I couldn’t hit a ball with an autobot pitching what makes you think I am going to have my eye on the ball any better with that staring at me, she thought.

“Hey hey hey… eyes up top Blondie.” Nate said as he threw a ball at Noah as the giant pitcher caught it. “We are trying to teach her to hit, we may have our luck cut out for us.” Nathan said as he looked over at Chloe and winked at her. “But I got a feeling she might be worth the struggle.”

Nathan Harland

“No its not a struggle keeping my eyes on the ball,” she snapped quickly not hearing anything but the last word Nate spoke. Seeing the expression on his face she shook her head as if to clear it. “What,” she said looking at him confused?

“Never mind. I am batting,” she held up a hand to Nate as she ended the conversation before it started and looked at the pitcher. “So could you come a little closer,” Chloe asked the pitcher in a soft tone. Letting out a small laugh she balanced on the bat talking to Thor. One leg was bearing all her weight allowing her to stick her hip out some and bend one knee. It was the classic girl flirt position women assumed knowing if you stood at the right angle, it lifted your south forty and enhanced your north forty. The bent leg allowed you to pivot the free leg on your toe enhancing the tone and length of your leg. “I think that bot was too far away. If you were closer it might help me some. Please,” she said in almost a singing tone tossing her hair over one shoulder.



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