Docking Port: Khain Arrives (open thread)

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Posted by Civilian Captain Khain (Captain of the I.K.S. Khazad’hea) in Docking Port: Khain Arrives (open thread)

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While Nikki could debate the source of Shakespeare, he could not deny that the Klingons did have a particular passion for the Bard’s works. Nikki knew Shakespeare and indeed had one of the best naps of his life while attending a play once. Moving forward to stand by Khain Nikki looked at the sleek vessel. “Are ye sure ye don’t favor parking that beast in infested dives like this to make her look all the sweeter?” That was a distinct poke at his own job, though the contrast was stark when looking at the lethal lines of the ‘Bird’. “Aye, she looks as lethal as me second wife but only half as good.” He put his foot up on a low railing and brushed dust off his shoe. “Not every day we get a lady like that come a knockin,” he said, nodding to the ship. “Apart from slummin it and lookin for contraband blood wine what brings ye te these parts, Capt’n Khain.”
- Nikki

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IC: “What makes you think I am doing anything other than slumming it and looking for contraband bloodwine?” Khain smirked, and then laughed genuinely. “The Klingon High Council has a problem with rogue Klingon and Romulan raiders in this area. My specialty is fixing problems for the High Council and I happened to be in the area when your Officers got themselves into trouble. You are Allies, it was only fitting that I lend my aid.” Khain let that hang in the air for a fraction of a second longer than it needed to before changing the subject.

Nikki knew what Khain was saying; he too was in the estimation of his family, a fixer. Or was. He couldn’t do much while he was here and, perhaps, that was why he ended up here. He nodded in the pause, though thought that if he could come across any contraband bloodwine he would not hesitate to appropriate it.

“As for parking the Khazad’hea here, sometimes being in plain sight is the best form of stealth. I think a man like yourself is well aware of that Mr Brako. Sometimes business takes many forms, and my business is hunting pirates and protecting the trade lines to Qo’nos.” The big Klingon was open and friendly, he spoke to Brako like the man was an old friend and yet he didn’t seem the type to simply run his mouth and give away information unless he wanted it given. “As such, my assignment places me here, in this sector. The Outpost is going to be our home for a while, and I expect the battles to be glorious and one sided.”

Captain Khain of House Kholl

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“One sided. That doesn’t sound glorious to me?” he remarked with a smile. “Efficient though.” He tipped his head in the direction of the promenade. “Drink?” His thoughts turned to how he might take advantage of this opportunity of a ship in the region that wasn’t filled with Feds. And, he, thought. He needed help that corresponded to muscle, and a Klingon was certainly usually willing to flex their muscles. “Tell me, how far do your travels take you?” he asked. “I may have a .. business proposition for you that wouldn’t interfere with yer pirate hunting.”
- Nikki

“Ahh, now Mr Brako, you have my full attention.” Khain grinned, and then turned for the Promenade. “Where abouts on this station is a good place to find a drink? Somewhere that the blood wine isn’t replicated would be best.” As he walked the big Klingon let the palm of his hand rest gently on the hilt of the dagger at his waist, as if it was simply a comfortable place to put it that was out of the way. It was an eminently casual gesture, but to anybody who knew the game, pointedly showed that however much he seemed at ease he wasn’t unaware.

“Place known as the Black Hole. Not as popular as the ‘big fancy joint’ here,” he said, tipping his thumb at the ‘been there brewed that’. “Not everyone is comfortable there. It’s too .. civilized.” Not that Nikki was concerned about that; having grown up on luxury cruise liners that was his bread and butter and he moved through places like the BTBT like a fish through water. But there was ever other sides to Nikki, ones that didn’t like the thought of cameras everywhere. That was one thing with the Feds. They liked cameras. The problem with them was that while they and other means collected information and ‘kept’ people safe, most didn’t realize how much danger they were in in that form of state. He clapped Khain on the shoulder. “What the Hole has is not watered and not replicated.”

“Ha,” Khain let out a loud laugh and nodded, “good. In my experience a civilized establishment is too bright, smells of soap and detergent and is seldom fun.” He let his head turn and gaze inside the place that Brako had pointed out, and grunted. “The coffee smells good, but maybe a little fair trade, if you get my meaning. Anyhow..” Khain turned and continued walking with the man, the coffee house forgotten for now.

“I have an open writ to hunt pirates and raiders throughout this sector, and beyond,” Khain revealed, and glanced at Brako. “Thus, my business takes me anywhere I need to be. Especially when I am trying to return the unfortunate stolen property from those raiders to its rightful owner. I can imagine you understand just how difficult a task that can be at times. I seldom am able to trace the origin,” Khain grinned again, “pirates do not often keep an accurate ledger of their cargo. Mores the pity.”

Captain Khain

“Unfortunate,” Nikki said. “Does any of the cargo that is regretfully unable to circle back to their owners pass through here by chance?” This was an evident fish. He was finding even this early that he was not entirely trusting the QM department on this station, and, frankly, he knew of bays that simply were unused here - or should be. “One wouldn’t want a glut of inventory.” They turned a corner and entered a lift that had seen better days with many scratches along the doors and panels. One of the ceiling panels was out revealing a bare light. Another thing for his list. Two others slipped in as the doors closed and chose other decks for their destination. His destination was two decks down. “What is your reinvestment plan?” He asked. His ship was all sparkly. That didn’t come cheap. He kept an eye on one of the two with them who kept glancing in their direction. Didn’t anyone get the class of a suit anymore?
- Brako

“Well, depending on what cargo we recover from the raiders depends on where we can offload it. Some of it might be considered contraband in the Federation. Romulan raiders and the like do not worry about the Federations laws when it comes to trading in illegal goods, so it would be stored on board until we move on. Our Federation Allies would never allow that kind of cargo to be held here of course, pending redirection to a legally nominated Klingon broker.” Khain paused here a moment and looked at the two men that had entered, taking note on whether they had suddenly seemed to be listening or were trying to make it obvious they weren’t. His nostrils flared a moment as if he was smelling something and the sound of a large, long inhaled breath filled the turbo-lift.

“For the rest, House Kholl has authorized me to dispose of it in a way that benefits my House and our interests. The High Council is bankrolling my mission here to hunt raiders as an act of goodwill and co-operation with the Federation and other local, non-aligned worlds, so fuel and resupply is no issue. So what that means, is that some goods might be donated to a cause we can work with, others, sold to establish trading partners.” The turbo-lift paused and the doors opened, and Khain turned his head slightly. “Know anybody that is more trustworthy than the Ferengi around here?”

Captain Khain of the IKS Khazad’hea


Not the QM that was for sure, Nikki thought as the doors opened with a louder grating sound than expected. Just this deck. Another thing for the list. “Ye cut me to the quick,” Nikki replied as they stepped out. His family moved goods. Above board, and some below. “Laws are there to make people creative, and ye sound a creative businessman te me.” Pirates were simply business owners under a different corporate flag. The corridor here was as wide but not as well kept as the decks above. These had the stain of age upon them. While not decrepit it felt very lived in. Their feet echoed louder with the bare decking. He wondered if Khain actually thought about what he was saying. Beneath all that pirating out of the goodness of his heart he was a wheeler and dealer. “There are good business people about that don’t work off a hundred rules.”

“Good business people stick to a few very important ones,” Khain grinned, and let his eyes moved over the corridor they were walking down. “It seems like the Outpost is having some supply issues in this region. I’m not sure I have been on a Federation post with as few staff and as much work needing to be done. Is there anything in particular the Federation might be in need of that might be sourced locally?”

Captain Khain

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