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Posted Feb. 21, 2020, 1:43 p.m. by Ensign Chloe Harland (Nurse) (Kate O'Neill)

July 2383 Starfleet Medical
Chloe ran down the hall almost taking out two orderlies and a fellow nurse. Seeing the room she needed Chloe reached out hitting the door lock as she grabbed the frame pulling herself it. She was running so fast, she slid instead of walked into the room. The sound of her rubber boots squeaked loudly trying to gain purchase on the cold metal tile. “I’m coming. Don’t hang up. I’m cuh ming,” Chloe said loudly dropping into the chair before the console with a loud huff. There was no way Nate would not know she had hauled it to make it here. Her cheeks were flushed a bright red, her breath came out in heavy pants, her hair had whispies that fell loosely framing her face and her eyes had a bright sparkle to them. “I thought I was going to miss you,” she said leaning into the screen slightly placing her elbows on the table and resting her chin on her fists. “But I didn’t but I did,” she said softer finally getting her breathing under control as she let out a small laugh bowing her head and shaking it. “Can we start again?”

“Hey you,” she grinned looking away shyly for a second before moving her gaze back to him. Chloe did not want to waste a second of her time with him. It was precious and with him gone, she wanted every second.

“So how is the Hartford? Have you picked the brains of the crew? Is anyone doing that hiding maneuver so that you have to seek them out because they are just trying to seek your attention but at the same time claim they are perfectly fine and an introvert? How are your quarters? Did my plant survive the trip,” she threw question after question at him like a drill sergeant in basic training. It was hard not to. They only had a single long weekend together before he left for his placement. Most people would have just choked it up to graduation fun yet for Chloe and it seemed to her for Nathan, there was the possibility of so much more. They left a million messages for each other every day with some on a strict schedule. She woke every morning to a message usually with a picture of coffee and the words Good Morning Doll face. Before bed, Nathan would see a message about her day and how much she missed him. Her message was always a novel while his was typically a man’s couple of short phrases. Regardless of the word count both types of messages showed how much they were on each other’s mind. Throughout the day Chloe sent random images of things she saw. Nathan was more of the quick kiss or happy face as a response. The moments like this were the ones she craved, however, with his schedule and the unpredictability of the ER they often were ships passing in the night.

September 2383 Chloe’s apartment

“So I booked the cabin at Lake Tahoe but my sister is not happy with me,” Chloe sat down on her bed adjusting the PaDD on her lap to talk to Nate. “She is still complaining that I am not letting her stay with us and that she had to get her own cabin. I can’t for the life of me see why Meredith is putting up such a fuss. I mean would you want to share a room with us this weekend,” she took a long sip of her coffee blowing over the lip of the up beforehand.

“Probably but my sister’s ability to find her next boyfriend is not my issue. My issue is both of us not falling asleep all weekend once we get there. I had to take five double shifts over the past two weeks to get the time off. It’s worth it though.” Chloe stopped talking for a second as she looked at Nathan’s face. It seemed slightly different. His face was smiling and all his attention was focused on her yet his eyes seemed to look a little less intense. “You look tired,” she said getting a bit concerned for a second.

April 2384 Golden Gate Park

Chloe sat in the park looking out at the bay while she talked to Nathan. It was chilly but warm enough that the crisp spring day air felt good. Things were moving so fast between them but also at a snail’s pace. His impromptu proposal at Christmas was more than a shock but on some level not unexpected. The holiday was perfect yet with his departure so many problems began to rear their ugly head. Her family moved on a sliding scale from absolute adoration to highly suspicious. Her mother and aunts were chomping at the bit to publish the engagement announcement. The problem was Nathan helping out with this task on his end. While Chloe wanted to set a date, it wasn’t something she felt, much like Nathan, had to be done at breakneck speed. Chloe’s response of we are talking about it was met by numerous questions that ranged from Nathan’s desire to actually set one to understanding that he had to get enough leave together to actually enjoy it. It was enough to set Chloe on edge whenever she saw a group message from her family. “So have you talked to the Captain about dates?” She tried to keep her tone casual. For the past few weeks, it seemed like the topic of wedding planning annoyed him. “I checked out several places. My family is still pushing hard for the Thomas Manor Inn but it is hard to look at anything if I am not sure even what season we are planning to get married. We can’t really have an outdoor wedding in Boston in December. Oh and did you get that form filled out about your biography. I know it is long but my mom bought out a two page spread in the society section of the Danbury Post. I tried to fill in some stuff but I don’t have anything really on the Hartford.”

“Well maybe you could get some fun candid shots of hanging out with the crew,” she suggested. “You know you and the guys tossing the baseball around. You did start the baseball team like you told me you wanted to right?” Chloe knew there was something eating at Nathan just below the surface. His snipped off crisp comments had nothing to do with a lack off a desire to get married. Past that, however, Chloe had no clue why his moods seemed to waffle between happy or mildly interested when she cold commed him from time to time.

“Baby are you okay,” she stopped all talk of frivolous things staring intently at the screen.

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