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“Can I have the ‘nilla one,” Cera asked snapping Jessica’s attention back to her daughter. It was then he saw her husband walk into the cafe. “No,” Jessica said not really paying attention as she moved to intercept Teller at the door.

“Half,” Evie said breaking the mini cake in half and handing it to Cera as she made a shhhhhh sound as if to indicate that this was supposed to be a secret.

“I love you and Uncle Matty,” Cera beamed at the McGarrets.

Mathias blinked. He had never heard such a comment directed towards him from a child that young. At least not that he had remembered. It was difficult to know what to think considering that he still wasn’t convinced that he was actually related to her. And there was no three year Cera yet anyways, so this was some kind of fabrication.

“So before you freak or think I need to go ten rounds with that counselor Nathan Harland we got a problem,” she moved to show Aedan the table. “So to recap what I know. There was an intruder alert on the outpost. We were cataloging some artifacts in the hold from a civilian transport when the lights flickered and bam. We find a trill from what I think is the future, a British woman and not like from downtown now England but totally victorian, and Joan of Arc there in the tin can. No one knows what’s going on by I was called down here because Evie said Cera showed up. Three year old Cera,” she looked at the table as her supposed daughter was munching away on some vanilla cake. I called the quarters but there is no sign of Cera. The kids seems to know all about us. Did you notice anything odd at OMAP,” she asked him.

Lt. Commander Jessica Vaughn

“Not to my knowledge…” Aedan said as he looked at the small girl then back to Jessica. “You sure you don’t want to just move to OED V?” Aedan asked teasingly as he took a deep breath. This type of stuff wasn’t really anything he was used to in his line of work. He wasn’t able to just pay and make these things go away.

The woman grabbed a few of the treats and started to wolf them down, albeit with the manners that one would expect of someone raised as part of a higher class. During this time she had put down the stone on the table and it seemed as though they were free to examine it.

Mr. Snuggles (GM)

~Aedan Teller

“Someone grab a tricorder,” ordered the captain. It seemed Mom’s approach was going to pay off. If only things had always worked out that way, thought Mathias.

Captain Mathias McGarrett, CO

Jessica pulled one from her hip and began to scan the device. It was not typical that she had one but today was not typical. She had seen Romulan artifacts that seemed to show the USS Enterprise at the time humans were running around inventing fire. There was the sick bay issue, a five year older version of her daughter stuffing herself on cake, and a knight munching on cookies. Nothing about today was normal. Running the tricorder over the stone Jessica waited to see what would show on the readings.

Lt. Commander Jessica Teller XO

“Well?” Aedan said with an air of impatience. He didn’t like working with Starfleet outside of his wife and to a lesser extent the Harland brew. His cousin wasn’t really on his list of pals, but he couldn’t deny Mathias was a good man. All that said, he was used to having people do things when he commanded and right now he couldn’t quite get away with that. He hated having to be in public, play by the rules of the Federation to get what he needed. His swarm and charm were what usually got what he wanted though, and that worked in his favor in any crowd he was in.

Aedan Teller

“You shouldn’t use the angry voice with mommy,” Cera said in a cross tone looking up at her daddy as she munched on a cookie. Several crumbs fell down her shirt but at three she did not seem to care as with most kids her age. She could tell he was angry about something but she didn’t know why. It was probably because there were a lot of adults around. When you had a group of grownups around they either got silly drinking soda or got grumpy because no one was listening to each other. “Mrs. Pigh says when we talk in a grumpy voice or don’t raise you hand no one is going to listen to you. So maybe if you raise your hand they will listen to you. Like this,” Cera said sitting ramrod straight with her hand not holding the cookie straight in the air. Leaning towards Aedan slightly with her hand still up she whispered, “you can wiggle in your seat and shake your hand but it doesn’t always make her pick you.”


Jessica let a bubble of laughter erupt for a second as she got a mental image of Aedan raising his hand to be recognized in the group. Aedan never sought recognition. In fact he typically hid from it unless it served his purpose. “If you wiggle when you raise your hand I promise to pick you and show you the results,” Jessica winked at her husband. She hoped Aedan did behave himself.

Jessica Teller

Nikki was not quite that quick-draw with the tricorder, though he had been distracted. Baby face was there and he was keener to know at that moment about how he played in public and with the ‘family’ than the rock. He didn’t sound very happy and out of his element. Granted Nikki could relate in some way there to that. Fish out of water sort of thing. It was ironic that the times that the family had discussed a hit on this man who at the time was untouchable was two meters away from him now. Life did deal out an odd hand at Fizbin now and again.

As soon as the dame did her scan Nikki casually reached over to pick it up and look at it. His other hand had the tricorder in it that was whirring on its own. So small a thing causing such issues, he thought.
- Nikki

Looking up at her Daddy and then her mommy Cera stood up in the chair to face Aedan. “I’m bored,” she fell forward with the pure confidence of a child knowing that a parent would not let them fall or get hurt. Wrapping her arms around his midsection she let her body balance on his while her feet almost dangled in the chair which let out a screech as it slid across the floor. “Let’s go to the jumpy park,” she looked up at him.

Children. The little urchins could be so straight up. It was refreshing. And, in its own way, a reflection of how far one could fall from that.

“We could all go. We could have a jumping contest like kangaroos,” Cera’s enthusiasm with the thought of doing something was probably being elevated by the copious amounts of sugar in her body.

Aedan felt the impact and looked down with a mixed sense of love and revulsion. This wasn’t his daughter, yet it was. Part of him felt angry at whatever games were being played to pull at his heartstrings for his child. Still, he began to pat her on the pack like any dad would as he tried to comfort her. He couldn’t help but feel played, and no one ever played him.

“You would need to put on play clothes though or mommy will get mad if you rip your pants,” she bounced in his arms barely balancing in the chair.

“Aedan,” Jessica half yelled half threw the tricorder at Nikki as her hand reached for the back of Cera’s shirt.

“See,” Cera commented to Jessica yelling out Aedan’s name as if agreeing with the idea her daddy needed to wear something other than his shiny shoe and coat.

Nikki’s head came up at the scream that was not ‘that’ bad. Nikki knew screams. This was half hearted at best compared to 2/3 of his wives. Still his hand jerked up to ‘just’ manage to catch the thrown tricorder, having to drop his that was in his hand into his lap to catch hers.

“Give her your phone to play with,” Jessica let out an annoyed sigh as she turned her attention to Nikki.

“No… you give her yours.” Aedan countered as he shot an icy stare at Jessica. “My phone is highly encrypted and secured.”

Nikki shook his head. If he was fool enough to put important bank cracking information on the surface of his comms then he didn’t deserve the reputation that he had. His reply was more of a pout than anything. “Then give the lass the comms that you don’t use for ‘business’,” Nikki muttered. Honestly, only one comms? How amateur was he?

“Wait..what,” Jessica multi-tasked her attention three ways between her daughter, her husband, and Nikko. Seeing Aedan’s resistance to giving up his phone paired with Nikki’s comment made her do a double-take as she processed the information.

“Seriously,” she rolled her eyes slightly. “You are walking around town with the keys to the kingdom on your phone? Just give it to her,” Jessica’s tone was half sharp half defeated. This was why they told you never to have kids or a family if you wanted command she thought with a half-laugh. The most logical thing would be to have Aedan remove her but it wasn’t really her on some level and Jessica had no idea what changing a location may or may not do.

“Fine fine fine…” Aedan growled as he handed her the phone. “Here… you can get games here,” he said showing her where she could download from the subnetwork.

“Yes,” Cera wiggled happily in her seat as she grabbed the device and settled back down. Instantly she flipped to the video sections and began to punch up a game about matching fruit.

“Are you sure you don’t want to take on this too,” she looked at Mathais with a half-smirk. While she did think Mathais needed someone it was not for the same reason as Evie. Secretly she just wanted someone to chat with about how the spouses did not get the Starfleet. Whether he was married, dating, or had a passel of kids didn’t matter to her. It was that Jessica for once wanted to see Mathias not cool and collected. The man ushered in a sense of calm and confidence everywhere he went. For once it might be nice to see him walking in with a dusting of powdered sugar on his shirt from hastily cramming down a donut on the way to work after getting everyone else in the house off to where they needed to be.

“Absolutely sure,” said Mathias without a moment’s hesitation.

“Twenty. Nineteen. Eighteen, ” Cera began to count down happily as if it were a nursery rhyme song.

“What are you doing,” Jessica asked not sure she had ever heard the song Cera was reciting.

“Fifteen. Fourteen. Thirteen. Twelve,” Cera continued to count until she decided to turn the phone around for her mom to see. “I don’t know. I think it is a math game. “Ten. Nine. It started at thirty,” she said proudly.

“Wait 30…” Aedan said as he took the phone from her as his eyes went wide. “Teller protocol deactivate,” he said as he said the screen flashed and reset as he looked over at Cera then back to Jessica.

“Hey you broke ed my game,” Cera glared at him with a stern expression. “Not fair you cheated,” she wagged a little finger at him like he just touched something he shouldn’t have.

“That’s not a game,” Aedan said sharply. “Now… sit.... or something,” Aedan said grumpily.

Nikki was distracted by the countdown that did not sound like a children’s game. The Iotian knew countdowns. Outside of the ‘ten count’ in boxing - provided you were the one standing - it was not a good thing. He was jarred back by the boss lady ..

“Often that is the case… this one isn’t too far off… you gotta have something to hand her.” Aedan said looking over at Jessica.

“So what does it say,” she moved across the table to stand next to Nikki who was able to read it. No one seemed overly worried and if the woman was trying to hide something she doubted the Knight would have just lobbed it on the table.

Jessica Teller

Aedan Teller

Nikki’s attention slipped back to the tricorder. “It’s stalling. Telling me that it is ‘searching memory’. Personally I think the piece of rock here stumped it and the AI is tryin te make excuses. Here,” he said, turning the screen back to the boss so she could see.
Nikki .. awaiting GM input

Jessica looked at the screen and rolled her eyes as annoyed with the situation as Nikki was. “Try turning it off and banging it on the table a few times. In the past, it has reset it. If it doesn’t take it to maintenance and mark it as defective,” Jessica shrugged as if this was a common reaction with her.

Jessica Teller XO

The lass could be joking, but then, after looking at the marks on it, he presumed it was not so. There were some lasses who would barely touch a bit of tech and others who punched at it as though assaulting it with one’s digits was the only way to coax it to yielding its secrets. Then there were others who simply lost it. He had been married to all three. Evidently the boss lady was a fourth variety who simply sought to beat it into submission. There was a part of Nikki who admired that. He turned it in his hand and was about to give it a good smack when …

~Aedan Teller

Finally the machine beeped and outputted the response that the rock showed remarkable similarities to the tablet that had been scanned earlier.

Mr. Snuggles (GM)

… it beeped. “I think it heard ye lass,” he said as he turned the screen to face him.

“See I told you it would work. Ben and Frank call me the Black Angel of Electronics but I remind them that when things work the way they are supposed to they don’t need a hammer to adjust things back into place. Or in this case the flat surface of a table,” she shrugged. “So is it talking or does it need the old one-two to start spitting out the information we need.

“Well, I think I just solved the mystery of why we go through more tricorders than any other station in Starfleet,” quipped Mathias. Banging tricorders on a table. What was this, the dark ages? he asked himself.

Captain Mathias McGarrett, CO

It told him .. not much. “Says it is the same as another tablet. What do ye know of that one?” he asked
- Nikki
OOC: I say that as that was a bit before Nikki’s time ..

Jessica sighed deeply. “So a few hours ago, we were checking in some Romulan artifacts from an archeological expedition. We were worried about the cultural theft of antiquities so we did a routine scan of the cargo. Most of it was shards of pottery and such but there was this one piece. The Romulan scientist assigned to help us review the cargo thought it was odd. When we got there it was not just odd but impossible. It had the image of,” she paused readying herself for the backlash, “the USS Enterprise inlaid in like mosaic or was carved in it. Art was never my thing but however, they got the image on the tablet it was definitely the USS Enterprise from the 2260’s. While this was odd to begin with the initial carbon dating of the tablet put it like two or three millennia ago. Of course, before we can get any real studying of the object we got called away due to power fluctuation,” Jessica replied waiting for the group to react.

Jessica Teller XO

OCC: Liam, I hope I recalled the events correctly. If not let me know if I missed something. ~ Kate

“Ahhhh,” Nikki said. Now things were coming into place like a good hand of Fizbin. Or at least a card or two was looking favorable. “The Enterprise ye say.” He had a soft spot for Kirk. That boss had propelled them along to where they were today and had inadvertently helped make his family far more wealthy and influential than they otherwise would have been. He turned the piece around in his hand as though to find something more like an engraved image of Kirk on it. “He did a lotta movin about in time.” Setting the piece down again he looked at the lass, animated and didn’t care about the talk all around her. He pointed to the girl and then the iron dame and said, “But that doesn’t explain them. The Kirk boss being back in time is not unusual te hear.” Unless Kirk found this same thing and bounced back in time because of it. Or it was made in Kirk’s era with the ship on it and then made its way into the past. “Did someone toss it into the mouth of the Guardian and now it’s been spit back out?”

“Starfleet and your damn trinkets… stuff like this is gonna get people killed. You know how often I hear of Klingon, Romulan, or Cardassians getting caught in some temporal wakes causing time to go crazy? Almost never… yet Starfleet learns how to manipulate some devices and suddenly we are creating time paradoxes and temporal black holes… it’s like giving kids unlimited credit in a candy store.” Aedan said with a sigh at the sound of it all.

Aedan Teller

“Because we are the ones stopping them,” Jessica shot her husband an annoyed look. “Who stopped the Borg because we think out of the Borg..we did so don’t make it seem like we are doing something to cause the universe to explode every other week. The universe is always trying to implode. We are the ones defusing it,” she rolled her eyes at her husband.

Jessica Teller XO

There was going to be some serious fireworks later, Nikki thought. Either in or out of the bedroom, but there was a storm brewing there. With his three wives - two of them firebrands - he wasn’t afraid of storms. Perhaps that is why they were all now ex-wives, though the third he couldn’t take the rap for. “Those others control their media better. Or, better yet, just lie.” Truly, if they didn’t have sensors and eyes on the ground they’d still not know the Rommie’s had had their star blown up.
- Nikki

“That is the problem with closed organizations,” Jessica tried not to look at Nikki or her husband even though she wanted to deck both men. It was completely irrational but so was the situation and stress level right now. “You never know what is going on because it is always a smoke and mirror show. One hand is shaking yours and the other is pulling a gun to your kidney. Sucks when you aren’t sure if you can trust friends or family at times. You could literally be sleeping with the enemy or inviting him to dinner. The flip side is they can also be the greatest ally you could never expect in a tight situation but because they talk in riddles its anyone’s guess which mask they will wear in any given circumstance.” Her comment was entirely opinionated but based on the company at the table her comment was the elephant in the room. The problem was she had several thousand people on the station that were as much her responsibility as her command staff and family. Neither Aedan nor Nikki had any more experience with what was occurring than anyone in the room, yet between the two men combined, they probably knew ten times the intelligence than Starfleet’s intelligence department.

Jessica Teller XO

Nikki thought that what the lass was saying was the best thing since sliced bread. “That’s what makes it excitin dar .. boss,” he said. He turned his mind to the matter at hand. “We know the iron lass here with the sweet tooth is from the future because the station has not been invaded in the past. And the wee lass here looks te be another future event but did she have a piece o the pot? Has anythin come up that was from the past?” His next thought was .. “Since this is happenin here what happens in this time that affects the future? It’s one thing to have an old pot with a ship on it but what do we do here with the pieces that were found that affects the future?” Nikki could track with that. In his thinking the best way to predict the future was to make it.
- Nikki

The armoured woman shrugged. “If it is a piece, does that mean you can reassemble it to be whole again?” As she was saying this, the tricorder began to beep rapidly, detecting a surge in chronometric particles again.

Mr. Snuggles (GM)

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