Arrival of the CoS (Open to All) - Station Commander's Office

Posted March 30, 2020, 1:54 p.m. by Lieutenant Commander Charles Tenkiller (Chief of Security) (James Sinclair)

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Charles Tenkiller (Chief of Security) in Arrival of the CoS (Open to All) - Station Commander’s Office

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Charles Tenkiller (Chief of Security) in Arrival of the CoS (Open to All) - Station Commander’s Office

Posted by Captain Mathias McGarrett (CO) in Arrival of the CoS (Open to All) - Station Commander’s Office

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It had been a long four day trip to the Outpost, and the newly minted Lieutenant Commander was ready to be out of the confines of the transport; even though he had a room to himself. So when a voice came over the comms and said =/\= Ladies and Gentlemen, please prepare for arrival at Outpost 42 =/\=, Charles ‘Skip’ Tenkiller breathed a sigh of relief.

Double checking to make sure he had everything he brought to the room with him in the bag his mother and sister had made for him when he first left for Star Fleet, he exited the room dressed in civilian clothes and made his way to the observation deck. Out of the transparent aluminum window, he could see the outpost floating gracefully in orbit; rotating slowly above the planet Gamma Tiltium IV. Several ships were in the process of leaving and docking, and Tenkiller watched the ballet for a few minutes until he saw the docking clamps on the pylons activate. “That’s my cue.” he mumbled to himself and began walking to to docking hatch.

Charles allowed the vast majority of the passengers to disembark before he stepped through. He wasn’t in a rush, he was here for the foreseeable future. If he was honest with himself, and he tried to be that as much as possible, he acknowledged that he was actually kind of disappointed. He wanted a ship… and he had developed a taste for the center chair. His brief time as XO had, according to all the superiors he had spoken with, been successful. But… “Star Fleet is as Star Fleet does.” he mumbled again. And looking at the station, he wasn’t not excited. The Outpost was, at least, some place his experience and skills would be useful. And as a station, his duties would be a lot more varied than any ship. Charles grinned slightly. No, this was a good assignment… and he was going to do his damndest to make sure it was successful.

As the last of the passengers disembarked, Tenkiller hoisted the bag off the deck and made his way to the security checkpoint. He watched the security officers scan the incoming passengers and clocked their movements. Most were at least following most of the guidelines and protocols; but there was one who was obviously going through the motions. Tenkiller grinned internally, and made his way to that line.

Walking through the scanner, he watched as the NE simply waved him through and yawned a bit. Charles saw the scanner display register an anomaly, but no registered contraband. Tenkiller looked at the NE and said “You need to see in the bag, Mister?” and the NE just waved him on. Tenkiller just nodded and smiled and moved through. As he passed the NE, he opened the bag and reached to the metal box inside, sliding his thumb across the lock and opening it. Inside, he took out the Type 1F Phaser and charged the cell to Heavy Stun and raised it above his head and pressed the firing stud. Immediately, a beam of energy shot out and hit the ceiling. Alarms activate immediately and the surrounding security staff looked around and finally settled eyes on Tenkiller and drew their weapons. Tenkiller immediately dropped the phaser and raised his hands. Under the din of shouting voices and running boots, he was counting.

Tenkiller, Incoming CoS

The calm and confident voice of a younger sounding man came over the comm. =^= Ops to Docking Bay 2. We’re reading a weapon discharge in your location. Security is on the way. Please report. =^=

Captain Mathias McGarrett, CO

As one of the Security staff started to speak, Tenkiller held up his hand and said “No no. I got this one, Ensign.” and then tapped his left breast… where one would keep a commbadge. =/\= Ops. Lieutenant Commander Charles Tenkiller, newly appointed Chief of Security. Authorization code Beta-gamma-Nine-Seven-Echo. =/\= and the eyes of the staff went wide as his Oklahoma accent drawled out their fate. =/\= Yes, that was me. Apologies, but I was testing the passenger arrival checkpoint to see what I was going to be working with before my staff knew who I was. Getting an unbiased and representative sample of where station Security stood. Can’t say that the test went well, Ops. Can’t say that at all. =/\=

Tenkiller, CoS



After a couple of seconds of silence the voice on the other end replied, continuing to sound calm. =/\= Commander, report the the Station Commander’s Office. Now. =/\=

Captain Mathias McGarrett, CO

Tenkiller looked at the Security team and put on a look of false confusion. “Huh. Wonder who is in more hot water, you all or me?” and he tapped his badge =/\= Copy. On my way.=/\= and he looked back at the team who were still standing and staring. One or two mumbled a bit, and Tenkiller looked around for a second and then laughed. He waved everyone over and smiled.

“So, yeah. I’m the Security Chief. I’ll do formal introductions later. But seriously… Look. I’m not gonna come down on you all for this. I really just wanted to see what our starting point was. And it’s not a fantastic point, sure. But it’s an opportunity, ok y’all? Dont be frustrated or worried. We have a solid opportunity to do some high-end training together, and I know in a few weeks I’ll be able to test everyone and you’ll pass with flying colors. This?” and he gestured broadly at the shuttle bay. “This is a result of complacency. And that happens everywhere after a while. Especially if nothing has gone sideways for a bit. So dont sweat it, ok? I ain’t mad.” and he picked up his bag from the deck and closed it up.

“Ok. I’m gonna go get my butt chewed off for scaring the crap outta half the station brass.” he said with a wry grin and then he looked at the NE who had missed the phaser. “Once all incoming passengers have been accounted for and there are no more incoming, have all station security personnel not on duty report here for a quick briefing, will ya? Much appreciated.” And, without waiting further, walked out of the bay and to the turbo lift.

Stepping out onto the Main Operations Deck, he looked around and spotted the current Security Officer on watch and nodded. “Here to see the CO.” and the Lieutenant simply gestured.

Making his way to the door, Skip slung the bag over his shoulder and made sure he was as presentable as possible. He then pressed the chime and waited.

Tenkiller, CoS

“Come in, Commander,” called the increasingly familiar voice from the other side of the wall.

On the other side of the door was a room that wasn’t at all what one would expect from a captain’s ready room. There was a plant sitting on the floor in a corner and a long, skinny table on the left side of the room with no chair at it. Left to right the room was fairly narrow, about three meters wide. The length of the room was slightly longer, but still the size of room resembled a modest-sized bedroom. Straight ahead was a closed door and a clean shaven man in his thirties stood in front of it. Not surprisingly he was donning command red and had four pips on his collar. He stood about ten centimeters taller than Tenkiller.

The captain’s voice continued to sound calm, though it was clear he wasn’t thrilled.
“Usually these kind of introductory meetings involve questions about career paths, finding out about family members, offering drinks, and sitting. I’m not in the mood today. Can you explain what happened one more time Mr. Tenkiller? My understanding is you walked into the bay and immediately started conducting some kind of test that involved shooting up my Outpost?”

Captain Mathias McGarrett, CO

Tenkiller stood at attention and said “Not exactly, sir. I had the phaser set to stun. Just enough to set the alarm off to see the security team’s reaction. I can explain, if you would give me the chance, Captain.”

Still standing straight, Tenkiller began. “In bringing myself up to speed on the station, I noted that there was a decent amount of civilian traffic boarding and disembarking the station regularly. That, coupled with the station’s location to Romulan space and the events of the past few years, makes this station an ideal location for criminal activity… particularly smuggling. So my first priority will be in making sure that our passenger intake and disembarkation security points were operating at peak efficiency. Now, to truly assess the operating levels of the checkpoints, they needed to be tested in a real-time scenario. If I arrived, checked in, made a few introductions, and then tested the systems and security details, I would get a false result. Anything I did after that would be off, because I didn’t see first hand what they were doing. So I devised the test. It didn’t endanger any personnel or civilians, it didn’t damage any station equipment; and it gave me the results I needed to make real and appropriate changes… and to identify coaching areas for the security teams.” and he took a breath and glanced directly at the Captain. “I didn’t set them up to fail. All they had to do was what they were supposed to do, Captain. But as I am sure you are well aware… complacency is the biggest enemy we face. That’s where they fell off.” and he looked straight ahead again. “The phaser was hidden in a box made of delinium. That, as I am sure you know, registers on scanners but blocks anything inside form being seen. I watched the scanner, sir. The box showed up, but the Ensign just waved me through. I even gave him an out and asked if he need to see in the bag, and he just moved me along. So you see, sir. I wasn’t trying to cause a ruckus. My hope was that they would see the box, ask to see inside, see the phaser and try to arrest me for bringing in an unauthorized weapon. They would run my credentials, see who I was, and I would congratulate them on a job well done… but all good plans, and such.” he finished a bit more quietly; and then he simply crossed his hands behind his back and waited for the inevitable dressing down.

Tenkiller, CoS


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