Main Sim - Science gets down to brass tacks

Posted Sept. 4, 2020, 6:18 a.m. by Lieutenant Toveka Brine (Chief Science Officer) (Melissa Aragon)

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Posted by Lieutenant Toveka Brine (Chief Science Officer) in Main Sim - Science gets down to brass tacks

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Toveka jumped but managed not to cry out. A growl did roll up her throat, but mostly at the destruction. “I think it’s time to go!” She said as the barrier kept the smoke mostly focused on the outside of the first force field, ahead of the men protecting Toveka and the chip. She stepped back towards her office, ready to throw up another field of defense before her if need be.


Baldur fell down to one knee next to the nearest console and raised his rifle, aiming it at the doorway. He trained his sight at the nearest form he could make out. He couldn’t make out the legs and the elbows would be a difficult shot either way. He aimed slightly to the right of where he assumed the chest was and fired.

SOO - Baldur

Tenkuller laid down suppressing fire as Baldur was taking more surgical strikes. As his power cell cycled, he dashed to the container and tapped his comms. =^= Emergency transport to shuttle bay! Engage! =^= He turned so that the case would be partially visible to the armored intruders, and raised the rifle to fire another barrage through the door. He felt the transporter field build around him and the doorway disappeared into the swirling lights.

Tenkiller, CoS

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She knew she and the Security were by no means close, but as he was about to fade, she murmured, “Be careful…”

Moving to her office and grabbing the phaser on her desk, she moved to Baldur’s side and hollered a bit louder than necessary above the din. “He made it… they are gone!” She ten assisted with trying to keep the intruders from entering the bay.


It was then that a large bang sounded through the halls, as two of the individuals set down a large, sleek weapon looking thing. Any doubt would be erased when a beam of concentrated energy fired at the force field, causing it to shatter almost instantly.

Mr. Snuggles (GM)

OOC: Did Baldur’s shots hit?

OOC: The smoke hasn’t cleared enough to see yet, the laser right now is the only thing fully visible.

As the beam aimed at the force field, Toveka cried out a warning and lunged towards the door of her office. “BALDUR!” she cried out in warning and concern. As the smoke filled the room and the forcefield went down, she reached towards him and tried to grab the back of his shirt. “Back up… my office has two more shields!” She was trying to get him to fall back. Her own weapon hanging at her side as she momentarily forgot it and wasn’t aiming into the smoke.


The attack caught him by surprise, he hadn’t expected heavy weaponry in a boarding party “Drop and raise!” He called as he ran closer to the central office, his back hunched as he used the cover of low visibility to avoid immediate detection.

SOO - Baldur

When he got his bearings and shoved her back towards the office with the hollered instructions, she did as she was told. Dropping low to hopefully use the counters to keep them semi covered and hidden, she bolted for her office, “COMPUTER, DROP DUAL OFFICE SHIELDS ON MY COMMAND!” She hollered and waited till Baldur was thru the doorway before hollering, “COMPUTER… NOW!” She just hoped whoever was behind them, wasn’t on their heels.

If all went well there were the dual shields around the office and one more barrier between them and the boarding party. Stopping behind her desk and sitting with her back to it and the door, she tried to catch her breath. She wasn’t cut out for this and her panic level was rising, slowly drowning out the sensible part of her brain she had been able to call on till now. “Baldur… you all right?” She at least had the foresight to make sure he wasn’t hurt. He was all she had left right now. And she didn’t dare call Tenkiller back because of the mission he was on could end this madness.

(scared out of her mind)

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