Main Sim - Science gets down to brass tacks

Posted Sept. 13, 2020, 8:31 a.m. by Lieutenant Toveka Brine (Chief Science Officer) (Melissa Aragon)

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Posted by Lieutenant Toveka Brine (Chief Science Officer) in Main Sim - Science gets down to brass tacks
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As the beam aimed at the force field, Toveka cried out a warning and lunged towards the door of her office. “BALDUR!” she cried out in warning and concern. As the smoke filled the room and the forcefield went down, she reached towards him and tried to grab the back of his shirt. “Back up… my office has two more shields!” She was trying to get him to fall back. Her own weapon hanging at her side as she momentarily forgot it and wasn’t aiming into the smoke.


The attack caught him by surprise, he hadn’t expected heavy weaponry in a boarding party “Drop and raise!” He called as he ran closer to the central office, his back hunched as he used the cover of low visibility to avoid immediate detection.

SOO - Baldur

When he got his bearings and shoved her back towards the office with the hollered instructions, she did as she was told. Dropping low to hopefully use the counters to keep them semi covered and hidden, she bolted for her office, “COMPUTER, DROP DUAL OFFICE SHIELDS ON MY COMMAND!” She hollered and waited till Baldur was thru the doorway before hollering, “COMPUTER… NOW!” She just hoped whoever was behind them, wasn’t on their heels.

If all went well there were the dual shields around the office and one more barrier between them and the boarding party. Stopping behind her desk and sitting with her back to it and the door, she tried to catch her breath. She wasn’t cut out for this and her panic level was rising, slowly drowning out the sensible part of her brain she had been able to call on till now. “Baldur… you all right?” She at least had the foresight to make sure he wasn’t hurt. He was all she had left right now. And she didn’t dare call Tenkiller back because of the mission he was on could end this madness.

(scared out of her mind)

As soon as Baldur had jumped in, the entire room shifted around them. The equipment because much more sleek, and the shield glowed with an intensity much higher than before. In fact, when one of the intruders tried to take a shot at it, the beam reflected right back into their chest.

Mr. Snuggles (GM)

Baldur looked back at the sudden change but quickly turned his attention to the Science chief and smiled “I’m perfect, these dolts couldn’t hit the broadside of a Klingon moon” His levity an obvious way to distract the clearly frightened woman from the enemies facing them. He turned around and pointed his rifle at the enemies “You have any idea why that just happened” He asked.

SOO - Baldur

Toveka saw the room shimmer and soften but hadn’t seen the reaction to the enemy’s weapon in the shield behind her. “No…” she said. Unthinking, her science mind once more overriding her common sense, she set her weapon down and moved to her knees. Tilting her head slightly and squinting her eyes, she tried to reconcile the change in the vision of the room. “It’s almost like we are in the forcefield. But it can’t be. It’s not this wide or deep. How can it fill the room?” She still had her back to the door and was looking at her table behind her desk and the wall behind it. Now in a half crouch, she wasn’t fully blocked by the desk.

After a moment, she glanced at Baldur to see if he was affected by the vision of softened edges. Picking up the tricorder on her desk, she scanned first him, then the desk then the force field, itself. Fascination, not fear, was not in her eyes as everything else, her safety as well, apparently, was momentarily pushed aside. “It doesn’t make sense,” she said kneeling beside him.


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