Side Sim - Back aboard the Khazad'hea

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Char had stayed out a bit last evening, as her Captain recommended. But instead of making merry, she made inquiries. It was that report she was figuring the Commanding Officer would want a report of, not her drinking habits, or lack there of.

She moved to the bridge after getting ready and went to see if he was there. If not, she would simply take the watch till he returned. The usual growls and nods met her on her way to the bridge. Some wanted her spot, some were glad she had it. Either way, it was a pretty typical morning.

Char’Kat Morden
First Officer
IKS Khazad’hea

Khain was sitting in the Captains chair on his Bridge as Char stepped into the Command Deck, his shoulders showing clearly from behind the seat as he flicked through the Khazad’heas scans and reports compiled so far during their stay in Outpost 42. What he was looking for, was unknown but nothing in the reports appeared to be catching his attention. Char knew him well enough though that she would know he rarely missed a detail and had an uncanny ability to hold information until he needed it the most.

“How was your evening, Char?” Khain asked without appearing to lift his head as she walked through the door or otherwise have any way of knowing she was behind him. He was dressed already, like the other members of his crew in the form fitting combat leathers unique to his ship. On the Khazad’hea, his crew was hand picked. The Elite of his House, and others loyal to his House. No rag tag group of Klingons were this crew, they worked with a practised co-operation that most Klingon ships would never know. Killers and specialists who knew their job, all of them, and knew that Khain demanded a professional clarity beyond what most Klingons could achieve.

Captain Khain of the Khazad’hea

His ability to know her nearness without her being aware of his had been unnerving to begin with. But she had grown used to it and even found comfort in it sometimes. To know he paid enough attention to his surroundings to feel the shift of air, or hear the sound of nearly silent steps, meant he was less likely to be happened upon unawares. Too many Captains had fallen prey to such tactics and she couldn’t imagine him falling victim as well.

“Well enough. I learned there is more missing than merely the cargo you spoke of. Nearly every department claims they haven’t gotten items they requested, but manifests and shipping documents show they made it to the station.” She moved to her console off to his right and shook her head with a slight frown. “I believe your new friend has a larger problem than he suspects.” She typed out her code to retrieve the notes she had made in her personal log the night before and made sure they were at his fingers when he was ready.

Char’kat Morden
XO of the Khazad’hea

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