Dead or not dead... how do you know?

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((Takes place the night after Toveka talks to Tenkiller’s brother’s ghost about her own father… (last post) ))

Tenkiller patted her hand where it touched his arm and he said “T… I have a meeting, and you are in it. I know you well enough to know rhat when you get spun up like this you get tunnel vision. So… take some time. Figure out your next steps. I’ll help ya however I can. But… you need to take a breath and think. You got a lot going on, but you don’t think before you speak. And sometimes… you are downright hurtful. And I don’t know which us worse: the fact that you do it or the fact that you don’t know you do it. I’ll see ya later.” and he turned and walked down the hall.

Tenkiller, CoS

Devastated and unsure what she had done wrong, tears welled up in Toveka’s eyes as she swiftly turned and hastily retreated back to her quarters. As the door shut behind her, she moved to her desk and almost collapsed in the chair. What had gone so terribly wrong? She had expected him to rejoice in the fact she had family, blood that was still alive in the universe. Someone she could put before Ten and introduce as family like he had done for her. And someone she could place him before and declare her love of.

“What happened?” She half whispered to herself. “How is he upset I’m not…” the words trickled off as she closed her eyes and shook her head. “I said I was alone… oh, Charles!” She put her head down on the desk on crossed arms and rocked her head back and forth. How could she have been so stupid. He was right. She got into a rut when she was excited about something and didn’t think. “It wasn’t what I meant.”

After several minutes, she got up and went to clean up. Washing her face and doing a bit of her meditation and work out program, she felt ready to go back to work. It was an off day for her, but staying in her quarters, alone now, wasn’t something she thought she could handle. Leaving off the inquiries and quest letters, she finished dressing in her uniform and headed for the science labs. She’d gone this long without family, and she was more than happy with Tenkiller. She let her scientific mind go thru the process of relaying that info to her brain. “If I’m happy with Ten and my life, then there’s no reason to change things… right?

Once in her lab, she decided that she would study the ghost anomaly instead. Her father had known she wasn’t on Romulus when it blew. So if he hadn’t reached out to her, then obviously he didn’t want to. Who was she to force a reunion.

Once in her office, Toveka pulled up the ship scans for her section of the ship and then narrowed it down over and over till she was scanning just her own room for the last 24 hours. She also sent a request to security for the door logs to her own quarters and those nearby for the last 24 hours as well. Her own room she could get herself, but it was the nearby rooms she was curious about. If any of the readings there were anomalous and in line with the time of the ‘ghost’ sighting, perhaps there was a correlation.

* And NE down in security received the request for the room readings and called to the Chief in his office. “Chief Tenkiller, the CSO is requesting the door and sensor logs for her quarters and the adjoining ones. Claims she doesn’t need to know ‘who’, merely ‘when’. Should I send them?” It seemed a harmless enough request to him, but always better to ask Ten, he had learned. Asking forgiveness instead of permission, he had learned coming on board, was not the way to go with this supervisor.


Tenkiller taped the comms and said “Sure, go ahead. Oh, and compile a list of transport manifests and ship registries for all vessels that participated in the evacuation of Romulus before the supernova. Aend that to her as well.” and he ended the call.

He chuckled to himself and started humming an old Earth tune about not being afraid of supernatural, non-corporeal forms.

Tenkiller, CoS

Toveka looked over the info and finally leaned back in her seat and shook her head. Of course there were no readings, it was a ghost. Or apparition, “Or delusion, Vek… ever consider that?” She mused to herself and turned off the console. “I need to stop worrying about this. If he was alive. He’d come find me, wouldn’t he?” She took the PaDD she had been working on and shunted all the files to a personal location and removed them from the quick find. Doing the same on the console, she turned it back off and shook her head. “I’m costing myself the here and now for something that’s probably a delusion from lack of sleep, wishful thinking, and a sub conscious jealousy of Ten’s close knit family. But he was her family now.

She tapped out a quick query to Security for permission to use a shuttle to run to the fringe section of the debris field. It was the next grid on her search list, no where near where she needed to go if seeking answers about her dad, but it was on the outer edge and would give her something to drive her mind from the recklessness of chasing ghosts. She then went to get dressed while awaiting permission.


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