Side Sim - To ask... but to receive? (attn Brako)

Posted Oct. 14, 2020, 11:37 p.m. by Lieutenant Toveka Brine (Chief Science Officer) (Melissa Aragon)

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He was gone. Khain had left in the middle of the day while Char was asking about the missing cargo. The only message left for her was to keep going and he would return. Something had been bothering him for days and she had the feeling their growing closeness had been part of that unease. They had been fine together when she was his security detail leader. But when she vied for, and won, the XO position, he had started to grow distant. Now she wondered if perhaps he feared for his own position on the ship. She knew his weakness, and he didn’t like that.

So here she was, a small crate of personal affects and clothing left behind by her, now, ex lover, and no where to go. It had taken her a couple days to find appropriate lodging. And she had a temporary position at one of the lower level drinking establishments as a bouncer and ‘deterrer of chaos’ in swap for the room. But she wanted to find something better suited to her abilities.

Not sure where to start, she decided that someone familiar was the best place. So it was that the half-Klingon found herself outside the office of the Chief of Operations, pressing the chime to be admitted in. In her hand was a PaDD with her own service record and abilities. She would vie for a place on the station in hopes of making herself useful as well as, perhaps, find a place to fit in.

Char’kat Morden
The Wanderer

Nikki was unaware of all these changes. He knew that Khain’s ship had left but then there were ships in and out of there all the time and this was a type of ‘port o call’ for the shiny Klingon ship. But that was really of no never mind. He had other things to think of. The women around him were driving him batty; whose idea was it to leave him with ‘all’ senior engineers who were women who had something against him. There was nothing wrong with him, but they were stuck with him. He sensed that they had wanted the job, but which one would have risen to that spot? They seemed to dislike each other as much as him, but he was the focus of their ire. He had been reading up on Earth mythology; he was rather fond of the fickle and capricious gods of the Greeks and Norse mythologies. He could see qualities in those dames similar to those fickle goddesses.

He expected the chime to be one of them to complain about something he was or was not doing or about him in general. He pressed the door tab to turn the entry light to green and give the ‘come on in’ return chime, then steeled hjmself for the latest barrage of feminine ire.

It wasn’t some simpering female human, but a stoic half Klingon who came through the door. “Officer Brako. I have come to ask for a position on the Outpost. Captain Khain has left and I have no idea when he’ll come back. I want to earn my keep.” She stood before him, some semblance of ‘attention’ in her stance as she stood staring straight over his head as if she were speaking to her Commanding Officer. She leaned over just enough to place the PaDD on his desk within easy reach of his hand.


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