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Toveka scanned him and frowned. “Temporal energy. Certainly accounts for the fuzziness a moment ago.” She was familiar with Tesla as a figure of history for his tests and inventions to do with electricity. The Prime Directive would have to be adhered to here more carefully than nearly any other instance she was aware of. His tests and inventions were the cornerstone of so many things, that to give those ideas to him out of order, or even to skip certain steps all together, could have devastating affects on the future of the human race and everyone they had come in contact with since reaching into space.

Despite the fear still tingling over her skin, the half Romulan frowned. “He has to stay here. In this office,” she blurted to Baldur. “If he sees things…” she looked at the man beside her and wondered if he would get her meaning without her having to say it out loud. Her fear was temporarily trapped in the back of her head as science and practicality took over in the moment.


Baldur cocked his head as he examined the man closely “That might not be an option, we’re not dealing with our own Temporal displacement here, this may be more akin to the Clemens incident on the Enterprise D” He said turning his head to look at the invaders “Mr. Tesla, I’d recommend you take cover, we are currently under fire” He looked at the unusually stronger force field “Although it seems to be less of a problem now. Lieutenant, can you check the field integrity, I’d like to know why it’s working better now, perhaps check the stardate on the system, something seems off” He wondered how someone could be removed from Earth in the 20th century to a Starbase so far away from the Sol system.

SOO - Baldur


“Stardate?” Toveka was curious why he would ask. But suddenly it clicked and she quickly turned, not even thinking that her back was now to the stranger, and tapped a quick query on the console. If they weren’t in their time, their star system, or… her universe? She shook her head once more and waited for the computer to give her an answer. As she waited for the console to reassure her all was well, her tricorder was turned to the force field. It looked different and she hoped it was just because of Tesla’s arrival and not something more odd.


The computer responded that it was over 100 years past the current Stardate. Along with the date, an inventory of the objects in the lab flashed over the screen.

Meanwhile, Tesla squinted at the invaders. “I don’t quite understand why there are wearing gold. Out of all the metals to use as armour, it seems to be quite a poor choice.”

Mr Snuggles (GM)

Toveka was only half listening as she watched the stardate and inventory scroll up the console. “Baldur… we have a problem. We aren’t in our time anymore.” She wasn’t going to tell him unless he asked. As Tesla made the comment, she glanced at him. “What? What does their armor have to do with anything? If they get thru the barriers it won’t make a difference if it’s gold or some weird un-obtainable.” The observation must be one born of panic. Folks in life or death situations were known to focus on the ridiculous rather than the necessary. Like worrying if a pet had been fed as the ship explodes around them.


Tesla raised an eye in her direction. “Do you not find it humorous that they chose a metal so conductive for their armour? If I had one of my coils here, I wouldn’t dare wear a suit made of gold.”

Mr. Snuggles (GM)

Baldur felt a burst of roaring laughter building up in his guts and the unusual desire to kiss the moustachioed scientist on the mouth “I admit I hadn’t considered that their armour might actually be gold instead of just decorated” He looked back at the two scientists “How long would it take you to build something like a Tesla coil?” He asked “An electric charge might be just what we need” He said with a smile. He was deliberately not asking for when they were, that was very low on his list of concerns.

SOO - Baldur

Toveka frowned. Of course! It hadn’t occurred to her to use the conductive metal to harm them more than merely holding them at bay with the shields. “I have a small replicator in here. So…” she frowned looking around. “Perhaps ten minutes, with Tesla’s help.” She glanced at the man with a smile. It would be amazing to watch him work and build his coil. “Do you know your needs off the top of your head, Sir? Or shall I find one of your patents?” She was more likely to let him build one of his coils rather than merely use their equipment. The less ‘ideas’ she gave him the better. And, she made a mental note, she would have to thank Baldur for the coil recommendation. She hoped it also came from a place of ‘prime directive’ thinking.


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