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Meanwhile the Romulans had materialized in custody, and when one of them began to make a threatening motion towards the force field, he was glared down by a Romulan woman.

Mr. Snuggles (GM)

“Yep. Now we can go see what the hell is going on.” and he looked at Teller and said “Ladies and XO’s first.”

Tenkiller, CoS

“Such a gentleman,” Jessica nodded leading the way to the security office. “Hopefully we can get an idea of what is going on or at least if the Romulan’s know more than we do. I hate being behind the eight ball.” Entering the security office, Jessica raised an eyebrow watching the men and women behind the forcefield. She never understood why people acted like they could take down a forcefield through sheer will. Maybe the officer behind the invisible shimmer was making threatening gestures at something else. They would soon find out. Approaching the side of the field, Jessica cleared her throat. “I am Lt.Commander Jessica Teller. This is our security chief Lt. Tenkiller. So you want to tell us what’s going on right now?”

Lt.Commander Jessica Teller XO


The Romulan woman nodded briskly. “We were on a routine patrol when we noticed a strange anomaly ahead of us. Imagine our surprise when we found ourselves looking at a station that no Star Empire ship is supposed to be by at the moment.”

Mr. Snuggles (GM)

“Did you notice any abnormal readings before the ship appeared,” Jessica asked the Subcommander?

Lt. Commander Jessica Teller XO

“And were there any communications between you and the hostile vessel?”

Tenkiller, CoS

Jessica gave a side glance to Tenkiller wondering if the tight lipped sub commander was due to the man knowing less than them or not wanting to share more information. The relics were Romulan so it wasn’t too far fetched to think they wanted to keep their business to themselves. The Federation did this all the time too. The problem was an attack happened on the Outpost so any partisan politics needed to be eliminated right now for the good of the civilians caught up in whatever this was on the station.

Jessica Teller. XO

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The Romulan finally decided to speak again. “No abnormal readings beforehand. One moment things were normal, and the next, not. As for the enemy vessel, we tried to hail them when they were on an intercept course with us, but we could not understand a word that they said in return.”

Mr. Snuggles (GM)

“Did the try to respond or was it a translation error,” Jessica asked taking a seat and signaling for a security officer to bring her a coffee, whatever Tenkiller drank and some refreshments. The security offices were not the welcome wagon but the standard fare of water, coffee and tea where staples for prisoners or “guests” in the department. If the Romulan wanted something it would be there and if they wanted something else they could ask for it. Right now the subcommander was only here because they had no idea if they were involved or not. It didn’t look like it so far so a couple of sandwiches and drinks only set the stage for a friendly atmosphere instead of an interrogation one.

Jessica Teller

Tenkiller nodded to the Ensign to make it happen and then said “This is the station’s Executive Officer, by the way, Commander Teller. I’m the Station Security Chief, Lieutenant Commander Tenkiller. I dont suppose you managed to record those communications, did you? Somewhere we could retrieve them?”

Tenkiller, CoS


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The Romulan woman raised an eyebrow. “Our ship was in terrible condition when you rescued us, we didn’t get the time to record the message. As for the reply, it seemed very aggressive, almost demanding.”

Mr. Snuggles (GM)

Tenkiller had assumed as much, but he had hoped. Oh well…

“Did they identify themselves? What did they say?” he asked. His tone wasn’t aggressive, but it was pointed. “We are at a loss right now, and any information you can give us would help immensely, Subcommander.”

Tenkiller, CoS

Jessica looked at Tenkiller and drummed her fingers on the table for a second before speaking. “Run any part of the transmission we can get for the Trill language or communication,” she addressed one of the security officers in the room to relay the message to comms. Deciding to take a chance, Jessica let out a deep breath. “We have found historical Romulan artifacts in the neutral zone. We were cataloging them before all heck broke loose. So far we have learned that a Trill seems to have some connection with the time period of the artifacts and the Romulan culture. Wanna take a look-see at the artifacts and tell us if you notice anything in particular about them,” she asked the subcommander.

Jessica Teller XO

Tenkiller looked at the XO and internally thought to himself “Need to play poker with her. Slamming down cards like that before the bets are in, I could clean up.”, but he simply looked back at the Subcommander and waited for her response.

Tenkiller, CoS

The subcommander pondered for a second, before replying. “I am not one who studied history, but the comms officer did seem to mistake the language for ancient Romulan. Perhaps he was not wrong after all. Sadly he perished, so what little he knew of it is no use now. As for the artifacts, I suppose it would not hurt to see it, although I’m surprised that the Federation would be so open with such things.”

Mr. Snuggles (GM)

Tenkiller looked at the subcommnder and smiled. “The Federation isn’t as secretive as some, although we do have our moments.” He then looked at Teller. “Ma’am, Comms could use that bit of insight. If the Universal Translator can come up with a commonality between Trill and ancient Romulan, we may be able to talk to these shi -… er, folks.”

Tenkiller, CoS

“Agreed,” Jessica nodded snapping her fingers at an officer on the other end of the room. “With your permission Subcommander, I would like Ensign Baxter to search the wreckage of your ship for any trace of comms equipment. In an effort for full disclosure I would like to also offer for one of your officers to assist him in this endeavor in case we do find something. They can report back to us while we go look at the artifacts. Ensign Baxter please inform comms of Mr. Tenkillers suggestion about the Universal Translator and have them run all transmissions looking for a commonalit between Trill and ancient Romulan. Shall we go,” Jessica said standing after barking out orders.

Teller XO


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