Farius Prime - An Old Acquaintance

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Posted by Civilian Aedan Teller (Owner/CEO of OMAP Industries) in Farius Prime - An Old Acquaintance

Posted by Civilian Aedan Teller (Owner/CEO of OMAP Industries) in Farius Prime - An Old Acquaintance

Posted by Civilian Aedan Teller (Owner/CEO of OMAP Industries) in Farius Prime - An Old Acquaintance
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“Lord… again nuke from orbit.” He said as the two looked at him with an odd look. “Well first pay for the kid, free the workers and have the Sabre nuke this place… not everything has to be cloak and daggers. I am all for that approach most days, it’s how I started it’s how I know everything around me, it’s how I know everything at any given moment… it’s also how I know that Zorina will not be easy… you wanna save lives… nuke the place.” Aedan said, feeling his approach was the most practical.

~Aedan Teller

“Easy is not always satisfying,” Jessica said walking over to a wall and pressing a button on the moulding. Instantly a panel slid back revealing a wall of weapons that would make any armor officer salivate. She hoped the surprise she felt inside was not revealed on her face. She had no idea if there would be a weapon here yet the room was identical to Aedan’s office back at the penthouse. Her body hid any hint of the access point or code from Shaw but there was no hiding the arsenal once it was revealed.

“Someone’s been snooping…” Aedan soft low as he arched an eyebrow over at Jessica as she accessed the panel. “Do I need to have my codes changed again? I hate new security cycles.”

“Holy....are you planning to go to war or,” Shaw let his voice trail off as he took in the wall of phasers, sidearms, and half a dozen other weapons that would only be legal on a planet full of thugs, throats, and thieves. “You know what,” he threw up his hands and leaned back on the couch looking straight forward. “All I saw was your first edition of Herman Melville’s copy of Mobey Dick but for the record Jessica, do not let Zorrina become your white whale.” Taking a sip of his drink Shaw looked non-plussed slowly snapping the pieces together in his mind. It was all making sense as to why Jessica was going half-cocked into this assignment instead of her typical detached and analytical manner.

“I am not letting her walk out and I am not going to kill her,” Jessica said pulling out one weapon inspecting it as she spoke. “It’s personal and you know that,” she snapped at Shaw. Her eyes held an unbridled rage that gave Jessica a deadly expression. “If my cover is blown then I will get another and another and still another but she will,” Jessica began to lose control of her tone as she spoke to Zachary, “pay. You didn’t want to,”

This was not a side Aedan had seen of Jessica as he leaned back into his couch, sipping his drink as he kicked up his feet on the ottoman in front of him as he just looked back and forth between the two.

Standing up Zachary slammed his glass on the table with a loud crack that echoed in the room like a slap to the face. “It was not in the mission,”

“Oh, you shouldn’t have said that… she doesn’t like being told to stay on task… she always wants to go off-book… our first dated ended up in a brawl in a Ferengi bingo den.” Aedan said raising his glass to Shaw before going back to take another sip as he watched the two continue.

“Do not lecture me about,” Jessica began a screaming match with Shaw as she raised a finger pointing at him. The conversation was going downhill fast.

“Parameters,” Shaw fought with Jessica for the lead in the topic of the conversation. “You knew going in,”

“Parameters,” Jessica yelled back starting to cross the room. Each step was firm, unyielding, and challenging. “Not what we found and we shouldn’t have,”

“What,” he held out his arms in a challenging pose. “Not followed orders because you saw something that ou didn’t like. Well, congratulations sunshine for learning, not all assignments go as planned,” Shaw closed the space along with Jessica meeting her in the middle of the room. “We went in, completed the job like we were ordered to,” he yelled back in an authoritative tone. “Is that why you took the transfer,” he taunted Jessica. “Because you didn’t like the way things turned out. Guess what pumpkin fixing the rights and wrongs of the Federation is not your job. Your job now like then is to follow your orders and shut your mouth.” Whatever was going on between Shaw and Jessica was deep-seated and from long ago. The anger between the two of them was as volatile and fiery as it was five years ago.

Lt. Commander Jessica Teller XO


“You know… as much as I would love to spend money to delve more into the past missions you two took…” Aedan said as he stood up as he began to walk over to Jessica, placing himself just behind her so his body was firmly pressed behind her as he reached into the weapons locker. “You wanted help… then you will get it.” he said softly, loud enough for Shaw to hear but clearly meant for solely Jessica as he pressed his lips right to her ear as he spoke. As he did this act, she would fell in front of her pressing up against her chest some cold steel as Aedan’s free hand had grabbed one of the rifles for her to hold onto.

“Is that a Stark 10 Modified shot gun or are you just really happy to see me,” Jessica felt a surge of improper emotions flood her. Reaching up she let her fingers close around the hard metal barrel and a devlish grin spread wide across her face. “Why Mr. Aedan you are happy to see me.” Her index finger slide softly over his as he transferred the gun to her hand promising are more at a later time for the gift.

“Only the best, though ever since he gave up weapons I have had to find better sources. Humanitarians… when will they learn?” Aedan restored as he felt a warm feeling talking to Jessica.

“You do still recall how to fire one of these don’t you doll face?” Aedan asked as he grabbed another rifle as he tossed it Shaw’s way before grabbing two pistols he placed on his body before turning around, “You think we will need grenades too?” he asked with a cocked eye, wondering just what it was going to take to complete whatever crazy idea she had. It didn’t matter though what the idea was, he would support her. That is the promise he made to her.

“I think I remember but I might need some hands on training later to remind me where the trigger is. I mean a weapon primed and ready like this only needs a careless touch to activate the safety controls. Think you can show me where the safety release is?” Looking up at her husband, Jessica no longer cared about the Federation or the mission. While she had the look and demeanor of a sweet girl next door, Jessica had a wild streak that had always led her to finding the bad boy next door. She could lie all she wanted to anyone but the money, power, and charisma Aedan weilded was still intoxicating to her.

“Hey Mom and Dad, I am still in the room so tone it down for the kiddo’s sake will you,” Shaw quipped out staring at Jessica and Aedan. He had been around long enough to see what direction this might go if they were alone. It was the fact that Aedan could still shoot him and leave him for dead that made the brief thought that their current trajectory might continue even if he was in the room unless Shaw spoke up.

“Shut up…” Aedan said as he looked over at Shaw, hearing the man talking again caused his anger to flare as he pulled the pistol from his left hip as he fired it straight at his chest, the room flashing as he did as the dampening fields prevented the shot from impacting him.

“What the,” Shaw barked out with his hands reflexively moving to the spot on his chest that was targeted. It was purely adrenaline that caused this and not in hopes of saving his life. The cold icy rush of adrenaline filled his body courseing down his spine and to his appendages as Zach tried to steady his breathing.

“Dammit… I forgot I kept that on.” Aedan grumbled as he placed the pistol back to his hip as he walked over to Shaw as he pulled the rifle from him.

“If you want this thing to even fire for you, you better be a good boy…” he said as he showed Shawn the side grip which had a red light on. “Biometric locks… if you wanna help you will shut up or you will find a permanent ditch to stay in, do you understand me?”

~Aedan Teller

“Again with the ditches,” Shaw looked at Aedan like he was crazy. “I had heard that OMAP could have a high turn over. I just always thought it was because you asked someone to do an honest days work. Tell me do you hand out shovels when they sign the nondisclosure agreements or is that just a rumor?” Taking the weapon, Shaw tucked it in his shoulder holster that was empty courtesy of Teller’s employees once they had been discovered on the flood of Club Vertigo.

“Oh I have a very high retention rate, my employees love working for me. My opponents though, well we can’t get along with everyone now can we?” Aedan said as he softly slapped the side of Shaw’s cheek, very much a power move as he grabbed his thumb as he pressed down on the small pad area on the gun as a small prick would be felt as blood was drawn.

“Yes blood, DNA is far harder to fake than a fingerprint. Who uses that as an outdated biometric measure anymore?” Aedan said as he walked past as he looked straight to the door which had two men guarding the entrance. Walking to the door he pressed the door open as he looked to the men flanking. “Arm up, you guys will be on six duty. Make sure no one sees us coming or going, you will be filled in on locations as we go. You get triple pay for this, per usual.”

Moving across the room, Jessica activated a console revealing a secret space at the far end of the room. This was one room she was sure Aedan wouldn’t mind anyone being privy to. While it was important to have secret stashes of weapons, money, and booze, it was equally important to look good. A long time advertisement ran through her mind about never letting them see you sweat as she entered what was essentially a bedroom closet. Looking good in a perfectly pressed suit was just as important as having a weapon. Both items spoke of confidence and control which Aedan had in spades.

“I think it is a bad idea bringing her. I told that to Lauren and I am saying it again to you. Jessica looses all rational thought when it comes to Zorrina. She,” he stabbed a finger in the direction of the closet,” is going to be a liability. I know you and I have zero common ground but the one thing we can agree on is your wife is unpredictable and a loose cannon at times. Jess thinks she is just going to walk into Asfar Qatala’s Ice procession plant and walk out. What I can tell you is she will snap… like she did before the second she sees the human misery. This isn’t Orion where half the employees are drug addicts who want to be there and you can justify walking out. This is human misery where you step over the bodies that have dropped dead in a shift at your feet. She is not going to hold it together,” Shaw warned. “When she freaks she is your responsibility not mine.”

Lt Commander Jessica Teller XO

“If you think she is the loose cannon, you haven’t heard enough of the measures I truly take Mr. Shaw. You really think glassing them from orbit is something I won’t do? I don’t loose, and if she wants this done… that means we don’t loose. I think you should wonder what that means, cause I don’t care about Federation regulations, nor do I approve of fair play… remember, nothing is true… everything is permitted.” Aedan said, an old quote he knew that always resonated with him as he walked away and entered the closet with his wife.

~Aedan Teller

Jessica stood in the room wearing only her personable as she stared at the clothes hanging on the racks. The clothing bar and drawers held a small fortune in clothes she had never seen before nor wore yet they were all hers. Her brands, designers, colors, and styles. A few even were pieces that she had at home just simply another copy. Reaching into the closet she pushed back the clothes hanging to reveal a deep purple dress that she would never forget. It was the dress Aedan showed up with when she was at work and told him she couldn’t come to his party because she had nothing to wear. A smile spread across her face as she remembered that night. Hearing the sounds of presumably Aedan approaching from behind Jessica turned around to look at him.

Years ago Jessica would have felt slightly on edge seeing the expression on Aedan’s face, the pace of his stride, and the all business like cut of his suit. Everything screamed of someone so rigidly in control you had no choice but to bow to their whim. Tonight however Aedan was not someone trying to intimidate her but just her husband. He might be wearing an expensive suit but Jessica was only seeing the man who lounged around lazily on Sundays with Cera wearing athletic pants and a t-shirt. “So are you expecting to just walk in there and say hand over the kid,” Jessica looked back at the closet thumbing through some outfits. “I can’t decide if I go arm candy or battle ready? If I were in charge I would suggest you let me slip on in there covertly, kill everyone running the place, and set everyone free that wanted to leave so that means black and boots. You sir however, look far too dashing to be paired with me dressed like an assassin. So who is changing and into what?”

Jessica felt a weight settling on her shoulders as oppressive as if they were working out in the gym. Aedan was right. Everything they did was as a team but seeing the closet set her slightly off balance. “So if I hadn’t come here in disguise or to any of your other establishments, would everyone mistake my name at the door?” She had to focus on the mission at hand but she was also not stupid. Aedan was a chimera with two distinct personalities in one body. He had lessened the illicit activities since their marriage but that did not mean she hadn’t heard of him or investigated him as an intelligence analyst since she started working after the academy. While half of their public life was rumors and speculation, the other half was just a boring married couple fighting over the remote and what they were going to eat for dinner. Still seeing this place made Jessica begin to self doubt a little.

“Do you miss this,” she asked knowing his answer would be no. The illicit life was not all it was cracked up to be but then again neither was married life. Aedan at times appeared restless and on edge. Maybe he missed this life at times. Maybe when he went on his business trips they did have stopovers at places like this. Glancing in the mirror, Jessica tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. She wouldn’t deny that she was still beautiful but she also could not deny she had a maturity about her now. It was natural when you became a wife and mother however baggage showed and men always seem to notice. The more she thought about her question, the more she debated the validity of his answer. There was no way she could compete against a twenty-year-old with no responsibilities and time to spend hours doting on a lover. Aedan would never cheat on her but that didn’t mean he couldn’t pretend that a pretty bauble on his arm was his daydream for the night. No one questioned when Aedan stepped in and picked her up at the bar. Did this mean it was that common of an event no one asked if it was his wife?


Shirt off, Jessica found Aedan with nothing on put his pants as he was changing into clothes. Pressing a button in the center console a hidden compartment opened up as several high tech vests appeared. “I find things to entertain me that don’t require blooding of my knuckles, or testing my aim… but then again you don’t ever really want all the answers either… you like being in the dark… and I am not really one who likes to shine light on things either.” Aedan said as he put on his vest under, it had a kinetic proto energy shield, he tossed her one as he began to put his shirt over his torso.

Leaning in close to her Aedan brushed past her hair as he kissed softly down her neck before stopping his lips inches to her ear as he began to speak just above a whisper “Not everyone gets to have their fairytale life in their ivory tower… if you knew what the foundation the tower was built on you would have long ago noticed the broken bodies and blood that was spilled to keep it so white… so… let me be frank my dear, the next time you think you are going to get a bug up your ass and player soldier of fortune, I will have you locked away in that tower… this is one time thing.” as Aedan finished his speech he reached behind her as he pulled a jacket to pull over his suit as he turned around and came back to the main area.

Teller, OMAP CEO

Processing his words, an assault of emotions ran through her body and mind. Anger, frustration, helplessness, and stubbornness all competed to be at the forefront of her words and actions. It took every ounce of control for Jessica not to demand Aedan return and elucidate on his comment. Only reason and logic prevented her from doing this because being stubborn about something often meant you were simply holding on to the illusion of power in a situation. Right now she did not have any power or clout to accomplish what needed to be done. Aedan held all the power and clout in the illicit poker game she was about to play in spades with a few aces up his sleeve for good measure. All Jessica had was loathing for the situation with a hearty hand of self righteousness.

Speaking now meant any comment she was going to produce would likely be passive aggressive with a thick layer of bruised ego coating the words. The only ally she had used the one card that trumped all others: the spousal card. Many individuals tried to find some secret reason why Jessica and Aedan were married and why they often acted as they did in public. Money was the obvious yet the terms of thier prenuptial agreement left the legal teams in the Federation slaw jawed. Power was often the second cited reason yet Jessica was a small fish in a big fleet. She might wield influence as second in command of the Outpost but once her feet stepped off 42, she really wasn’t important in the scheme of Starfleet.

While Aedan’s voice had been low and his action in this situation were private, his tone, demeanor and views were not always that way when it came to his family. Aedan made it very clear both privately and publically his only focus in life was his family and that he would do whatever he believed necessary to keep them safe. A few times someone had reached out telling Jessica if she felt threatened or trapped in her marriage they could help her. This always resulted in a bout of laughter. People often threw about the term divorce like it was a simple endeavor. You got a lawyer and a marriage was over. The truth was marriage was one of the most complicated legal transactions one entered in thier lives. This situation and Aedan’s pronouncement was no different, albiet one she couldn’t share at hen party, but no different than any martial fight about who was going to do what in a marriage.

Faruis Prime Market

Exiting Club Vertigo, Jessica only had to go a few steps until she reached the waiting vehicle outside. The trip was short but Aedan would not walk nor show up hot and dusty from the journey over in the sweltering Farius Prime Sun. Looking at her husband sitting casually across from her in the seat, Jessica would never suspect he was armored up and planning ten steps ahead as he watched the passing landscape from the window.

Jessica studied her husband. His speech to her had not gone unnoticed. This was not going to be a one time thing. It would be a whenever needed thing. They had the money and resources to make a difference. “Aedan,” Jessica called out his name casting a glance at Shaw who mouthed the word no raising an index finger in warning.

“Yes…” Aedan said as he looked back over at her, he had been quiet for the trip, choosing to think on the way but he took a deep breath as he glanced between the two. “Well?” he added, as it seemed she wanted something but Shaw seemed unwilling to let the question be asked.

The car stopped before she could continue her conversation. Exiting the car, Jessica toke Aedan’s arm as they entered Ecstasy Casino. The opulence of the casino was equivalent to the luxury of Club Vertigo. It was easy to see how the Asfar Qatala Crime Syndicate was trying to stay in lock step with Aedan’s group however the fact they dealt in drugs gave the place a seedier quality. Jessica had no false pretenses that drugs did not abound in Club Vertigo but Aedan would never let his patrons so casually, sniff, smoke, or inject themselves in public. The glassy eyed look of most of the patrons spoke of them tripping out on some narcotic high enraged Jessica causing her to dig her nails into Aedan’s bicep unconsciously. Aedan’s palace might have been built on blood, but this place was built on human misery. This would have to change. “We need to talk later,” Jessica spoke in a low tone laced with acid as they were finally greeted by the casino’s representatives.

“You may not like the answers.” he said as he looked around the place with a glinting stare as he began to try and understand just what was needed of him next. This place had a high level of security, but luckily for Aedan he had several shell companies he used to sell weapons, security, and defensive measures. Turning his left had wrist up Jessica would see his watch as it light up to great a holographic display piece as he glanced down at it. He was scanning the systems, and luckily for them he found a few of their systems he just happened to have keys to. Smiling softly he flicked his wrist back down as the display disappeared as he walk forward to the entrance.

“Mr. Teller,” a soft feminine voice rang out as the crowds parted. “We are so happy to receive you.” The voice was thick sultry undertones promising far more than her words conveyed. The sway of her hips as she walked and the cut of her designer dress clung to her body like a second skin. This woman was meant to distract and charm whoever her handlers set her upon. “Can I get you something? Maybe something in....brown?”

“No Yuki… and tell Mr. Yomahari he still owes me 1.2 million credits, you still sleep with him right?” he said as he walked past lightly patting her on her cheek before he used his other hand to press up against her a credit chip with 10k on it, a token that would get anyone to leave the other person alone if they wanted to have more as the night went on.

The woman’s eyes trailed Jessica up and down. This woman did not fit the profile of Aedan’s appetites. Aedan always had preferred his women with dark hair and eyes so the blonde haired blue eyed sweet tart next to him had to be a blip on the radar. Not wanting to rile up the escort on Aedan’s arm, the woman used the play on words to avoid conflict. Snapping her fingers a waitress showed up with a crystal glass filled with whiskey. “Mr. Wright is waiting for you. May I show,”

“Jonas Wright,” Jessica interrupted the woman. “Jonas is here?” The simmering anger in Jessica bubbled over to fury. If Jonas was here there was a good chance Harper was here also. Releasing Aedan’s arm, she pushed past the woman knowing exactly where to head.

Across the room a set of double doors had opened flanked by two large men. “Jessica,” Shaw snapped out her name in a low growl. Zachary had a good idea what Jessica would do when she came face to face with Wright. He had to postpone that meeting as long as possible to ensure the mission was successful.

Jessica Teller XO

Reaching out he grabbed her elbow preventing her from charging into the room at the end of the room. The room was too conveniently placed and too innoculous looking for it not to be a trap or set up.

“What,” Jessica snapped back looking at Shaw with daggers in her eyes.

Glancing at Aedan, Shaw released her arm. He had no doubt the man would get physical if Shaw over stepped a boundary but it was pure instinct as to why he stopped Jessica.

“Patience…” Aedan said firmly as he looked around the room.

“Patience,” she directed her anger at him. “I have been more than patient sitting up in your office waiting. I am done waiting.” Moving to stand directly in front of her husband, Jessica blurred out the rest of the room as if no one else existed. “You have the money, the power, and the connections. I want the kid but I also want Wright dead.” Her tone was icy. Her eyes indicating there was going to be no remorse later with her request.

He could see the eyes on everyone on the two, and he knew a few of them had fingers on triggers as well as Aedan pushed Jessica to the direction he knew they would find their mark from as he pulled out the chair for her to sit in in one of the corner bar areas that gave them plenty of line of sight with little to their backs. It was a safe spot, the casino had quite a few built this way and for good reason. “You can’t go making demands when you have zero reputation… Mrs. Teller will get you much farther in this place but the only real power it gives you is to not be shot on sight if you ask too many questions.”

~Aedan Teller, CEO OMAP

“I’d like to see them try.” Her tone was condescending as she took the seat Aedan held out for her.

“Honey most of them see you as nothing more than a door prize they get if they shoot me… and trust me that is the only reason you made it this far. I’d hate to have to fight my way of another night club. I always feel bad for the civilians I put out of jobs, end up having to buy the club to keep people working… I didn’t use to be so weak when I took out someone that had gotten too uppity, it’s exhausting.” Aedan said as he pressed his fingers between the bridge of his nose as he seemed to be massaging stress out of his face.

“You are a regular Will Bates,” Shaw rolled his eyes listening to Aedan discuss the trials and tribulations of his career. The irony however was not missed on Shaw. Aedan did compete head to head in the philanthropic arena with men like Will Bates who created the software industry’s standard for personal access programs. Most financial experts joked that if Will and Aedan ever merged companies they would take over the universe.

“Get someone to call you daddy just once without having to tie them up and it makes you think of others… damn voodoo…” he said with a near growl in his words. Aedan was in no way unaware of the change in himself. He was just as brutal as always, but the aftermath of his explosive and violent takeovers made him want to make sure the ones left after he left didn’t have to suffer more than he intended. They were called innocents bystanders, a term he never really cared about before. The irony was, this new brutal sensitivity he had found made some people to wish he came in to clean house. Almost like a robin hood of oppressions, giving hopeless saps a reprieve from their burdens.

“Mr. Teller,” a new woman that had an uncanny resemblance to Jessica Adams approached the table. She was dressed more sophisticated than Yuki providing a more refined distraction. “We have more comfortable accommodations for you.” The woman did not say more but gestured to a section in the back corner. It was lined with couches and deep cushioned chairs. “I was also told that everything you require is on the house compliments of Asfar Qatala.”

“Shut up. We are not here for pleasantries. Get me Jonas now or I will tear this place apart board by board and brick by brick.” Jessica was losing her ability to retain her role of arm candy. It had been a long time since she was just an ensign in the field. Ten years ago, it was easy to bat her eyelashes and speak with a sultry tone. Being the XO of a space station and wife of a highly influential man in the Federation gave her far more confidence and the expectation people would follow her orders.

“Too much coffee impacts her manners. Bring her something girly with an umbrella,” Shaw suggested trying to smooth the tension out some.

“I heard it makes her bloodthirsty,” Jonas stepped out from behind the red hair attempting to provide refreshments to the table addressing Shaw. “That will be all Magdalana. You know what Mr. Teller likes. Bring it.” Nodding her head almost imperceptibly Margo let the table.

“Mrs. Teller,” his voice had a smooth cadence that belied confidence and charisma, “you are as beautiful as ever. Marriage looks good on you. Mr. Teller,” he directed his gave to and stuck out his hand, “welcome to Club Ecstacy. I heard you had some business you wanted to discuss. May I?” Gesturing for a chair across from Aedan, Jonas paused long enough for polite purposes. It wasn’t like Aedan could tell him no. Aedan showed up in their casino. This confidence and slight feeling of superiority seeped out in the oily smile Jonas was giving Aedan. Adjusting his coat as if this was a casual meeting, Jonas leaned back in his chair taking in Aedan.

In this line of work everyone knew of Aedan Teller and what the man was capable of doing. The trick was surviving such encounters when you were about to tell the man no. Jonas had no real reason to tell Aedan no nor did he care about why he was here. He was just cocky enough to want to see Aedan in action.

Lt. Commander Jessica Teller XO

“I’m not quite sure you can help… if I recall you are just hired gun status lately after the Viriant incident. Really need to remember which lies you tell to the Rihannsu, they have lost quite a bit since Hobus… they tend to get pissed if someone tries to take more from them than they feel is fair.” Aedan the man, he had a vague curiosity of how he made it out, and almost admiration for the task at hand. “I will give you this though, you made it out alive, not many can survive the Rihannsu, jolan tru!” Aedan said as he lifted a glass up as he took a brief drink before setting it down.

Jonas didn’t like where this conversation was going, Viriant wasn’t something many knew about. He had a mysterious benefactor who had tried to barter the peace with the Romulan people on that world. Only the benefactor never called them Romulans, but by their formal name… Rihannsu. Aedan using that term twice now made the hairs on the back of his neck stand. The mission on Viriant was to obtain a Romulan cloaking device, in exchange for medical supplies and weapons to defend against rogue Tal Shiar attacks. The colony was a farm world, well away from the eye of the former bulbous Star Empire.

“It was…” Jonas said softly as he stood up a little tighter as he felt that he had made the wrong choice to make himself known just now. His scars had taking a lot to heal from the disruptor plasma burns that Romulans inflicted when they learned of his deception. The medicine had been halved, replaced with placebos in order to sell the rest to others for greater profit, and the weapons had all their energy cells removed for much of the same reason. On surface these wouldn’t have been discovered as the testing crates where untouched.

“I had to meet them personally to repair what you did, they asked me to give you something.” Aedan said as he quickly reached forward as he grabbed Jonas’s hand as he placed it on the table as his other hand in a near lightening reflex placed a dagger right through the middle of his hand as it pinned him to the table. The blade had a split double edge with a crested bird of prey on the hilt as the blood began to spurt from the hand as Jonas screamed loudly, weapons could be heard drawn as the attention of the room shifted directly to the pair.

“Just reminding Jonas here of manners… ” Aedan said as a rolling sound could be heard as a small rolling ball entered the middle of the club as Aedan reached into his pocket as he pulled out a pair of sunglasses as he looked back to the others. “I would look for yours.” he said as he placed his on his face as a bright flash went off as a deafening blast could be heard as all who didn’t have the special multi spectrum glasses on would be for a blinding flash before the dozen armed men Aedan had placed within the bar stood to disable the armed men.

As the ringing and carnage subsided the room would look a lot different with the Club’s staff were on their knees with phasers behind there head in execution poses as two men had flanked the sides of Aedan’s table to give a sign of just who was running the club at the current moment. “If the flinch… kill them.” Aedan said as he looked back at Jonas with a wicked smile as he twisted the blade before pulling it out, as he handed it over to Jessica. “I believe you had some things to ask him.

Aedan Teller







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