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Much to the captain’s surprise, a band of security officers ran past them. He stepped over to get a better view of where on the deck they were headed. =/\= McGarrett to Stone. I just saw a bunch of security officers run past that looked like they were headed towards the Infirmary. What is your status? =/\=

Captain Mathias McGarrett, CO

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At the Captain’s question, the knight just shrugged, “I do not know who these individuals are. However, I as we are currently in the middle of negotiations, I shall not allow them (or those delicious treats) to be threatened by a number of thugs.” She pushed a button on her arm and a display popped up. “It appears that their armour holds an element that I recognize, and is also not found on this station. Using it, I can pinpoint their locations.” A frown appeared on her face. “It appears that they are approaching the areas where time is most in flux, do with that information what you will.”

Mr. Snuggles (GM)

“I can get you a to go box of whatever you need,” Evie said crawling out from under the table with the small child on her hip hearing the knight talk. Looking at Aedan as she brushed a lock of hair away from the small child’s eyes, Evie sized Aedan up. “Before you wife took off tearing down the hall I think she ordered you to take the baby to your penthouse.” The mirth in Evie’s voice would not be missed by Aedan. Moving her hip towards Aedan, Evie waited to see what her nephew would do.

“You know… you know the way to my penthouse, I could give you temporary authority to head back and bunker in and let me guard my wife… we might even think about the permanent time-stamped key card to let you in at certain hours of my approval from time to time if you wanted…” Aedan knew Evie often wanted more time with Aedan, but he wasn’t one to try to be a family man often. He had Jessica, he had Cera… but this wasn’t Cera, least he didn’t think. Evie though was another story, one he didn’t hate but one he often questioned. He still wasn’t fully convinced, DNA test or no, that Mathias and he were cousins. It was more that than anything that made him wonder just what to expect from them all.

Evie McGarrett

Mathias also was unconvinced that he was related to Aedan. He doubted they could share the same gene pool actually. While he didn’t care for the man and how he flaunted his wealth, he did find himself agreeing with his reasoning in this case. Naturally Aedan couldn’t resist making an unecessary bribe, but Mathias was grateful for a plan that would get his mom to safety. “I don’t want to get in the middle of a martial disagreement, but Mother, if you could get the child out of harms way I’d appreciate it.”

Evie looked at Aedan and then Mathias. “If you are trying to get rid of me you know it is not that easy,” she kissed the top of the little girl’s head as she focused the first comment on Mathias. “I you trap me in that kill zone foyer of yours,” she looked at Aedan, “I will make you regret it. Say good bye to Uncle Matty and Daddy,” Evie said to Cera. The humor of how the two names rhymed was not lost on her. One day the two men would realize they were related for better or worse. After that would begin the family vacations but for now baby steps. As Cera babbled out her farewells, Evie headed out to Aedan’s pent house.

Evie McGarrett (secretly planning a camping trip where Aedan and Mathias are trapped in a canoe.)

How they were going to use that information Mathias didn’t know. But he could at least pass it along. =/\= McGarrett to Brine. Lieutenant, I’ve learned that the intruders are approaching the areas where time is most in flux. I don’t suppose you have any ideas on how to get time out of flux? =/\=

The captain then looked at the display to see if he could tell which areas were most in flux. “What is this element that you recognize?” he asked the knight.

Captain Mathias McGarrett, CO

~Aedan Teller

Tapping her comm, she answered the Captain. =^=Working a couple ideas here, Captain. Will let you know soon as we have a solution.=^=


The knight frowned. “It is something that even my father is wary of. Information is scarce on it, and what little I know comes from snippets of conversations that I have walked into before they changed the subject, as well as the short briefing that all of us, what you call soldiers, received on it. All that they told us was that this element could be easily charged with all sorts of energy, t, and that we are to report any major findings of it. As for what I have found… off the record, it appears as though energy involving time itself seems to be most attuned to the element, and one could use this material to even create prisons of said element untouched by time.”

Mr. Snuggles (GM)

“If they’re after it to create an eternal time prison we should destroy the artifacts now!” intuitively responded Mathias, a bit stunned by the notion of how powerful this could be as a weapon in the wrong hands. He continued after giving it more thought. “Of course, I don’t know if they intruders are forces of good or evil. Tell me, would there be any downside to destroying it”?”

Captain Mathias McGarrett, CO

She shrugged. “That I honestly don’t know, although with it currently in pieces, I don’t believe it would do any more damage than has already been done.”

Mr. Snuggles (GM)

Nikki jogged back. He had been behind the boss lady in her pursuit; it was always good to be behind a dame running, but in this case the decks had been sealed before he had a chance to get through. Jogging back he caught the tail end of it. “Prisons? Ye seem te have traveled through time. Maybe ye could use it to do some of that travelin too, or have yerself yer own time capsule to wait out time in.”

“Deck sealed off before I got through it boss.” His eyes scanned the iron lady. “It would seem te me that the golden boys there would not have taken so much trouble if it was just a prison cell that was a glorified stasis chamber.”
- Nikki

“Perhaps not. Maybe that would depend on how much effort it took to put someone into this time prison. Wait a minute,” said Mathias, as he paused a moment to collect his thoughts. He then turned to the knight. “You mentioned the damage that had already been done. All of this started when the artifact broke into shards. That’s when all the strangeness having to do with time started. Maybe instead of destroying these pieces we should try putting them back together and seeing if we can undo what we have done?”

Captain Mathias McGarrett, CO

The knight tapped the screen on her gauntlet’s wrist. “It technically is possible to fuse the material, but the last lab to attempt a large scale doing on that had to be quarantined. Due to this, I don’t know how successful it was.” She glanced over to one of the fallen enemies. “Let us not forget that they might be trying to do something similar themselves. They seem more interested in collecting all of the pieces than just grabbing a few and cutting their losses.”

Mr. Snuggles (GM)

“Quarantined? Sounds nasty.” With luck the Outpost would avoid such a fate. Mathias had grown used to living on this cosmic rust bucket on the edge of nowhere, but the thought of not being able to go anywhere else for months on end if he wanted to was fairly repulsive. It was nice to know if he needed to he could get away and escape somewhere further from his mother.

“Quarrantined,” Evie said with almost a chipper tone to her voice. “Remember that snow storm on Andorria we got stuck in when you were fifteen. God it was the best two months. On line teaching, playing games, doing puzzles,” she had an almost wistful tone to her voice. “Yes it would not be ideal if we were quarrantined on the Outpost for a few months but its not like we couldn’t enjoy the time as a family right,” she smiled at her son.

“Right, Mom. Of course.” He had been so excited to take the trip to Andoria. And it was every bit as excited and exotic as he had been hoping right up until that snow storm started and they were trapped in that building for two months. As tempting as it was to debate her, sometimes the path of least resistance was agree and drop the subject. He turned his attention back to address the knight.

“Well, you may be right, but I’m a bit skeptical that they’d have a noble goal considering their shoot first, ask questions later approach. But what do you think Nikki?” asked the captain as he turned towards him.

Captain Mathias McGarrett, CO

Nikki had followed his gaze to the fallen ‘soldier’ and eyed the heater that it had. He readjusted his own in the crook of his arm and thought. From the conversation he found himself shaking his head. “Boss, they are makin a raid for a purpose. You don’t set a hit on someone for no reason and you don’t go in with the big guns unless it was going to be valuable. As much as the dame here doesn’t think that they would risk puttin things together my inclination if I was them would be to get all the pieces and try it again, and think that I could do it better. Because that there artifact is worth something, but nothing if they don’t have all the pieces. Seems te me that this here artifact hasn’t been together too much. When was the last time it was all in one piece?”
- Nikki, COO

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“Earlier today, before all this started,” answered Mathias. “I’m sure you’re right that they want all the pieces so this, this whatever-it-is can be used with all its power. We can’t very well give it to them without determining if their intent is good or evil. But aside from turning it over to them we could put it together ourselves or destroy the whole thing. It just seems like we’re lacking information to act.”

Captain Mathias McGarrett, CO

The knight shook her head. “In any case, it does not seem prudent to let these individuals continue with their collection.” She tapped her wrist. “Although interestingly enough, another strange energy source has been detected.” A map of the Outpost was projected in front of them, and besides the glowing green lights indicating the shards, there was also a red dot of unknown origin in medbay.

Mr. Snuggles (GM)

Mathis marveled at the knight’s ability to be aware sensor readings without paying attention to them in an obvioius way. He’d have to get a wrist band like that. Setting aside the thought for another time, Mathias quickly tapped his communicator. =/\= McGarrett to Infirmary. Doctor Stone, what is your status? There’s an energy source of some kind there that we’ve noticed. =/\=

Captain Mathias McGarrett, CO

Nikki smiled around his cigar. The boss liked toys. They could do that. It wasn’t ‘that’ hard to do now. There were a lot of pieces. He was missing something. “How did it break?” He didn’t much care about their ‘motives’. They were willing to make a hit on them to get it. That meant that it was valuable. That either put them in the variable of being ‘time cops’ or ‘raiders’. They didn’t know enough about the sides, just that both iron dame and golden boys had come storming in on their own. How could they get all the pieces when they kept popping into existence?! If it was another one. He listened to the comms as emotions bubbled up inside him. This was exciting and not knowing the true nature of the sides was making it all the more intriguing. Who were the ‘good’ guys? Were either of them good? Competing gangs wanting it?
- Nikki

“Someone put the wrong guy in charge of stacking fragile containers in the Cargo Bay,” began Mathias. “It fell and broke. The more I think about it the more I think we should try to put these back together. Time went out of whack beginning at that point. Maybe we can somehow undo the damage if we restore it.” An old saying from some ancient Earth politician popped into the captain’s mind that he had been taught at the Academy. “A wise man once said, ‘In any moment of decision, the best thing you can do is the right thing, the next best thing is the wrong thing, and the worst thing you can do is nothing.’ Unless there’s a better idea, let’s see if we can get these pieces all in one place. Of course, we don’t have any of them here.”

Captain Mathias McGarrett, CO

Nikki chewed on the cigar end. “And after it broke we get the Iron Dame and Golden Boys. They didn’t care until it broke - and how did they know that it was suddenly a scavenger hunt?”
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“Well this artifact can somehow be used as a prison. Maybe when it broke a prisoner escaped and these golden ones are the prison guards or something. One possibility.”

Nikki turned to face the boss and said quietly, “Iron Dame said she was attacking the station with others to take it over sometime in the future. If golden boys are the guards then what does that make her? Who was in the nick?”

Mathias looked around at the damage from the fire fight. Tables and chairs were knocked over. Phaser burns were all over the place. “This isn’t the right place for us to be. We need to get to Ops and figure out what the status of the Outpost is and where all these shards are. Will you join us, knight? I have a feeling we could use your insight. And possibly your defense skills.”

Captain Mathias McGarrett, CO

The woman nodded. “It is prudent that our alliance should continue during this juncture. Lead the way.”

At the revelation of the prison and escapee and knight and golden boys Nikki was back in his Iotian mindset. Trust no one. Certainly not now. For all they knew Iron Dame could have been the escapee. Or the lock picker. Or a time thief. But the boss was right. They could do more good at Ops than at the bar, though the latter did have its charm. The smell of the ‘firefight’ tingled at his nostrils. It felt good. Nostalgic even. He stuck his head around the corner to check that the coast was clear for them to move. “Looks clear boss,” he said.
- Nikki

Mathias grabbed the phaser rifle he still had with both hands, ready to raise the weapon if needed. “Come on, let’s go,” he said, leaving his mother’s establishment to head to the turbolift.

Captain Mathias McGarrett, CO

Hefting his heater in both hands, his finger close to the trigger pad, Nikki glanced once behind them to scan for action along the promenade corridor. Securing his stubby cigar between his teeth he increased his stride to keep up with the boss who could move along at a pretty good clip if he wanted to. The boss could render any overrides nonexistent; Nikki could hotwire it if need be. The action had moved on by the look of it. The iron dame - he looked to see that she was with them - knew what was going on. They didn’t, at least in principle. Golden boys and the dame wanted the pieces that were scattered about for reasons unknown. Right now they were running about without a defined plan, but that would come now that the shock of the situation had started to wear off. Nikki liked to act, not react, and this was all reaction right now. “Second branch ahead and a right,” Nikki said, indicating the nearest lift. The boss would know but he might have had other things on his mind.
- Nikki

Mathias shrugged off the obvious direction. The path from Been There Brewed That to Ops was one he could traverse while sleepwalking if need be. Even if he sometimes regretted paying his mother a visit in the morning, he wasn’t going to get that good of a cup of coffee from the replicator. As they made their way through the Promenade, Mathias briefly surveyed each shop they passed, both hands still on his rifle.

A voice suddenly spoke out from the Captain’s badge, =/\=Um… Hello Captain Sir. Well, it seems that a woman in a strange dress has just shown up… sir. She’s talking about being a prisoner of some sort who fused with one of our patients. I’m still not really sure what exactly is going on.=/\=

Mr. Snuggles (GM)

Nikki’s expression screwed up, oddly centered around the cigar clenched between his teeth. Some dame fused with a patient? Like what? Some kind of electroweld? He wasn’t the only one who was confused and he glanced at the boss. “Fused, boss?”

“Huh? Oh, the Infirmary,” said Mathias out loud as he recalled he had tried to contact Doctor Stone. He tapped his communicator and replied. =/\= Understood. If you are in need of assistance let me know. McGarrett out. =/\=

“Yes, fused,” answered Mathias after he had finished with the Infirmary. “A woman in a Victorian dress appeared in Ops earlier. It was difficult to pull any useful information out of her, but eventually she explained how she had become one with a Trill patient named Danala Rele. She said they weren’t one, but now it was the only way she could exist.”

The captain then began speaking to himself out loud, processing the new information.

“The Victorian woman who speaks in riddles. So she’s the one who escaped the time prison. We need to find a way to get her back where she belongs.” At this point they reached the turbolift doors. “Computer, override security lockout on turbolift. Authorization McGarrett Omega Three Fatty Acid.”

Captain Mathias McGarrett, CO


One thing that seemed like it was closing a loop in information was the idea of what or who might have been in that prison. But what did that mean? He stepped inside with the boss and took a position away from the main doors. “Some dame?” he asked. “Does she belong back in the pot, or where?” he continued. His stomach growled. That security override password suddenly made him hungry.
- Nikki

“Ops,” commanded Mathias to the computer once they were all in the turbolift. “As far as I can tell, she does belong back in that pot. And just maybe once we put her back all will return to normal. Relatively normal anyhow. Now, to make it happen.”

Captain Mathias McGarrett, CO

The Knight raised an eyebrow. “It appears our cultures are more alike than I thought. While the civilians almost made me think otherwise, you much prefer to stomp out your enemies for a quick and efficient solution.”

Mr. Snuggles (GM)

Mathias let a bit of a smile creep across his face. “I’ll gladly take whatever the quick and efficient solution is, be that stomping out our opponents or finding a diplomatic solution. One thing I’ve gathered so far is that there is nothing quick or efficient about talking to the Victorian lady. Time itself is all screwed up. We need to put everything right again and we’ll take whatever the simplest path is to get there.”

Captain Mathias McGarrett, CO

Paige responded to the Captain herself =^=Sir, she states that she is trying to slow down the intruders on the ship, however, I am attempting to find out just how she is doing that.=^=

=^= Understood. Find out all you can from her, Doctor. McGarrett out. =^= It was short and to the point, but if Doctor Stone was with an adversary, this was the perfect time to be concise.

After mulling over the new information, Mathias said, “So, the Victorian woman is trying to hinder our golden visitors. Perhaps the enemy of our enemy is our friend? That should help if we know which one our enemy is.”

Captain Mathias McGarrett, CO

=^=Captain, the intruders are looking specifically for the entity in Sickbay. They are wanting to seal her away. I am attempting to ascertain if she needs our protection.=^=


=^= Very well, Doctor. Also, let me know if you figure out who the good guys are and who the bad guys are. And if you come across any broken fragments, secure them. =^=

Just then, the turbolift doors opened. Mathias approached his command chair and began addressing the crew. “Alright people, tell me everything. And make sure to…what exactly is that I’m seeing?” The scene on the right view screen caught the captain off guard. A golden ship and a badly damaged Romulan ship appeared to be somehow entangled together.

Captain Mathias McGarrett, CO



One of the officers gestured wildly at the screen. “Uh, well, it seems that those golden intruders came from this thing. We were actually just rewatching the explosion of the Romulan ship that took out half the thing.” Sure enough, the outpost fired on the engine room of the Romulan ship, causing it and half of the golden ship to suddenly be just gone. “It still seems to be partly operational, but a lot of the front facing weapons were taken out during that explosion.”

Mr Snuggles (GM)

“Hold up,” said Mathias, losing a bit of his composure that he seemed to always have. “We fired on a Romulan ship and destoryed it, and this is the first I’m hearing of it? We fired on who’s orders? This is the sort of thing I like to, you know, be informed about.” The captain allowed himself to take a breath and calm down a touch. Just because he couldn’t conceive of a reasonable explanation didn’t mean it didn’t exist. It merely probably meant it didn’t.

Captain Mathias McGarrett, CO


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