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Toveka sighed. So this wasn’t merely a case of ‘hide and seek’. If they were considering trapping a woman in the fragments, there was a lot more to this than she had been told. “And do we know if all the pieces have to be together to trap your woman? Or do we only need one or two of the fragments?” She knew it was a lot, but if time was running out, then as much needed to be revealed as possible.


“We need to find them all,” Mathias stated confidently. “And no, we don’t know how many there are. Unless you know? Perhaps you have a suggestion for how they might go about locating them?” The questions were posed to the midevil knight who had been accompanying the captain.

Captain Mathias McGarrett, CO

Baldur examined the knight with a curious expression as if this day couldn’t get any weirder. Old fashioned Romulans, Nikola Tesla, and now a knight that was accompanying the Captain. He tightened his grip on his rifle and looked around.

Baldur - SOO

The woman glanced at her wrist before looking at Tesla. “You appear to be displaced as well. Is your’s of a temporal or spacial nature?”

Tesla looked very confused. “While I am still not sure what is going on, I believe myself to be sometime in the future if you can believe it.”

Mathias patted the inventor on the shoulder. “Don’t feel so bad, Mr. Tesla. We’re from this time period and we don’t know what’s going on either. Well, most of us are from this time period anyhow.”

After she had finished addressing Tesla, she turned to the Captain. “I have a lock on a number of pieces, however the all appear to be in places where your crew currently is. One communication should clear things up well enough.”

Mr. Snuggles (GM)

The captain was pleasantly surprised, though he wasn’t exactly sure what she meant by one communication. He had the sensation of being in the middle of a game of chess and having some passerby comment that he was only one move from checkmate without having any idea what that move might be. “So, who are we going to call?”

Captain Mathias McGarrett, CO

The knight shrugged. “If you tell them all those with fragments to converge, you should be able to figure out what you want to do with them.”

Mr. Snuggles (GM)

Baldur resisted the urge to blurt out ‘Ghostbusters’ at the Captains question. It was neither appropriate nor did he think anyone would understand the reference. “Commander Tenkiller should have one of the fragments, we should link up with him. He has the fragment from Medical, we have the one from Science. I don’t know what the rest of the crew has discovered.” HE said

SOO - Baldur

“That’s just who we were on the way to see. Right this way.” Mathias pointed his phaser rifle down the corridor and led the group that direction.

While thinking it unlikely that any more fragments would be in the Infirmary, the captain decided to check to make sure. =/\= McGarrett to Doctor Stone. Doctor, do you have any more of the fragments at your location? =/\=

Captain Mathias McGarrett, CO

Toveka spoke up as the Captain sent the first comm. “I strongly recommend against a mass comm to tell them to congregate. We don’t know how many other hostiles are on board or where they are. Giving them a place to converge on would be a bad idea.” She quickly added, “In my opinion, Sir.” She had spoke up quick and rash, something quite unlike her. But this seemed to be a time where many things were happening that weren’t ‘normal’. She absently touched Baldur’s arm in reassurance as he looked around then moved her body to help keep an eye on everyone and the hall in the opposite direction that the SOO was looking.


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