Side sim - Sickbay- Zhi-anne's boarding eval

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Life had been simple for Zhi-anne for many years. A set schedule in familiar places. But now she faced her greatest test. In an instant with a great honour her simple life had been turned on its head. Even so she couldn’t help but feel excited, it was so different but also familiar, and she couldn’t wait to experience everything this new position had to offer.

But first she had to get a few basic things out of the way, her boarding Evaluation being one of them. So here she was walking the corridors of outpost 42 trying to find sickbay. Her face partial obscured by the hood of her white robes. She knew she was in good health but she also understood that it was something that was necessary. After a few minutes searching she found sickbay and entered. She looked around taking the sights around her. Doctors caring for patients and nurses chatting in a corner. She smiled ad walked up tot he nearest medical officer.

“Forgive the intrusion, but who do I see about a boarding evaluation” She asked. Her voice soft and gentle, something not uncommon for Orion women.

High Priestess Zhi-anne (Counsellor)


“Well you can start with me. Chloe Harland,” she extended her hand. “The docs are in a conference with starfleet medical but if you are okay with a lowly nurse I’m your girl. Come on,” she waved a hand in a friendly gesture standing up from her seat at the nurses station.

“You are not lesser the doctors, you merely walk a different path” Zhi-anne said reassuringly.

“It’s more a duck waddle than stride right now,” she let out a cheerful laugh that resonated throughout the room.

Upon standing it would be easily noticed Chloe was not only pregnant but ready to explode pregnant. Still, she had a bounce to her walk and a smile on her face. “So have you been to the counseling offices yet?” Stopping at a bed she gestured for the woman to take a seat as Chloe pulled out a tricorder.

Chloe Harland

Zhi-anne shook her head “No I have yet to visit my new office. However I think it will be just fine. I do not require much, only the basics” she said as she took a seat and let the scan commence. The scans showed Zhi-anne was in good health, a little thin but nothing serious. Although if Chloe wanted to do any further scans especially around Zhi-anne head she would have to ask her to remove her hood.

High Priestess Zhi-anne (Counsellor)

“Well if you need anything let me know. Sarine the receptionist can be a real pill at times. You never know when she is about to invite you over for a friendly conversation or rip your head off. I don’t have any official responsibilities there but I do have some pull.” Only because Chloe had been married to and worked with Nathan for so long, she did not seem to have any reservations about speaking on this topic. Years at Mass General with Nathan had given her the practice to run interference with others in his office, and at times with him.

“I have yet to meet her, i hope we can get along. However if i need your help I gladly call for it” she said warmly

Looking over the scans, Chloe recorded the information on the PaDD as she chatted away. “So did you fall out of a tree or off a bike,” Chloe chatted away.

“Your broken arm,” she aimed the stylus at the now ancient and healed injury. “We may grow up and forget but the body never does. Lord, I swear between the five of us in the Harland family we probably have broken every bone in the bone. Nathan is holding the record due to his ball injuries from college but its not like my kids aren’t getting into stuff all the time too. “

Chloe Harland

Zhi-anne shook her head “No I boke me arm when the building i was hiding in collapsed” she said simply, but realised she might need to elaborate “When I was a child my colony was attacked by slavers and pirates. They killed hundreds and enslaved many. My father died protecting me and giving me time to run. The slavers almost caught me, a young female orion was a very high priced item to them. I hid in a building and it collapsed they thought me dead. I broke it when i freed it from under some rubble” she added even though the story was bad, Zhi-anne seemed to have almost no reaction. Like she was at peace with what happened.

High priestess Zhi-anne (CNS)

“War is hell,” Chloe agreed looking at the readings on the tricorder. “Nathan and I spent some time on the Cestus when they were trying to stabilize the colony. The True Way caused a lot of damage that we were left picking up the pieces for. Nathan spent almost two years there. I was only there a year before I got pregnant with Logan. At the time I was so angry when Nathan forced our transfer but if I am honest, it was for the best. You can only take so much before it breaks you. It is also one of the reasons Nathan got his degree in psychiatry. Sometimes medically fixing a brain is not the same as actually fixing it. So is your story part of the reason you took up counseling,” she asked.

Chloe Harland nurse

OCC: Anything on the scans I should note?

The scan would show that Zhi-anne was in good health. however there was an interesting anomaly in her body chemistry. The tri-corder was able to determine that Zhi-anne produced twice as many pheromones as the average female Orion, yet none of the effects where present. it seemed she had remarkable control over them. But it might also be concerning, if Zhi-anne used her pheromones it was safe to say, she wouldn’t have to much trouble controlling almost anyone.

“The order of the shield found me after my colony was attacked, they where on a pilgrimage. They rescued me, healed me and raised me. When I was old enough I took my vows and as soon as I became a priestess I began to be trained in many different aspects, counselling was one of those subjects. I discovered that I was particular apt at it and a lot of people wanted to talk to me, some of them I think just wanted to talk to a female Orion.” she said shrugging her shoulders slightly “Then when i was given the honour of becoming a high priestess and founding a new order, this station needed a counsellor and it was a perfect place to try and see how the foundation would fair on star fleet instillations. When Katooni’s will is so strong, it would be wise to listen ” she added.

High Priestess Zhi-anne (CNS)

“I have a teenager at home whose will is as strong as her penchant for getting into trouble,” Chloe laughed. She had no idea if the woman had a sense of humor or not but it was a good time to test the waters as they said. Counselors were fabulous people. She was married to one but if they lacked a sense of humor, it could be problematic at times. “We are catholic but I am open to any advice to get her to the greek. It’s an old Earth saying about getting someone off to college. All jokes aside I have never heard of this order in Orions. I didn’t think your culture was that religious.” Chloe continued to look at the scans and make some notes.

Chloe Harland Nurse

Zhi-anne laughed warmly. She had heard a lot of jokes but that was a new approach and it amused her to now end. She knew most people didn’t take religion seriously, which was fine and if people manged to bring a bit of joy from their jokes, then as far as Zhi-anne was concerned there was no issue.

“Orions aren’t. The order of the shield is part of the Shi-an foundation a multispecies religious organisation consisting of 14 different orders, mine being the newest. They accept anyone of any background, age or species and offer aid to anyone who needs it. we also act as counsellors, medics and mediators.” she explained.

“I was raised in one of there orphanage, when I was 16 they gave me a choice, take my vows and join the foundation or leave, if I had chosen to leave they would have given me everything I needed to get started and enough money to get by for a short amount of time.” she added after a short pause, she had fond memories of her childhood and it was clear she didn’t regret taking her vows.

High Priestess Zhi-anne (Counsellor)

“So there was nothing else in the world you would rather have done,” she asked the woman curiously. Chloe had had no idea what she wanted to do when she joined the academy. She was happy being a nurse. With Nathan as a doctor it worked well for them. She just never had been hyper focused on any career like most she knew.

Chloe Harland.

“I had thought about it, but prospects for female Orions in the universe aren’t great. and I felt like I belonged when I was doing my religious studies. Its hard to explain but i just felt like this was what I was destined to do.” Zhi-anne said truthfully. She had looked at other jobs and thought a great deal, but in the end she was happy in service of the foundation and she knew that it was the think she wanted to do.

High Priestess Zhi-anne (CNS)

“Nathan has been looking for his place in the universe for years. He was a musician, neurosurgeon, combat medic, and now a psychiatrist. He ran a program called second life for Borg children and adolescents that had been released from the collective. He has been a civilian and a Federation officer. I am not sure if all the career changes were because he did not feel like he belonged or just became bored and needed a change. I have only ever felt like I belong when I am with Nathan. It’s weird to have your whole existence tied up in one person,” Chloe said. “Do you have anyone special or are you not allowed that in your order,” she asked hoping it was not too personal of a question.

Chloe Harland nurse

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