Side sim- meeting with chief engineer/of operations ATTN: Char'kat Morden

Posted Oct. 22, 2021, 1:42 p.m. by Lieutenant Junior Grade Bernie Warren (Chief of Operations) (Christopher Logan)

Posted by Civilian Char’kat Morden (Operations) in Side sim- meeting with chief engineer/of operations ATTN: Char’kat Morden

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Bernie Warren (Chief of Operations) in Side sim- meeting with chief engineer/of operations ATTN: Char’kat Morden

Posted by Civilian Char’kat Morden (Operations) in Side sim- meeting with chief engineer/of operations ATTN: Char’kat Morden

While the Lt. is at his desk in his office waiting for the civilian to arrive. He then was looking at her service record on his desk computer. He then looks at it and thinks to himself engineering officer on a Klingon ship. I hope she can use those same skills here as well since after all I do need the extra help he thought to himself. He sat there and said to the computer “Earl Grey tea, hot.” He said to the computer. The replicator then made the earl gray tea the way he wanted it to be and continued going through the civilians service record as it interested him quite a bit after all with the extra help from at least someone is a great help to him. He smiles and sipped his tea as it was nothing but something to drink.

Lt. Warren

Char had finished her medical and psych evals and knew that it was time to check in with her new boss. While she knew nothing of the man, she had heard things about Warren in the passings of her time here. He was a fair man and a bit overwhelmed. She hoped her abilities would help to ease the troubles of his position. She wasn’t one to shirk from duty, so she would do whatever was needed of her.

As his tea was nearly done, Char tapped the chime on the Operations Chief’s door and waited to come in.

Char’kat Morden
Klingon Civilian

“Come,” he said to the Klingon Civilian. As he went back to what he was doing and asked for another earl grey tea from the replicator and got the tea.

Lt. Warren

Char stepped in and let the door close behind her. “Char’kat reporting in, Sir. Medical and psychology have cleared me and the Captain recommendedi come to see you for work. I am not from The Fleet, but you have my loyalty, and assurance I will do my best in all things.”

She stood with her hands clasped before her in a casual pose as she looked around the room trying to figure out the man from what she was looking at.


“Please please come in take a seat. So I see here that you were once aboard a Klingon bird of prey of engineering and o see here that you have quite a bit of experience explain to me the type of experience that you have. Also, as I am chief engineer of the station. Just so you know. Since I started here, I was the only one working on station systems and it’s been hard on me for a while. So I ask you how much experience and how do you use your experience.” He said to her.

Lt. Warren

Char sat down but she didn’t look relaxed. It was not something she would be for a long time on the station.... comfortable. “I was the Chief Engineer and battled the Executive Officer for his position when he was lax and was no longer fit for duty. I was in charge of keeping our ship running and capable of chasing down our enemy in battle. I was not told you needed an engineer. But if that is what you desire, I will do it. I thought you were in need of help around the station in other ways. But the Captain said I was to report to you. So whatever you assign me, I will do as you command. Provided it does not put this outpost or the Captain in jeopardy.” There was a stern look in her eyes that spoke far more volumes than her words had. She would protect the Captain at any cost. Even disobeying a command from her supervisor.


“Well with that said I am impressed with your record. I have talked to the captain about having another person here with me for engineering. It will actually help me a lot when I don’t have to do everything here. Even though it is my duty to do everything on board anyways. Though having you with experience I presume you will help me and suggest to me what we could do and shouldn’t be doing. Am I not wrong there? And yes I have been needing another engineering officer that is why I asked him to look for someone. And I know how hard for him it was to find someone for me but I think we can manage and work things out.” He said to her.

Lt. Warren

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