Farius Prime - An Old Acquaintance

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Posted by Lieutenant Commander Jessica Teller (XO) in Farius Prime - An Old Acquaintance

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Jessica Teller (XO) in Farius Prime - An Old Acquaintance

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Jessica Teller (XO) in Farius Prime - An Old Acquaintance
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Thirty minutes later Jessica looked up at Aedan from his arms in the command seat. “Do we really need to let them back onto the bridge? Isn’t there some autopilot button we can use and just stay here?”

Lt. Commander Jessica Teller XO

Aedan kissed the top of her head as he took a deep breath. “Well, we are in the orbit of a planet with just attacked, even cloaked they might try and use some tachyon waves to decloak us… wouldn’t be great if they find us with our pants…” Aedan paused as he looked to the left where his real pants were with a devilish grin, “…down. Though that part seems too late.”

Aedan Teller, Owner, CEO OMAP

“Maybe just a bit,” Jessica bit Aedan’s side hard enough for him to feel it with a laugh before getting up. Moving to the pile of clothes she thew Aedan his pants as she gathered up her scattered apparel pulling several items off a console. Stopping she looked at Aedan with a frown. “Okay did you join that Rec Diamond Dynasty League Baseball League Harland was talking to you about because I have no idea how that got up there.” Jumping twice she crossed her arms over her chest. “Stupid architectural lines made to look cool but serve no purpose,” she fought to pretend to be still angry. If someone had told her years ago she would be standing on the bridge of a luxury space yacht with her personables somehow stuck on a beam, Jessica would never have believed it. Reaching her hand up she jumped several times trying to snag the edge with no avail. “Do you know how bad it sucks being short,” she asked Aedan.

The console began to beep indicating a message was incoming to the Sabre. Jessica looked over her shoulder at Aedan as she shook out the shirt before pulling it over her head. “42.4003 by10.363,” she read off the coordinates in the transmission. “That is around HD 12661 b. Who is contacting you from a gas giant in the middle of nowhere?” She tried to sound disinterested yet it was hard to feign ignorance. The location was well known to Jessica and the intelligence community. HD 12661 b did not have a name because it was a desolate gas giant. The only redeeming factor of the planet was the small habitable moon colony which due to the gravitational forces of the planet amplified senors scans from the surface. This allowed those on the colony moon to know who was approaching them before the approaching people could get a scan on the moon colony.

“You going to answer that,” Jessica moved next to the console chirping with the incoming message.

Jessica Teller

Aedan paused as he heard the information read out. Looking over at Jessica he smiled curtly as he stood up, kissed her on the cheek.

“You are taking that in your office arent you,” she looked at him with a raised eyebrow. Aedan ducking out for meetings was a common occurrence. While Jessica might not be a huge fan of Adam’s the woman did more than her fair share after hours to free up time for Aedan and their family.

“Excuse me…” he said as he slowly walked away from her toward his office. Giving Aedan a soft smirk, she leaned into the kiss. She would know what this sign meant as he gathered himself to his ready room as he opened the door and slid in as he turned his monitor around as he stood in front of his office desk.

Jessica did not put up a fuss or complaint at all. In perspective, this was a boon. Part of her had hoped their recent aerobic activity and the stress of the day would make Aedan want to return to their stateroom for a rest; however, she knew that was just a still fantasy. Aedan was never one to fully relax unless he was in the penthouse or at another location they owned. Since her husband was going to be occupied with business instead of napping she would use the time to her advantage. Exiting the bridge some moved down to the brig.

“Computer, relay the message to my private terminal in my office,” he said as he waited to see what this was exactly regarding. He didn’t think anyone calling from that location would be something he wanted to spread, even to Jessica.

~Aedan Teller, CEO/OMAP

Entering his office, Aedan would see the transmission waiting at his desk. It still needed the proper scrambling codes to be placed to activate the connection but it was flashing like a pulse waiting for him to answer.

Activating the communication stream, a face appeared that was familiar to Teller. The man was late middle-aged with years of struggle and booze etched into the deep creases around his eyes and forehead. Felix Bail was well known in the underground community with his fingers in everything from information, illegal drugs, and weapons dealing. “Aedan,” the voice said one the end of the line did not dispense with the frivolities of social niceties and immediately began to devulge the reason for the call. “The Demagogue recently caused a situation on Celebrus V. She cost our entire shipment of weapons to be confiscated by the Fed Sec along with three of the men we had running the operation. I have dispatched directions to tie up those loose ends before they begin to talk but the cost to each of us was several million credits a piece. Worse than that there is starting to be talk among some that the Syndicate is not able to hold their word in a bargain.” Felix’s tone was deadly. His eyes locked on Teller. Years ago, he saw so much potential in the blonde-haired man sitting on the other end of the screen. Aedan was one of the few in the business that was able to cultivate a public persona and still retain the blood-thirsty edge needed for their line of work. Felix liked the guy because he always knew Aedan could look at any situation clearly without bias.

“Well that is unfortunate, but not really my issue. All sales are final, something my friends at IFEA and the Ferengi Alliance often say, some wisdom there. Teller Industries can’t supply every armed in the galaxy… as for losses in credits, you really should have bought the extended warranty. I warned you, it’ll come in handy in situations like this. As for bargaining, you know I don’t care for negotiations. Deals should always be on the table ready to sign before I show up.” Aedan said as his eyes narrowed on the man with a level of scrutiny as he eyed the man.

“The money was nothing to wave off but you and I both know without our reputation we are nothing. I am not,” Felix leaned in stabbing the table with a long bony index finger, “going to sit back and let some witch in Starfleet think she can stroll in where she wants and do as she darn well pleases.”

The Demagogue as Lauren Shan was classified in the organization had been a thorn in the paw of the Syndicate for years. Her influence started with the low thugs in the organization but her reputation was starting to cause people to think for themselves which was not something that could be tolerated. That could not be tolerated. The only reason she had been largely ignored by the Syndicate was because she never asked for anything nor directly caused a situation that resulted in loss or revenue…until now. Humanitarianism was fine and dandy until it gave people hope or ideas of a different life.

Jessica Teller

“Your reputation is of no concern of mine, you shouldn’t get into bed with people you can’t handle. Should always have a gag just in case you can’t shut them up. So, what does your wounded ego need… Ms. Shan can’t be so hard to handle that you can’t track her down and deal with her yourself.” Aedan said the use of her name was something that spoke of Aedan at that moment. He didn’t feel a need to use the nickname they labeled on her cause they didn’t like her actions. A great many people would find a lot of what they did with disgust, the least they could do was show Lauren some courtesy. Aedan though felt a small pit of his stomach, he hadn’t said much when Jessica had started her campaign, but he always knew far more than he lead on. Right now he suspected his private business world was going to collide once again with his public married world.

~Aedan Teller, Teller Industries/OMAP

“I am glad you are fine with Ms. Shan’s actions. I suppose it is no concern to you then that your men at facility 66942 suddenly decided to grow a moral compass and handed the shipment over to the local authorities. Seems the wives and lady friends thought Shan’s deal of a glorious new beginning with the Federation was too good of a deal to pass up. You had better fix it Mr. Fixit or you might be looking at that pretty wife of yours behind some energy bars.” Felix despised the way Aedan had found a solution and straddled the line of legitimacy. The old smuggler did not want the younger man’s life but he did envy the way the world admired him and the underworld feared him.

“I will do with any turncoats if true on my own time, but that is neither here nor there. My dealings aren’t always privy to everyone else’s eyes. What one hand does the either does not need to know, wouldn’t you agree?”

“Let’s cut to the chase. You have Jonas Wright and we want him back. Put the kid in the shuttle and let him go.” Felix’s statement was curt and to the point.

Jessica Teller

“Hell no, I had to nuke a nightclub from orbit just to get that weasel, he sold out my previous contracts and Jessica wants him. You are going to have to give me one hell of a reason to go with anything other than turning off this channel and rethinking our contracts.” Aedan said with a gruff tone. It was clear he didn’t appreciate any games the other man was trying to play.

Teller, OMAP/Teller Industires

“Look to your wife; observe her well. In Venice, they do let God see the pranks. They dare not show their husbands. Their best conscience Is not to leave ‘t undone, but keep ‘t unknown,” Felix leaned back taking a sip of amber-colored liquid from a glass. The quote was snide and meant to twist the knife into the pride and jealousy of Aedan over his wife. If Aedan wasn’t going to just follow a simple request, Felix would sow enough discontent to maybe give Jonas the chance to slip away. It might take Felix some time but if Jonas survived leaving the Sabre, Felix would hunt him down.

“Don’t make the same mistakes as Othello. He didn’t have all the facts before he killed the fair Desdemona. Ask yourself why exactly does the fair Jessica want Jonas. Is it for a virtuous purpose or more base one? I mean she personally traveled across the galaxy, lying to you, and forcing you to cover up her sloppy work. If her motives were sincere, why not come to you? Why sneak around? Has she even told you exactly why she wants the man? If not I have a good guess....straight from the horse’s mouth. Give him to me and you will not ever be bothered by Mr. Wright again.” Felix didn’t care if any of this was correct. Instead he took a long look at Aedan to see if any of it struck a cord.

“Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.” Aedan said as he stared at Felix with a good penetrating stare. “Jessica has always strengthened me, even if she needs to have her leash tugged every so often. You should try to find someone who can stand to be with you for more than an evening and a few credits.” Aedan said as smirked slyly. “We are done here Felix, don’t hold your breath on taking my bounty from me.”

Sabre Brig

Jessica entered the Sabre’s brig and glanced around. A voice told her which direction to look. “Hello honey. I was wondering when you were going to show up.” Jonas rolled from his bunk to stand up and look at her through the shimmering energy field.

“Clear the room,” Jessica snapped walking slowly and methodically towards Jonas.

Jessica Teller

The men on security raised an eyebrow at their supervisor. They had little concern Jonás would escape but more about Jessica getting hurt. While the former might gain a scowl the latter would earn a death sentence from their boss.

“Everyone get some coffee,” Jessica said to the men in the room as she entered.

The men didn’t move which spoke volumes to Jonas about who was really in charge. Jonas stood up walking towards Jessica like she was on the other end of the security wall and not him. “You look good as Mrs. Teller. Tell me though it his money or are you really that good at the job,” Jonas asked crossing his arms and leaning against the wall on one shoulder. “I will say however that of all the intell agents we had you always have been the most committed. I mean getting him to knock you up. Perfection,” Jonas kissed the tips of his fingers before blowing it at Jessica.

“Shut up,” Jessica snapped angrily feeling her handshake as she struggled to remain in control. “I am not some green cadet you can play head games with.” She resisted the urge to order the men to leave again. If they didn’t the first time, saying it a second would only undermine her position.

“No but it is so much fun,” Jonas smirked at her. “And we both know that a well-placed thought can do far more damage than any truth or lie now, don’t we? You don’t think the great Aedan Teller didn’t debate long and hard about if he was just a mark for you or are you going to sit here and lie to yourself selling that you and he were just kismet.”

Fury boiled over in Jessica mainly because intelligence was a dirty business and some in her field were heartless monsters. She was not which was why she jumped at the position to be the executive officer of the outpost. Still, there were times the gloves did need to come off. In those times, her training and field work pushed all those nasty morality issues to the side. She had done and would continue to do what is necessary to ensure the Federation and its principles created stability in the galaxy.

“I said clear the room,” Jessica snapped. “Right now I am not your bosses wife but a federation officer. I will call in the fleet and we all know what happens when they try to board you.” Part of Jessica was bluffing but the other part was dead serious. She was the walking definition of hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Jonás could drive the sane from someone’s mind. Right now all Jessica could think about seeing his smug smile was how she wanted to wipe it off his face.

“Oh, lord…” Aedan said as he walked in. “You can’t keep trying to use your rank on board, it’s unbefitting love…” Aedan said as he looked over at the men and nodded for them to depart.

Jessica’s eyes flashed a hot fury as her mouth opened to snap a command and a few rather unlady like expletives; however, she stopped before saying anything stupid. “What I am your better half and partner? Doesn’t that mean I am your life XO?” The joke was not funny and fell flat in the room but it was not intended to cause mirth or escalate the situation. It was only a pressure valve to release some of the steam boiling in Jessica’s mind.

“Seems we have an interesting situation here… Jonas appears to be a right popular man. Even a blind squirrel can find a nut I guess, but that is not really going to help. Your friend here has a large bounty, get everything you can, and then we are space dumping him… it isn’t a request. Every ship in the Helix cluster will be looking for him… unless you can convince me icing him into deep space isn’t the best option then I am not putting you and my men at risk for some idiot with more luck than a leprechaun.

~Aedan Teller

“Torture is so last year. Haven’t you both read the lastest version of What not to do when someone holds the Ace you don’t quarterly,” Jonas moved back in his cell taking a seat on the small ledge that served as a bed and seat. It would have been far more fun with just Jessica here. Aedan was a lot of fun, when you weren’t trying to screw him over. Jonas needed to remove the pompous Tommy from the equation. If he was going to get out of this he needed Jessica alone.

“Look Teller, I don’t have any problem with you. That unfortunate situation,” he raised his hand that was still bleeding through the rag he had wrapped around it, “was not me. It was all on that sweet-tart Zor and you know how women get when they lose.” Zorina was as well known as Teller and almost more deadly. It could have been the impression that since she was a woman she was soft. The reality was the only thing soft about Zorina was her murder methods: poison and stabbing. If she didn’t kill you the other way the woman cemented relationships was with sex, lies, and promises.

“She was sleeping with Bathazar. He was the one the crossed you, framed me, and caused you a headache. I am headstrong, brash, and motivated but I am not stupid. There are no second chances with Teller.” Jonas quoted the unofficial motto of the streets. Aedan might be brutal but he only asked one thing ever of his men: Loyalty.
“Believe what you want but I would not have shown up at Vertigo with a smug smile and a message if I had been playing against you.” For the first time in the conversations he had with Aedan, Jonas was being sincere. The man was not assigned to any one group but he was also smart enough to know who he could play against and when never to switch teams. “Contact Smitty. He was there. He can corroborate my story. I don’t expect your decision about me to change. I just want you to know who did.”


Aedan looked at the man in the cell and back at his wife. “Get everything you can, and then we are space dumping him,” he repeated before walking out of the brig. Jonas felt the muscles in his jaw tighten. This was not going the way he planned.

“Aedan....Aedan,” Jessica yelled following a half step behind him.

“Yes puppy,” he replied without turning around or stopping. This game with Jessica was getting old. He still was irritated with her about how the day started. He was not going to end the day with them fighting, not when the solution was so simple.

“We can’t just,” she started before Aedan finally directed his full attention on her. Spinning sharply he locked eyes with her and held up a finger.

“Oh, honey there is no we in this nor is there a you. The situation is over and done,” Aedan said in a firm voice. “Get what you need before we space him. End of story. Today has been long and trying. Don’t piss me off anymore. What is it you say all the time to have to come home with me,” Aedan quoted her favorite threat when she was mad at him about something when they were in public. The difference was they were in public and he was being serious. “You have ten minutes,” Aedan said setting the timer on his watch. “I’d suggest that you use the time wisely.”

Aedan and Jessica Teller XO

Jessica felt the small of her back knot up as he looked down at her. Like all people, Aedan had two sides: Serious and fun however the fun often was only in their quarters with the Teller trio. He was charismatic, flirty, and charming but that was different from fun. She could have dealt with even this side but Aedan was not even being sarcastic. He was being deadly serious. Crossing her arms, Jessica felt her cheeks flush with anger and frustration. “This is not a joke. We can not just space him.”

“Nine minutes thirty seconds,” he replied not caring how anger his wife was becoming. If she wanted to play this game they would and there was no doubt who would be the winner. He had no problems with her career. Being married to a Lt. Commander and executive officer gave him some legitimacy in the public eye but her job first and foremost was as his wife. If anything interfered with this he would deal with it just like he did Garvis: Fast and immediate. Maybe she needed a reminder of this and of the oath they took to each other first and foremost above all others.

“Wait are you counting down like I am Cera,” her brow wrinkled as she contemplated her next words. Aedan was at the tipping point. If she pushed him too hard, he would space Jonas from his cell and never think twice.

Jessica Teller XO

“No, if you were Cera I would have picked you up and removed you from the situation. If that didn’t work I would have given you a crack and let you cry it out in the nursery,” he spoke to her in a firm but neutral tone. His eyes however were becoming stormy. He hated when his wife became like this. She needed a reality check and if she wasn’t careful he would hand her one. “Eight minutes ten seconds,” he replied looking at his watch and then back at his wife.

“Aedan we need him,” Jessica snapped meeting his gaze with one of authority. That was all that was needed to snap Aedan over the edge.

Taking one step forward and then another he backed Jessica into the wall slamming the metal hard with his palm to ensure her attention was on him and nowhere else. “We,” he growled in a low tone. “Tell me sweetheart how exactly do we need him.” Jessica opened her mouth to speak before realizing it was a rhetorical question. “Let me remind you of some facts before you think about opening your mouth again and give you a lesson on pronoun usage. We do not need him. He has caused issues for me so that makes him on my black list. You have allowed them to make me take out a club. This is causing an issue between me and you and I will not have that. Dammit Jessica, you are my wife,” Aedan hissed low in her ear. “You and Cera are the only two people in this universe that matter to me so I am not going to allow Jonas Wright to dictate another second of my day.” Snapping his fingers three men showed up as if out of nowhere. “Please escort my wife to our cabin and jettison Mr. Wright with enough rations for a week.”

Before Jessica could react, Aedan was already moving down the hall and back to the bridge. Some alone time would cool his wife’s heels and give her some time to think. As he took his seat on the bridge, Aedan saw a small silver flash launch out of the port side of his ship. At least one problem was gone. For half a second he debated on making Shaw join Jonas but as he said earlier, he did have to go home with his wife.

Aedan Teller

Like all things, Aedan was not above the mundane trivialities of life. Right now he had to deal with his wife who was probably filling out divorce papers in their cabin. He paused at the door debating about going in. He hated when they fought but disagreements between spouses was as old as time. One could not avoid it however when you spent all your hours with one person no matter how much you loved them. Aedan’s hand paused over the door locks. Instead of activating them, he resorted to the old-fashioned tried and true method. Aedan knocked.

Inside the quarters, Jessica sat up from the couch and looked at the door. She was furious with the person she knew was behind those doors however it was not like she was entirely innocent either. Her husband would not wait forever for her to decide how to react and in reality, there was only one way to react. Getting up she moved towards the door pausing before she opened it. Seeing Aedan standing at the door Jessica immediately realized why she was so in love with him. The lopsided smile, the way he glanced at her when he was trying to be charming, the confident almost smugness he carried like a cloak around him, the way he said her name: Nothing would ever make her love him less but boy did he know how to push her buttons or turn her on. “No flowers,” she said in a sarcastic tone but with a slight smile to her lips.

Jessica Teller XO

“Flowers would mean I am apologizing and I am not about to do that sweetheart,” Aedan said in a soft tone leaning against the entrance to their room. He looked at Jessica thought back on all the fights they had had over their five years together. As a couple, they fought hard, played hard, but made up even harder. Aedan knew she was beyond pissed at him but he also knew Jessica had caused this entire situation. He was not looking for her to apologize. She had already done that back at Club > Vertigo. Aedan also didn’t want to alienate her anymore. “So am I sleeping here or am I bunking with the boys below decks?”

Jessica rolled her eyes and moved from the door. She knew his comment was just an attempt at levity. Aedan had never slept anywhere but his own bed. There had been plenty of nights Jessica would have preferred him to sleep on the couch or at least the guest room yet it was a point with him.

Moving to the small oak bar in the room, Jessica made him a drink. The one thing that kept Jessica and Aedan strong as a couple was routines. No matter what was happening, they had always started and ended their day saying good morning and good night. Aedan made sure her coffee was ready in the morning before she got out of bed and Jessica mixed him a drink when he returned home from work. The hours didn’t matter. As XO she was not always on the nine to five shift. Aedan kept wild hours having to be available for meeting at all hours but five o’clock was dinner time and the universe stopped. If Jessica was at work, Aedan came to her. If he was at work he walked out of meetings. It was these little things that kept them together and focused on each other no matter what the universe threw at them.

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