Going to the mess hall -everyone’s welcome-

Posted Nov. 30, 2021, 6:54 a.m. by Lieutenant Junior Grade Bernie Warren (Chief of Operations) (Christopher Logan)

Posted by Civilian Zhi-anne (Counselor) in Going to the mess hall -everyone’s welcome-

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Bernie Warren (Chief of Operations) in Going to the mess hall -everyone’s welcome-

Posted by Civilian Zhi-anne (Counselor) in Going to the mess hall -everyone’s welcome-
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As Warren goes to the mess hall he started to wondering having someone for his engineering team. While his engineering officer is away on her R&R, he sat there wondering if there is a way he can get another engineering officer for the job. As he sat there, he is reading and eating.

Lt. Warren

As Warren ate he would feel the presence of someone coming over to him. Looking up he would see Zhi-anne dressed in her white robes her hood over her head covering all but her face and hands. As with all Orion women she was absolute stunning.

“Hope, Harmony and health Lieutenant, may I join you” she asked kindly and warmly

High Priestess Zhi-anne (CNS)

“Yes of course. Please sit. What may I please this pleasant day for you.” He said. As he looked at her and smiled. As he never has seen an Orion female before. She looked so attractive to him that he couldn’t resist.

Lt. Warren

Zhi-anne smiled warmly “I wanted to introduce myself and see if there was anything Myself or my order could help you with” She kindly as sat down gracefully.

“High Priestess Zhi-anne of the order of the sacred sword” she said in greeting as she extended her hand “I’m also the outposts new Counsellor” she added her tone still warm and calming. “And you are?. She asked, she already knew who he was of course but it was always nice to have others introduce themselves. How someone introduced themselves told you a lot about them.

High Priestess Zhi-anne (CNS)

“Oh nice to meet you Zhi-anne. I’m Bernie Warren. It’s uh nice to meet you too.” As he took the nice cute young counselors hand and shook it. “So may I ask why is a cute one want to sit with a human such as me?” He asked.

Lt. Warren.

Zhi-anne continued to smile, she found his speech patterns interesting and wondered how much of it had to do with her gender or her race. Either way at least he was open to talking to her, she continued to expect her title to scare a few people off “I saw you deep in thought, and figured i would come over and see of you required any assistance.” she sad her tone still kind and warm.

High Priestess Zhi-anne (CNS)

“Well could I be honest counselor. It’s been rough for me not finding a soul mate or like us humans would call it a loved one to be with. And honestly seeing someone like you counselor, makes me feel like I have found mine. But then again you are beautiful and all. I don’t really mind having a female Orion counselor to talk to either. I don’t judge I don’t have anything against orions only when it is the slave owners of the female of the Orions is the issue I have. Now for you on the other hand I don’t.” He said as he smiled more.

Lt. Warren

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