Side Sim: Meeting Captain McGarrett

Posted Nov. 18, 2018, 7:53 a.m. by Ensign Johnny Holt (Security) (Louis Harvatt)

Posted by Captain Mathias McGarrett (CO) in Side Sim: Meeting Captain McGarrett

Posted by Ensign Johnny Holt (Security) in Side Sim: Meeting Captain McGarrett
Having finished unpacking his duffle bags of belonging, Ensign Holt moved over to the standardly sized replicator and began to replicate his Yellow Ensigns uniform. Following the completion of the replication process, Holt placed the pressed uniform in his left hand and walked around the corner and into his bedroom where he began to undress and place his uniform on. Once clothed Johnny removed a leather bound box from his bedside drawer and opened it once opened its content revealed a single polished gold pip which he wore to the left of his collar, swiftly followed by the application of the com badge to its rightful place at the right-hand side of the officer’s chest.

It had taken around 5 minutes for the young human male to get dressed and finish his coffee was finished he headed to the door of his quarters and exited. Now in the main corridor to the deck his quarters were situated on Holt headed to the nearest turbolift once there he gently tapped the side panel alerting the turbo cart that there was an officer waiting to ride the lift. Roughly 20 seconds had passed until the turbo cart had arrived and secured its doors in the open position once inside the vacant cart Johnny Holt watched the doors seal shut before giving a simple command. =^= Computer Captain’s office =^=, in acknowledgement the computer gave out a simple chime followed by the carts activation alerting the young brown haired officer to his commands succession.

It had taken roughly 1 minute for the turbo cart to arrive at the desired location due to the cart not been set to express mode when it arrived the doors swung open releasing a hydraulic noise as they did. Exiting the cart Holt stepped onto the deck and peered around looking for any indication to what direction the captain’s office was in unable to find a clear indication Ensign Holt enquired with the computer.

=^= Computer, Were is the captain’s ready room =^= Spoke the security officer in a clear concise manner. =^= Turn left and you will find the captains officer the 3rd door on the right indicated by the lit flashing door frame =^= came the swift monotonous response from the computer.

Following the easy to follow instructions laid out by the computer Ensign Johnny Holt found himself stood outside the captain’s office. Taking several seconds to compose himself Johnny straightened his uniform and took several deep cleansing breaths and used his left index finger to press the chime alerting the captain to his arrival. Now that the chime was pressed the Ensign stood to attention and waited for permission to enter transfer papers attached to a PaDD holstered to his right hand.

Ensign Johnny Holt,
Security Officer

Several seconds passed with no response. Perhaps no one was in the station commander’s office.

“You don’t need to be that nervous,” suddenly came a voice from Johnny’s right. Right next to him stood a rather tall human man in Command red, who appeared to be in his early thirties. The four pips on his collar perhaps were a bit surprising for someone his age. “It’s a little known fact, but captains are people too.” He had made the comment with a straight face intended to conceal his humorous intent.

Captain Mathias McGarrett, CO

The question of was anybody in the office sprang to the Ensigns mind, who was about to turn and return to the office later in the day. This was until he heard the voice of an officer. Turning to his right the young eager officer observed the command red uniform and 4 gold pips noticing this he imedatly leaped into the position of attention. “Captain Sir, Ensign Johnny Holt reporting to the Captain for active duty” came the clear well spoken words of a nervous young JO. “So I here” he went on to say in responce to the Captains claim that Captains were people to.

Holt, Security Officer

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