Side Sim: Reporting to COS.

Posted Nov. 30, 2018, 6:23 p.m. by Ensign Johnny Holt (Security) (Louis Harvatt)

Posted by Lieutenant Sofia Demakis (Chief of Security) in Side Sim: Reporting to COS.

Posted by Ensign Johnny Holt (Security) in Side Sim: Reporting to COS.

Posted by Lieutenant Sofia Demakis (Chief of Security) in Side Sim: Reporting to COS.
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Of all the mandatory check-ins that were required upon boarding a new assignment Johnny Halt only had one that remained was the check in with the Chief of Security. Having finished his meeting with the captain the young eager-eyed Ensign found himself on the Promenade this was his first visit to this particular area of the Outpost since boarding. Walking across the busy promenade Holt travelled to the first turbolift he came across once there he entered and stood at the central point of the cart. =^= Chief of Security’s officer =^=.

Following the command, the turbolift jolted into activation roughly 30 seconds later the cart arrived. Stepping out of the cart and onto the deck Johnny Holt straightened his pressed uniform and headed down the left-hand side of the corridor. Roughly 15 metres down the deck the newly graduated security officer found himself and the door of the COS’s office. Taking several seconds to compose himself Johnny gently tapped the chime to the officer and stood to attention as he waited to be granted access to the office.

Holt, Security Officer

“Come in,” Sofia called from her desk, curious to see who was stopping by to see her.

~Sofa Demakis~

Several seconds had passed before Ensign Holt heard the reply from within the office. Having heard the reply Johnny straightened his uniform and gave off a sigh of relief. Watching as the doors swung open in a horizontal fashion the young eager-eyed, nervous security officer marched into the room and stood to attention with is eyes positioned directly in front his arms locked down each side of his body. “Ensign Johnny Holt, reporting for duty Ma’am” he spoke in a concise authoritative manner.

Holt, Security Officer

Sofia regarded the new officer with her dark eyes, “At ease Ensign, welcome aboard,” she paused, “Is this your first assignment after the Academy?”

~Sofia Demakis~

“Thank you, Ma’am” spoke the young nervous ensign in polite response during his alteration between the positions of attention and at ease. “This is, in fact, my second posting. Prior to this, I was assigned to the Valton for 6 months until a suitable long-term posting once found” he spoke allowing for a pause so his lungs could refill with oxygen. “Though I suppose this could count as my first long-term posting.

Holt, Security

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