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She was finished with the Captain and had gone back to her quarters and thought long and hard about what she had confided. She knew the crystalline orb was gone. They had searched for it. A couple weeks after they had come back from the injuries they had sustained, she had convinced him to go back once more. They didn’t go in as deep, for obvious reasons, but close enough that had even a small shard of the thing survived the explosion, they would have found it.

A few moments later, she was sitting at her desk with her comm turned on. Her hair was pulled up in a loose knot she often wore when working on a particularly difficult puzzle. Her top was a sweatshirt style pull over with sleeves almost completely cut off. It occurred to her, he was the only one who had seen her in more than just her uniform… well, till Tenkiller had a couple days ago. She was looking at the screen as it rang thru to the Wolverine. It was where her closest friend, and mentor, had disappeared to. She waited for Duncan to respond and wondered what she was doing, letting so many others in on her hunch of what had occurred to make Romulus explode.

Lt JG Toveka Brine
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The call didn’t ring for long, and presently it flicked to the screen of an Officers Quarters on the Wolverine with the familiar face of Duncan answering the call. Duncan was clearly in his quarters and off duty for the evening as although it was clearly Duncan, he wasn’t in uniform. Not much had changed about him and even though he was in casual clothing those clothes were neat and tidy, pressed and without a wrinkle. Two things would instantly reveal that something was different with him however.

About himself, Duncans top button on his collared shirt was undone leading to a slightly more relaxed and roguish appearance than he previously sported, although his posture had not changed one bit.

The other thing, was that the room behind Duncan exhibited something of a small apocalyptic wasteland, at least by Duncan’s high standards of living on the Outpost. There was clothing dropped over the back of a chair behind him, and it wasn’t even folded, just hung there as if it was ready to wear the next day. The Medical Blue indicated it was not Duncans, who of course wore the Science colours. A single shoe also lay sideways on the table, it’s partner lying on the floor in the background. PaDD’s, books and coffee cups rested in various places around the room and a blanket lay in an untidy heap over cushions that looked like they had been dropped into place on the sofa. Half of a bra poked out of the blanket.

All in all, it seemed that Duncan was his normal calm, reserved and in control self. Like he was the eye in a storm, perhaps. All of that had to be absorbed in an instant though as Duncans lips curved into a smile of recognition. “Toveka, this is an unexpected call. How are you, and how can I help?” That was Duncan as she knew him, always to the point and sidestepping the small talk.

Lt Rhodes, CSO

She smiled as her eyes flickered slightly over the background before focusing on him once more. “How are you, Sir? It’s been a long time. I hope you are well. I hope I am not calling at a bad time. I wanted to speak with you about things found and lost when you were here and also of a couple new things if you have the time.” She wasn’t sure who was listening. And while the Captain and Tenkiller knew, or would, about their past, she wasn’t sure whoever was around there would need to know.


“Go ahead, I have some free time, you aren’t intruding” Duncan smiled, it was going to be no problem having Lily in hearing distance, he had already told her everything about the incident in the Romulus system. Lily had been by his side from the moment he had returned severely injured and fighting for his life, only holding onto it by the heroic actions of Captain Khain, the Klingon Captain who beamed them both out before the runabout exploded.

Lt Rhodes, CSO

Now that he had said ‘go ahead’, she was a bit lost on where to start. “So I have confided in the Captain about what we were doing in the debris field and what we found. I also mentioned we had gone to look for it afterwards and with no signature left, assumed it had been destroyed.” She took a deep breath. “The new Security Chief has been working with the Captain and I about new protocols for going into the field and I will be resuming my investigations there this week. Tomorrow morning, I believe, to be exact.” She looked down at her hands fidgeting in her lap a moment before she looked back up. “I was wondering if I should let the CoS know as well? I mean, more than likely he’ll learn from the Captain, since it pertains to the field. But should I be the one to tell him?”

She shook her head. “I miss having you here. I’m going to be sacked with a pilot and minimum compliment of security guards any time I want to go out there now, too.” She didn’t sound happy about what the changes where.


“The extra people are just going to draw attention to your mission anyway,” Duncan said after letting her speak and taking in what she was saying. “Leave the explaining to the Captain, it will be part of the mission briefing and they have my report on the device, everything is in there. The cylinder being a containment device for an Omega molecule that powered the power core, it being found inside a Romulan Warbird that was disabled in the destruction of Romulus, the device the cylinder was found in possibly being some kind of energy generator or weapon, knowing how the Romulans work their technology.”

“The cylinder was never found after the runabout exploded, and with the antimatter explosion from the runabout the conditions should have been right for destroying the Omega particle, which must have happened seeing as Warp travel is still possible in the area. Khain was there at the perfect moment, without him,” Duncan smiled lightly, “the story would have ended. Of course, somebody wanted me out of the way of continuing the investigation.” Duncans smile dropped and his serious expression returned.

“The Wolverine is where one is assigned if someone needs to disappear. Far away from the Outpost and the Romulus System, and out of the game. You need to be careful Toveka, there are other players in the game we don’t know about.”

Lt Rhodes, CSO

Toveka frowned. “You think your transfer from here was because of that? I had thought it was for the medical reasons.” She shook her head, “I don’t like that you were tossed that way. Though perhaps it’s a good thing. If you are as far out and isolated as you say, then you are probably safer there cause you will see something coming.” She glanced at the room behind him. “You have someone, now?” There was a slight smile on the edges of her lips as she asked him. “They must have kids. That’s good.”


“Oh I was completely recovered by the time of my transfer. I wouldn’t call this safer either, the Wolverine’s missions are such that it was probably safer facing the Romulans around their shattered homeworld.” Again Duncan smiled slightly, and in his way there was absolutely no way of knowing whether he was joking or serious. “It is just out of the way.”

“No kids,” his smile turned into a grin, “But Miss Locksley, Lily, my Fiancee, is a force of nature in her own right. There is an old Vulcan proverb that translates into English as ‘opposites attract’. Lily is more of a Black Hole in that regard . I wouldn’t escape even if I could.”

Lt Rhodes, CSO

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