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He’d given the lad some time to get settled. It was time to meet him. Nikki pressed a switch on the dated panel in the PCMC to open a comms channel. The rest of the room was quiet aside from the normal machine sounds and the shuffling of feet. The ‘glare’ from the EOD, one Carissa Longhammer, was enough to make even him nervous. He didn’t have a specific office to himself; this was ‘the’ office and it was manned by several during the day. A kidney shaped room spanning half the area of the deck way down on Deck 46 - a rather interminable ride down from his quarters on Deck 4 - it held 10 principle stations around the long curve that monitored the generators. Other stations looked after the rest. In the center was an oval tabletop situation table.

=^= Ensign Yousefi .. to Deck 46 to meet me for orientation =^= Nikki’s accent made the name sound like a New York pirate .. as Youzeffi.
- Nikki, Ops

Almost without delay, a voice so enthusiastic it could almost have belonged to a hyper child came ringing through the comms system. =^=On my way sir!=^=

After what seemed like no time, the stillness of the room was broken as a young man of a well tanned complexion bounced into the space, his lightly hanging black fringe bobbing along with his footfalls. The gold of his uniform top closed over where a right sleeve and its associated arm would usually stem from. Wrapped around his waist was a practical-looking brown toolbelt with various pockets and implements conveniently stowed. Having entered the room with great kineticism, Yousefi found himself halted at the central table. His gaze shot around the edges of the room, scanning for a face matching the file he had seen for his new boss.

Soon enough, the COO’s red hair gave him away. After an initial burst in the man’s direction, Benjy slowed himself and approached at a more relaxed pace. His excitement was still obvious in his voice, however. “Petty Officer Benjamin Yousefi reporting for duty sir!”

Benjy Yousefi - Ops

“That’s what I like te see. Enthusiasm.” Nikki replied. That sported a rolling of eyes from Longhammer not far away. His teeth bit into the cigar end that he had been chewing. He looked at the sleeve and tipped his head in that direction. “Brawlin already?” By his tone it didn’t sound like he minded that idea.

Sitting on the edge of the situation table, he looked at Benjamin. “Call me Nikki if ye like. Boss works too. Now, have ye worked on a station before?” he asked in a slidelong question of ‘tell me about yourself’.
- Nikki

The younger man smiled at the colloquial tone. “I go by Benjy! I hope you don’t mind the toolbelt.” He patted the strap in question. “No! Not exactly.” Benjy’s voice was as energetic as his physicality had been, bouncing about in an accent with shades of Australian and Persian fighting for dominance. “I helped out with maintenance back home. It was a colony, the sort of place where someone is always needing something fixed. Other than that it was the technical academy then straight here! My first assignment!” His final words were particularly zestful.

Benjy Yousefi - Ops

It was with a dawning realization that Benji had only one arm and with that he wondered if there were twins of him about to make up for that. However with the lad’s enthusiasm that had him bouncing about like ammo tossed in a fire that may not have been necessary. “Same difference. In short we aren’t goin anywhere. Right now ye are sittin on an overworked and undersupplied set of fusion generators. There are decks and decks of civvies who think we are their personal attendants and we’re busier than …” Nikki stopped there and bit his cigar. He was about to say busier than a one armed paper hanger.

Enthusiastic nods and a wild smile greeted Nikki’s words. A cutting edge starship with automated repair protocols and a huge crew? No. This was the place for a technician to be!

“What do ye like doin most?” He asked as his eyes scanned the LCARS banks monitoring the reactors. “I’ll give ye a tour o’ the joint while we talk.” He slipped off the situation console edge and knocked on it. “This is where we see the little picture. Deck by deck displays here. Around the walls ye see the specific areas that we need te focus on. Power. Life Support. Shields. Heaters. Power to them, and so on.”

OOC: On tardiness… not at all! I hadn’t thought you were being slow and this place is supposed to be slow anyhoo :) On the arm thing… yes, I thought that was what it was meaning. A failure of my description there: Benjy actually doesn’t have a right arm at all!
OOC: That’ll learn me to check the bio <G> I wondered with your description so played it like Nikki knows nothing about it.

Benjy rounded the console and leaned in, admiring it with abundant interest. He would have had great fun inspecting the wall displays as well, no doubt, but for the moment he was too invested in the console, going so far as to begin poking around to see what other information he could bring up. After breaking himself away from his perusing and realising he had failed to answer, he piped up. “Me? Oh I like a bit of everything really. If it’s broken or just generally a challenge, I’ll have a go! When it comes to my technical skillset… I’m most specialised in keeping the power relays in order and making sure the computer is in tiptop working condition!” He patted the console for emphasis.

A call came over Nikki’s comm. The voice was clearly male and carried a calm yet confident air of authority. =/\= McGarrett to Brako. Lieutenant, could you meet me at outer docking port 6 in twenty minutes? Maybe bring some help as I have an engineering concern I’d like to address quickly. =/\=

Captain Mathias McGarrett, CO

The young petty officer’s eyes lit up as he heard the voice of the CO come through. A job already!

Benjy Yousefi - Ops

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