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Fortunately, in Benjy’s view, he had arrived on the outpost at an inopportune moment for a counselling appointment, having had plenty of duties to attend to right away. Alas, there was only so long he could evade the scrutiny of the counsellor and after running out of excuses he found himself traversing the still unfamiliar corridors, en route to the counsellor’s office. His route of choice was rather circuitous, taking him through spells of well-kempt and modernised habitat and others he found profoundly lacking in their maintenance. It seemed he had his work cut out for him. He was pleased.

As the petty officer approached his destination corridor, his movement lacked its usual vitality. Instead, he trudged along the final stretch. It wasn’t that he resented counsellors and the role they fulfilled or even his being required to meet with them. Simply, he did not enjoy breaking out of his forward-looking positivity. Too much of his short life, in his estimation, had been spent wallowing and failing to move ahead in life He didn’t blame himself. He had health issues to contend with then and now, his recognition of which was important to him, but he much preferred looking forward than back.

Before he knew it, he was contending with the flat surface of the office door. A quick sigh later, he sounded the door chime.

Benjy Youseffi - Ops

Music could be heard from the office, a slight reggae upbeat sound could almost faintly be heard as Benjy pressed the chime. As the chime came through the music lowered. Inside the room, Nathan would have been found on the floor as he had been doing pushups with sweat beading down on him. It was clear from the room that much of Nathan’s approach was different. Sterile would not describe his office, which had pictures of family mixed with art and artifacts alike that seemed to adorn his shelves. Behind his desk a baseball jersey with en 18 on the back that had Harland written on the back framed. Under the jersey were two different guitars, one electric and one acoustic as Nathan began to stand up.

“Enter, he said as he looked behind him, grabbing the towel he had placed over the toy chest he kept by his couch for when his children came by to visit. Nathan himself most likely didn’t come off as the image of what anyone would imagine of a counselor. He was sculpted in his workout shorts and tank top as he began to dab the sweat off him. Tattoos could be seen adorned across his arms and hidden under his torso. His hair had an almost purposeful disheveled look, but the most telling feature was always the piercing icy blue eyes that held back much of what he thought in any giving moment.

At the summons, Benjy stepped forth. He was locked into an uncomfortable one-footed balance, however, as the doors failed to part for him.

Looking over at his door he wondered who it might be. This was his open office hours, any of the civilian patients he often sees could be by, like Evie or Sophie. He highly doubts it was his wife or older niece, as they just burst in. Aedan sometimes came by for advice on medical projects, and he seldom knocked either, but he knew him and the Commander had left for a vacation weekender, thus leaving his daughter Cera with Chloe and himself.

After landing back on two feet the petty officer outside began rocking back and forth, enticing the entrance to open for him.

As he waited for the person to enter, Nathan walked over at poured a glass of water on his table as he placed the towel over his shoulder and began to take a sip to cool and rehydrate himself.

Nathan Harland, CNS

Eventually the doors did part, allowing Benjy to tentatively step through. He sped up with a little leap that took him past the doors themselves, spurred on by a fear of them suddenly closing in on him. After watching the doors shut he turned to inspect the space he found himself in. In actual fact it was the smell of sweat and exercise that told him all he needed to know. A wide spectrum of styles of offices belonging to counsellors had been filled in for the lad over the last few years but this firmly extended it in the homely direction. None of the previous spaces had felt nearly so lived in although the effect was perhaps heightened by the appearance of the man he had clearly disturbed mid-workout.

Benjy was a short man in comparison to Nathan and the absence of his right arm only served to further shrink his figure as he stepped into the light of the office. His receding olive skin drew a distinctive contrast with the sharpness of his gold-trimmed uniform. The younger man quickly turned to face the entrance again, serving as a very slight further filibuster to making his introductions. “It seems I might need to work on your doors once we’re finished here… Petty Officer Benjy- Benjamin- Yousefi, of Operations, reporting sir.”

Benjy Youseffi - Ops

“Benjy… yes I remember your name,” Nathan said as he turned behind him to walk over to his desk as he pulled out the PaDD he had on his desk as he looked over it to bring up the file. “Sorry for the less than formal look,” Nathan said as he looked back at the Petty Officer as he then looked down at his appearance with a slight shrug. “When you have reports done and are simply on open hours duty you can get bored, find ways to pass the time until someone wants to use the open hours,” Nathan said as he put the PaDD down back on his table as he found his work goat as he placed over it, keeping it unzipped for now.

“If you want I can change back into my full uniform, I tend to be more… relaxed here. I don’t wanna make these harder than they have to be and…” Nathan paused, the music was still going slightly in the back as he smirked as he knew he forgot one thing. “Computer turn off the music.”

The younger man chuckled. “No no, not at all. Why make all the fuss of formality when neither of us care to, eh? For one, I’m not here to climb any ladders, unless it’s to fix an overhead conduit.”

“Please sit…” Nathan said as he took a seat in his chair letting the Petty Officer take the couch. “As I was saying, I don’t believe these preliminary meetings need to be very in-depth unless you need them to be. Starfleet sent you my way, you have passed other inspections, had your oil changed and your pylons rotated… not everything needs to be a break down of your childhood if you get my drift.” Nathan said as he took a deep breath as he cleared his mind.

As Yousefi fell into a comfortable mound on the couch he smiled appreciatively, both for the engineering analogy and the statement of intent.

“What I simply like to do, is just get to know you a bit. So… common starter for me in these meetings is… tell me something about you I can’t just look up in your file, something you find tells a story about yourself that I can’t just read on some screen.”

Nathan Harland, CNS

The air Benjy sucked in through his nose seemed to blow his eyebrows up as he began picking his mind for an interesting nugget of self. Never having been a particularly brilliant storyteller, he elected to explain something simple and inobscure yet which he figured wouldn’t be spelled out in any of his records. “Well sir, you’ve probably noticed my absent arm.” He leaned his head to his right, as if it weren’t obvious enough already. “Most people who are born as I was are given an artificial limb of some sort or in some cases even have an organic one constituted through some very special techniques.” The lad’s voice carried deep emotion and was impassioned, his bubbly physicality having seized up as he leaned forward and looked the counsellor deeply in the eyes. “But I never wanted anything like that. I tried on one of the artificial limbs, for a while too, but no matter how many times they told me I would grow to like it… it just wasn’t a part of me. I am what I am, I don’t need anything more.” He paused and looked down at the floor for several seconds. “It’s like wearing a heavy backpack. It serves a purpose but it just isn’t comfortable.”

He sat back and relaxed, even smiling playfully. “But just in case of emergencies…” Benjy raised a hand to his combadge but rather than pressing it he reached around and gently adjusted a small black device attached onto its side. Just like that, the man was waving at Nathan with his right hand. “I’m equipped with a holographic emitter with a neural interface.” The holographic arm was very impressive. The uniform covering it attached onto his shoulder so smoothly that no one would suspect it wasn’t really there. “Okay, this part is in my file for sure but it’s too fun not to show off.” He laughed again, slightly nervously, as he deactivated the device.

Benjy Yousefi - Ops

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