Post-Sim: The Infirmary - Yousefi's Not Feeling So Good

Posted July 26, 2020, 2:38 p.m. by Petty Officer Benjy Yousefi (Operations) (Jamie Moore)

Posted by Petty Officer Benjy Yousefi (Operations) in Post-Sim: The Infirmary - Yousefi’s Not Feeling So Good

Posted by Petty Officer Benjy Yousefi (Operations) in Post-Sim: The Infirmary - Yousefi’s Not Feeling So Good

Posted by Ensign Chloe Harland (Nurse) in Post-Sim: The Infirmary - Yousefi’s Not Feeling So Good
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Chloe looked up seeing the man staggering towards sick bay through the large glass panels of the pneumatic doors. His hair was sloppy and stumbling. She had seen it before and it meant one of two things. He was drunk or shot. Since they were not under a fellow or red alert most likely wasn’t due to an injury.

More likely the man moving closer and closer had spent too much time at Teller’s Casino drinking, eating, and gambling. This combination produced the most common ailments of vomiting, nausea, and broken bones. Since he appeared to be trying to cover his mouth and that fact he seemed to still be carrying something in his hand Chloe reached under the nurses station to a bucket. It was better to be safe than sorry.

Benjy felt his throat about to seal shut. His skin felt as though it was being pulled taut. The petty officer barrelled through the entrance to the infirmary, shoulder first, and rammed through a trolly carrying vials of some sort, sending them soaring. When he finally lost his balance, he fell on the side on which he lacked an arm to catch himself with, hitting the ground hard and letting out as much of a grunt as he could form with the breath he had left. The young man struggled to push himself off the ground while maintaining his grip on the item he was carrying, a clear film containing a liquid of some sort and sealed only by his tight hold. He looked up with wide, panicked eyes for a medic.

Benjy Yousefi - Ops

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Instantly Chloe snapped out of her misdiagnosis that the petty officer was having an issue with a Risan Sunrise. “I need a doctor stat,” Chloe yelled moving faster than her current condition seemed to allow. Dropping down to the floor, Chloe rolled his body to the side. The man was clearly choking.

Staring at the man, Chloe ran through all the issues that could be facing them. This wasn’t an injury: There was no sign of trauma. This wasn’t a choking: The man could still pull in half ragged gasps.

“Petty Officer Benjy Yousefi. No history of allergies in his chart,” another nurse yelled as she read the body scan. While DNA and body scans were not routinely used in medical check ins they did have their place at times.

A nurse shoved a PaDD at Chloe. “Yousefi, I’m going to help you,” she said using his name as several other staff ran about the room grabbing equipment and other things.

The young man excavated a desperate gasp. He managed to slip out a croak with a vague semblane of a “thank you”.

“Yeah but he must be having an allergic reaction ,” Chloe yelled out for someone to review his chart. “Get me an Epi Hypo ready?”

Before Chloe started jabbing the guy she hoped. there was something in the chart. Times like this seconds felt like hours. Only about ten to twenty seconds had passed but try telling that to someone who couldn’t breath.

Yousefi’s stillness allowed him to find regular breaths, as shallow and gasped as they might have been. His eyes remained wide, however, and they darted between the nurses as they scampered around him.

Upon further inspection, the man’s medical records insisted on revealing nothing enlightening, issues around food consumption and the strength of his immune system, yes, but no allergies.

Looking over Benjy, Chloe notice something clutched in his hand. Pulling it from his hand Chloe held it out behind her. “Analyze this and get me that epi!”

Chloe Harland. Nurse

The pouch contained a lukewarm soup of some sort, watery with various chopped vegetables floating around. Most were not unusual (including carrots, Nepenthian mushrooms and Vulcan hornroot) but one of a particular indigo tinge would not be recognised by any staff who inspected it.

Benjy Yousefi - Ops

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