Upper Docking Pylon

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They hit the lift in no time and Nikki set the lift running, wincing here and there where it seemed like it ground against something on the way up. Turning to Benjy, he showed a somewhat puzzled expression. “I don’t know,” he said. “Boss has kept to himself for the most part. The couple times I’ve seen him he’s been serious. I’ve mostly had interaction with the boss lady. The XO. She’s a good dame. Can’t say she’s that wise in her choice of husbands what with marry’n a crime boss and all.” He winked. “Not that that is a sin, certainly not comin from me, but let’s just say I’m not too fond o’ baby face. That’s one of his names. But the lass is good. She’s got a fair mind - oh she’s sharp as a tack, but fair minded.” He pointed upward. “We’ll both see more o what the Captain is like.”
- Nikki

Benjy looked on as Nikki spoke, his smile unwavering despite the excitement in his eyes gradually giving way to confusion. He took the man’s meaning at least, even if he struggled to follow his manner of speaking. “A crime boss? I see…” He was interruped by a slight jolt of the lift. The wobble it provided gave rise to a yet wider smile of enjoyment. “Well she sounds interesting. I look forward to meeting her. I look forward to meeting the whole crew, quite frankly. Everyone I’ve had the pleasure of meeting so far has been very friendly! Say, I’ve never heard anyone speak quite like you do. Where are you from? If you don’t mind my asking…”

Benjy Yousefi - Ops

Nikki watched the floors tick by on the lift that was more lift than turbo but at least it was working. “Me family is from Sigma Iotia. I spent most of me life on me family’s ships in space. Not too much time planet side. We have a fleet of cruise liners.” He said that with some pride in his tone.

Benjy’s response was one of rapt interest, visualised through high frequency nodding. Never having heard or the COO’s world, he had really no idea of the culture being touched on, but he understood ships.

As the lift jerked to a halt and the doors squeaked open Nikki gestured for them to step off. While Nikki was rather more reserved in the ‘everyone is nice’ department opinion, he mentally shrugged it off. He was curious what the Captain wanted with them. Normally something like this would go through the lady boss than direct to him. Especially given his own rank and background. “Learned this trade on those ships,” he added as they moved along the corridor toward the outside perimeter of the station. He rapped the side of the wall with his knuckle. “This here is a step backward fer technology.”
- Nikki, Ops

“Aheh! Learning through living it, just like me!” He skipped along after Nikki. “I don’t mind that at all. All the more for us to fix eh?!” Each little thing the pair passed threatened to steal Benjy away, the lad having to keep moving to avoid becoming wrapped up in curiosity over any given, relatively mundane panel or loose bit of wiring.

Benjy Yousefi - Ops

“Aye, now where would we find the Boss?” Nikki said. The station wasn’t a world but it wasn’t a small work pod either and the Captain could be anywhere. They were roughly on time, if a couple minutes early. He and Benjy moved to the outer hull area and he peered through a small port hole that looked out onto the stars. It had a touch of grime to it that caused the stars to have halos. That was his world, he thought. His place. A world was simply both too big and at the same time too small for him. “Do ye ever look at somethin and just know it’s yer destiny?” he said in a soft tone that Benjy would just pick up.
- Nikki

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IC: The lad peeked through the porthole, squeezing in beside Nikki, with wonder pouring from his eyes. “Well, the first time I saw a pony I thought it would be my destiny to breed and raise them. Perhaps it still will be, depending on what the captain makes of me!” He chuckled heartily. “I suppose the first time I helped patch up a damaged shuttle on that one holiday, I felt something then.”

Benjy strolled backwards from the window, his fringe flapping as he roughly glanced from side to side down the corridors as he tried to get a handle on the geography of the station. “Say, what sort of craft usually dock up here? Or down here…” He looked around with a new sense of discombobulation.

Benjy Yousefi - Ops

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