Upper Docking Pylon

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Nikki was going to reply but the boss answered first. He was quiet, that was for sure.

“Anything big,” unexpectedly said a tall, sharp-looking man in his mid-thirties who had seemingly appeared out of nowhere. He was sporting command red and four solid pips on his collar that quickly gave away his identity. “Sorry to interrupt, but to answer your question, we get ships of all kinds docking here. Federation, Klingon, Romulan, civilian, and so on. Smaller craft like shuttles use the inner ring. I don’t recall meeting you before. I’m Mathias McGarrett, Captain of Outpost 42.”

Captain Mathias McGarrett, CO

Nikki stood to the side during the the introduction. Nothing looked wrong out here, but underneath the bulkheads anything could be nibbling at the power cables.
- Nikki

“Oooh, I’ve never seen a Klingon ship!” Benjy squeaked. “Oh, um, yes. Petty Officer Third Class Benjy King Yousefi.” The lad shuffled up to McGarrett and extended his sole hand, his left.

“What, eh.” He cleared his throat. “What can we do for you captain?” Benjy quickly glanced back at Nikki, hoping he hadn’t overstepped his position.

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