Upper Docking Pylon

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On the one hand the Iotian didn’t like to be caught short, but on the other he hadn’t any cause to dissemble. “I’ve not been on the Lancer, boss. There are regular teams who rotate onto the wee ship fer maintenance and an emergency crew there just in case.” Indeed that had been a noted scheduling ploy for him to schedule the ‘ladies’ to be working on there and out of his hair. To think that ‘all’ of his residual senior people were all women was surely a scheme from hell to torment him. “I know the ship by what she can. Benjy and i will make sure all is in order.”

McGarrett’s glance at Benjy found him nodding an acknowledgement alongside an energetic nod, his frown totally dispersed.

Benjy Yousefi - Ops


“Excellent,” said Mathias, who was going to say more. But just then someone ahead of them caught his eye.

Ahead of them in the hallway a large figure came into view walking in their direction. Dressed in his black leather layered armour and with his stapled eye patch standing out on his bald head, Khain noted the trio and raised his hand in a pleasant greeting, nodding at Brako as he walked.

Benjy visibly jolted as he turned to face forward and took in the form of Khain towering over him.

“Greetings Starfleet!” his deep voice rumbled in seeming good humour, while his other hand rested on the belt that held the Kut’luch dagger where a pistol would usually be. It wasn’t an aggressive pose at all, by now most people recognized his stance as casually alert. “Fine day for some exercise, it seems?”

Captain Khain of the I.K.S. Khazad’hea

“Well hello, Captain Khain. And it is indeed. I love a good long walk and there’s nowhere on the Outpost you can take a longer one,” responded Mathias in a pleasant tone. He saw no need to voluntarily answer the implied question. “Funny we should run into you. I was just mentioning your fine vessel to Mr. Yousefi here. He’s never been on a Klingon ship.”

Captain Mathias McGarrett, CO

“Ah she is indeed a fine ship,” Khain spread his arms in agreement, “the Khazad’hea brings honor to the House of Kholl. She is the only ship of her class you know, one of a kind so far!” Khain stepped to one side, to allow the trio to pass if they wished but his grin was wide. “Mr Yousefi would be welcome to join us on a Pirate hunting expedition one day, as long as he is not squeamish about burying his dagger into the belly of a P’takh raider, of course! Sometimes you simply cannot reason with those kinds of people!”

Captain Khain of the Khazad’hea

“Pirates? Hunting! Pirate Hunting?!” Benjy squeaked. “Aha, yes, I would be… honoured Captain.” He rotated slightly to look up at his own captain. “If Starfleet would allow that sort of thing, of course… I’ve never seen a Klingon ship up close, I would love to come and look at yours sometime Captain Khain! Perhaps I could even do some extra repair work for you.” A cheesy grin covered the full length of the lad’s face.

Benjy Yousefi - Ops

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