Post-Sim: CNS's Office - Yousefi Begrudgingly Arrives

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Posted by Lieutenant Nathan Harland (Counselor) in Post-Sim: CNS’s Office - Yousefi Begrudgingly Arrives

Posted by Petty Officer Benjy Yousefi (Operations) in Post-Sim: CNS’s Office - Yousefi Begrudgingly Arrives

Posted by Petty Officer Benjy Yousefi (Operations) in Post-Sim: CNS’s Office - Yousefi Begrudgingly Arrives
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The air Benjy sucked in through his nose seemed to blow his eyebrows up as he began picking his mind for an interesting nugget of self. Never having been a particularly brilliant storyteller, he elected to explain something simple and inobscure yet which he figured wouldn’t be spelled out in any of his records. “Well sir, you’ve probably noticed my absent arm.” He leaned his head to his right, as if it weren’t obvious enough already. “Most people who are born as I was are given an artificial limb of some sort or in some cases even have an organic one constituted through some very special techniques.” The lad’s voice carried deep emotion and was impassioned, his bubbly physicality having seized up as he leaned forward and looked the counsellor deeply in the eyes. “But I never wanted anything like that. I tried on one of the artificial limbs, for a while too, but no matter how many times they told me I would grow to like it… it just wasn’t a part of me. I am what I am, I don’t need anything more.” He paused and looked down at the floor for several seconds. “It’s like wearing a heavy backpack. It serves a purpose but it just isn’t comfortable.”

“I can imagine, so… what was your alternative? I did see about the artifical limb but I am not seeing what I expected here.” Nathan asked with a curious tone as he looked over the man in front, wondering just want was so different in his approach.

He sat back and relaxed, even smiling playfully. “But just in case of emergencies…” Benjy raised a hand to his combadge but rather than pressing it he reached around and gently adjusted a small black device attached onto its side. Just like that, the man was waving at Nathan with his right hand. “I’m equipped with a holographic emitter with a neural interface.” The holographic arm was very impressive. The uniform covering it attached onto his shoulder so smoothly that no one would suspect it wasn’t really there. “Okay, this part is in my file for sure but it’s too fun not to show off.” He laughed again, slightly nervously, as he deactivated the device.

Benjy Yousefi - Ops

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“Okay now that I like… was that something you requested? I remember a Commander Drayke of the USS Atlantis was a known holographic expert, though I didn’t think he was making anything quite like this.” Nathan said with an almost perched up expression. He found this idea facinating to him, curious just what might be the issue here in it’s consturction.

Harland, CNS

Benjy wriggled in place as the arm vanished. “It’s pretty cutting edge I’m told. They’re still kitting people out with the slightly older technology, the more permanent attachments.” He shrugged. “Since I didn’t want something permanent, I suppose that I’m testing this thing out in the field for them. It’s worked perfectly so far and I’ve had it a few years! I really do use it quite rarely though.” The lad became more serious again. “It’s a tool, an emergency measure. It’s not my arm.”

The lul in the conversation was unsettling to Benjy. He feared that the counsellor would launch into questioning him about his childhood. His young mind searched desperately for words to fill the void before the older man would but nothing came quickly enough.

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“Fascinating, most cybernetic prosthetics are designed to be perfectly balanced to your body and weight… what kind of reaction time do you have if you need to activate it? Do you have a separate one in case some other aspect gets damaged and is unable to be used?” Nathan asked, curious about the reasoning to forgo a more realistic arm knowing he had attached several in his time as chief medical officer on Cestus during some of the True Way raids that had once plagued the planet.

Harland, CNS

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IC: “I, uh.” Benjy cleared his throat. “I’m not sure, to be honest. I have a few backups though, yes. I haven’t read too much of what they sent me about it.” He wriggled slightly in place as he pulled at his collar. “It’s a tool and fun and all but I don’t want to think about it too much…”

Benjy’s eyes fell to the desk before him as he willed the conversation to move away from its current subject. Eventually coming up with a talking point, his gaze returned to Harland. “You seem like an expert… How does one keep fit on a station like this?”

Benjy Yousefi - Ops

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