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“I need a thermal blanket,” she called out putting her free hand on his forehead feeling the skin icy cool.

“How is that sample analysis coming,” Chloe’s high pitched motherly tone rang out.

“Carrots, Nepenthian mushrooms and Vulcan hornroot,” she called out the results, “but we have having difficulty isolating a fourth substance.”

“How are you feeling Benjy,” Chloe asked looking at her watch timing to see if he would need another dose. If the man wasn’t getting better it was going to be hard to figure out what was causing this issue. Hopefully, the epi hypo would work and Yousefi would be able to tell them himself.

Ensign Chloe Harland nurse

His voice was raspy. “I’m fine!” The optimism and joy of his usual manner somehow still shone through, even as his voice threatened to fail. “Tha… That thing…” He breathily cleared his throat as he struggled to transmit. “Found it on Eputal IV. Shoreleave. Scans said it was fine…” Benjy’s wide eyes stared up at the nurse. He gave the appearance of a child facing a scare, feeling in some way responsible but not knowing what they had done wrong.

Initial scans would indicate that the unknown substance had organic foundations consistent with vegetable matter, in particular that of root vegetables.

Benjy Yousefi - Ops

“Cross reference all plants and vegetable matter on Eputal IV both,” she gave a slight pause here, “edible and non-edible. Being a mother of three Chloe learned that edible as a flexible term as was exposure. Her first exposure to contact dermatitis came from a game of impromptu hide and seek. Logan had decided it would be fun to start the game when she and Nathan took thier eyes off their young son for a split second. While the young boy was found among some leaves in the bushes, being married to a doctor meant the red splotches erupting all over the trio that night had come from a case of poison sumac. Since this young officer arrived with a jar, she doubted it was something he touched but rather something he ate. “How long has it been since you were on shore leave?”

Ensign Chloe Harland nurse

“It was two weeks ago, during the journey to the station.” Benjy had finally reclaimed proper usage of his throat. “It’s a barely explored world. I scanned the veggies though! The scans said they were safe…” The lad folded his arms, subconsciously hugging himself tight. “I’ve never had an allergy before. Well, not to anything other than Tellurian yaks…”

Computer records would confirm what Benjy had said about Eputal IV. It was an unpopulated world, save for a few Federation settlements. The vegetable matter matched with that of a plant discovered on that world in recent years, now named Eputalian purple root. Cases of allergic reactions to it existed only in cases of consumption. Additionally, each of the very few patients on record also held allergies to other vegetables such as Earth carrots.

Benjy Yousefi - Ops

Chloe leaned back seeing Benjy’s breathing beginning to stabilize. “Help me get him to biobed two,” she ordered the other nurse in the room. Moving to her hands and knees, Chloe pushed herself up to a kneeling position and then reached up to take the hand of the orderly next to her. Being six months pregnant her balance was becoming more and more unsteady with each passing week however with this being Chloe’s fourth pregnancy she was more used to it.

Finding her feet, she moved to the bed reading the PaDD another nurse provided. “So are you allergic to carrots by any chance,” she asked tapping a few buttons on the console.

Ensign Chloe Harland nurse


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IC: “Carro…” Benjy’s throat failed to pump out the end of the word. “No, I love carrots.” He cackled, but it was no laugh. “I don’t knoww… I was just taste testing my soup and snacking on apple slices… I should have just stuck to the apple, it was so much more tangy and juicy than the replicated ones.” The lad shut his eyes tight, fighting back the water seeping through his tear ducts.

Benjy Yousefi - Ops

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