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"In the vast expanse of Starfleet, the Pioneer Fleet stands as a beacon of innovation and exploration. Together, we chart new horizons, push the boundaries of discovery, and forge a legacy as pioneers in the uncharted realms of the galaxy."

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Fleet Commander: Captain BJ Janzan

"Here's to the crazy ones, the misfits, the rebels, the troublemakers, the round pegs in the square holes... the ones who see things differently -- they're not fond of rules... " - Steve Jobs

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Welcome to the Pioneer Fleet!

A bit eccentric to some, Pioneer Fleet is the best fleet in STF. With amazing ships and the folks who crew them, you can't find a more interesting and exciting bunch to roleplay with. We are a great bunch of misfits, with excellent roleplaying skills and imaginations!

Reports are due by the seventh day of the month. If you have any issues or questions don't hesitate to contact me.

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Assistant Fleet Commander: Captain Narwhal

"Being a misfit isn't a curse; it's a badge of honour. It means you're brave enough to march to the beat of your own drum, to challenge the status quo, and to embrace your uniqueness in a world that often demands conformity. Misfits are the trailblazers, the innovators, and the visionaries who refuse to settle for mediocrity." - Captain Narwhal

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Exciting news! Several ships are looking for new active players!

Interested in learning more? Reach out to our AFCOMM for all the juicy details!

Let's soar together!

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"Bringing you the latest from the frontiers of our galaxy, we unravel the mysteries, unveil the triumphs, and ignite the spirit of discovery. Join us on this journey through the cosmos, where every headline tells a tale of wonder and exploration"

Title Date Message Comm Channel
NEW AFCOMM 13/02/2024 Jake Ridgley has stepped up to be Pioneers fleets AFCOMM Administration Channel
MOTD Update 13/02/2024 The MOTD has been recently updated. Have your say! Administration Channel
February Report 13/02/2024 The latest Pioneer fleet monthly report for February Command Channel
Hamield Class Review 08/02/2024 This is a ship submission meant to compliment the alt-rpg Leviathan ship in Foremost Fleet. Review is open to any and all stf members to check for spelling, grammar, and other such readability errors in a constructive manner. Engineering Channel
January Report 08/01/2024 The latest Pioneer fleet monthly report for January Command Channel
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"Excellence in writing is not just about words on a page; it's about crafting worlds, shaping characters, and inspiring minds. Congratulations to our Ship of the Month for their outstanding literary voyage."

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The Quiet before the Storm...

"Within the vast expanse of our shared journey through the stars, your words have woven galaxies of imagination, guiding us to realms where only the boldest dare to tread. Your post of the month illuminates the cosmos with brilliance and wonder, a testament to the boundless creativity of our crew."

The Fleet

USS Athena

USS Athena banner Crew Compliment: 7

Captain's collar

Commanding Officer: Captain Orvos Legen authored by Tony Findora

Welcome to the Athena! We're a crew surrounded by intrigue in nearly every corner. While we may be on a mission, other forces are working in the background. The question is, are they for us, or against us?

We are currently investigating a derelict ship that may be outside of its normal time. Assist in the investigation in any way you can. JO's, get with your DHs about anything you might be able to do if you are stuck!

Please, by all means, get a hold of me if you have any questions, comments, or concerns! You can find me on Discord (FCaptTiger) or through my contact form.

Posting Limit 3/5/7
Enlistment Status: Open

USS Atlantis

USS Atlantis Banner Crew Compliment: 12

Captain's collar

Commanding Officer: Kelly Bordeaux authored by Kate O'Neill

I am your Skipper, Captain Kelly Bordeaux. I am so glad you are a part of the crew. If you need anything you are always welcome to email me, or find me in Discord.

The Atlantis was pulled into a graviton ellipse dragging her 50,000 light years from Federation Space. A ship carrying at least one crew member known by the local inhabitants of the region as the ‘Great One’ was also traveling in the ellipse and ‘rescued’ the Atlantis by pulling her from the ellipse before it traveled even further from the Federation. The crew has had no contact with the Great One since. The damage to the ship from the ellipse was repaired at a pirate base which was subsequently attacked by an entity called "The Darkness". The Atlantis has rendezvous with a ship and is returning to Base Five to try and get home and evade the Darkness" which was possibly following them.

Posting Limit 3/5/7
Enlistment Status: Open

USS Chimera

USS Chimera banner Crew Compliment 10

Captain's collar

Commanding Officer: Freja Andreassen authored by Katherine Dedul

Welcome to the Chimera! Currently, we are en route to rescue a stranded pleasure cruiser.

If you're interested in joining our intrepid crew, drop me an email or if I happen to be online in Discord, you can find me under the nickname Bumblebee!

The USS Chimera is a Mjolnir-class Vessel. It is assigned as a Marine Expeditionary Vessel and Carrier, designed for rapid response missions that have a requirement for highly trained and prepared Marines.

Posting Limit 3/5/7
Enlistment Status: Open

USS Leviathan

USS Leviathan Banner Crew Compliment: 11

Captain's collar

Commanding Officer: Captain Iphigenia Henaon authored by Mika Jackson

Welcome to the USS Leviathan! This top-secret vessel traverses the four quadrants in search of the weird, the strange, and the unknown.

If that sounds like your kind of thing then we are always on the lookout for new writers to join our hugely talented team, so contact me or XO J. Ridgley and we can talk about bringing you on board.

The Anomaly Recovery Unit (ARU) is a Top Secret Starfleet division, tasked with the recovery, containment, and study of those entities classified as 'space anomalies', with the purpose of protecting other Federation vessels and also nearby civilian populations from the anomalies powers or effects.

Posting Limit 3/5/7
Enlistment Status Open

USS Ogawa

Ogawa banner Crew Compliment: 12

Captain's collar

Commanding Officer: Captain Dira Myqian authored by Lindsay B

The Ogawa (aka the Owie) is a Nightingale-Class Medical Cruiser. The Nightingale class supports two refitted Longevity-Class runabouts (The Chiron and The Eir) These two auxiliary craft are designed with dedicated medical modules in order to function as an "ambulance in space”. The ship also hosts three shuttle craft and two shuttle pods.

The Ogawa performs secondary duties as a patrol ship, and is capable of functioning as a combat support tender with atmospheric and landing capabilities.

Posting Limit 3/5/7
Enlistment Status Open

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