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Hello everyone and welcome to Meridian Fleet, the best fleet in STF! Jenn and I are thrilled to serve the COs of the Fleet and the Office of the President. Our main goal is keeping Meridian a healthy fleet with healthy ships. If there is anything we can do to support anyone in the fleet please let us know. I'm available by email or discord, my name will have Giraffe sprinkled in there somewhere.

- Brian

Hello Meridian Fleet,

I am very excited to be your AFComm, and look forward to working with Brian to support you all both IC and OOC with your role play here on STF. If you need to reach me, don't hesitate to contact me, either through my email (or contact form) or on discord, anything with the Kelpie.


Fleet History

Fleet Five, the original name of the Meridian Fleet, was launched on March 30, 1998 - the third WeBB Fleet. The original Fleet Commander was B.J. Phillips, who was an STF WeBB member from almost the very beginning. The fleet's original ships were the USS Olympic, the USS Alliance, and the USS Andorian. The USS Futura joined the fleet shortly after the fleet's launch.

Since then, the Fifth Fleet of STF has undergone a lot of changes. A handful of bad nicknames, and a myriad of ship shuffles, swaps, decommissionings, and commissionings. Not to mention the multitude of Fleet Commanders and Assistant Fleet Commanders.

On May 23, 2010 the USS USS Entente, formerly the USS Kansas, was recommissioned the USS Brian A. Olinski in memory of Commodore Brian A. Olinski, who was actively involved in Fleet Five. This was done by Herr Edict #16

On February 26, 2014, pursuant to Bates Edict #9, the Fifth Fleet was officially renamed "The Meridian Fleet", it's long-recognized nickname. This name comes from the Fleets location on both sides of the border between the Alpha and Beta Quadrants.

Currently, Fleet Five has six ships, including the USS Brian A. Olinski which offers a unique carrier-style role-playing ship, and the USS Chernov which is STF's only "Abramsverse" Roleplay area.

On December 29th, 2018 the USS Saracen celebrated her 10 Year Anniversary since her Commission with a brand new paint job, carpet on the Bridge and fancy cup holders for the CO.

Important News Spotlights

April 2021

Brian Richards appointed FComm.
Jennifer Ward appointed AFComm

Jennifer Ward Appointed CO USS Viking

Check out our amazing members who received spotlights from their CO, XO, or GM! Read the month's report for more details about each spotlight

April 2021 Report (Click here to read the report)

New Faces Promotions and Appointments

Welcome to all of the new faces in The Meridian Fleet!

Evelyn Gruver USS Chernov
Alex Becket USS Saracen
Tandra Mika USS Saracen
Akiyama Rey USS Saracen
Eiros Konstantinovna USS Sentinel
Cleolet USS Sentinel
George Anderson USS Sentinel
Karl Johansson USS Sentinel
Matthias USS Viking
Rende AsamUSS Viking
Eldorin AsamUSS Viking
Reira AkabaUSS Viking

Command Staff

Brian Richards (FComm)
Jennifer Ward (AFComm)

Congratulations to all of the fleet members who have been promoted or appointed to a new position!

November 2020

James Harrison appointed Commanding Officer of the USS Viking
Samuel Stroud appointed Executive Officer of the USS Viking

February 2021

Ffion Grace appointed Executive Officer of the USS Saracen
J Ridgley appointed Commanding Officer of the USS Sentinel
Nicole C appointed Executive Officer of the USS Sentinel
Jennifer Ward appointed Commanding Officer of the USS Viking

If we have missed anything please let us know!
USS Chernov USS Saracen
CO: Travis Good
XO: Trinity Fister
GM: Vacant
Ship Class: Kurtzman Class

CO: David Shotton
XO: Ffion Grace
GM: Vacant
Ship Class: Pendragon Class

USS Brian A. Olinski USS Odin
CO: Sidney Parker
XO: Luke Hung
GM: Kenson Koh
Ship Class: Brian A. Olinski Class

CO: Steven Sigle
XO: David Shotton
GM: Kenson Koh
Ship Class: Mythology Class

USS Sentinal USS Viking
CO: J Ridgley
XO: Nicole C
GM: Rober Archer
Ship Class: Independence Class Heavy (TOS) Frigate

CO: Jennifer Ward
XO / aCO: Samuel Stroud
GM: Luke Hung
Ship Class: Viking Class

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