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Captain (CO) Notes:
Chris Taggart

Welcome to the Chernov, STF’s only Abramsverse ship. We make history with every post by exploring strange new worlds, seeking out new life and protecting our ship. I am so happy to be the captain on the ship and work with such a wonderful crew.

STF Awards!

Nominations for the Awards is open! Please see the Command ship for details!

STF Command

Please note a new link has been added above. It is the Constitution Class link but we are a Kurtzman Class Battlecruiser that has all the technology and ship specs for an Enterprise Movie ship with pictures. It should assist in rping.

The Chernov timeline begins 2259 according to the Charter but continues throughout the reboot era which currently is in 2272.

I hope that we can have a lot of fun with this unique ship! Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions, concerns, or need an LOA.

Executive Officer's (XO) Notes:

Richard A.

Welcome to our corner of STF! We're thrilled to have you aboard. Please don't hesitate to reach out if need anything or just want to toss ideas around with someone. You can find me on Discord or email.

Character Development!

Storytellers Notes & Sim Information:

The Chernov is based within the alternate timeline created by JJ Abrams in the films 'Star Trek', 'Star Trek: Into the Darkness' and 'Star Trek Beyond'. More information about the timeline can be found here

Sim Name: Going to Klingon space

Sim Summary: We are near a planet that we will go down and investigate where we last saw a really big cubed shaped ship

Department Heads:
Chief Medical Officer Communications Officer Chief Science Officer
Lt Symar Vacant Lt Cdr William Grey



Chief Engineer Weapons Officer Navigation Officer
Lt (jg) Pawl Batario Lt (jg) Quentin "Q" Dawson Lt Kastarak



Posting Rates:
AWOL Limits:

Our posting rates are a minimum of one post every:

- 3 days for Command Staff (CO, XO and GM)
- 5 days for Department Heads (Chief Science Officer, Chief Medical officer, Chief Engineer, Weapons Officer and Navigation Officer)
- 7 days for Junior Officers & Swings

Posting Rates will be monitored via the Master Roster, which can be found here

Rank Character Position Species Age Height Weight User Status
Captain Chris Taggart Commanding Officer Human 40 6'-2" 220 lbs Travis Good OK (2)
Lieutenant Commander Kastarak First Officer / Navigation Officer Vulcan 28 198 cm (6 ft 6 in) 99 kg (218 lbs) Richard A AWOL (4*)
Commander William B. Grey Chief Science Officer / 2nd Officer Human 27 1.96 85Kg Hjortur Ingi AWOL (32*)
Science Officer
Lieutenant Symar Chief Medical Officer Vulcan 31 6'2 150 lbs Kieron Hoult OK (3)
Medical Officer
Lieutenant Junior Grade Quentin "Q" Dawson Chief Weapons Officer Human 30 5'10 200lbs ALEXANDER HAMPSHIRE AWOL (15)
Lieutenant Junior Grade T'Kul Valharra Security Officer Vulcan 31 5' 10 190 Rusty Boshankles AWOL (23)
Security Officer
Lieutenant Junior Grade Pawl Batario Chief Engineer Betazoid 28 5'11" 210 lbs. David Robinson Jr OK (2)
Lieutenant Junior Grade Sara Lovejoy Engineer Betazoid 23 5'11" 110 lbs. Christopher Logan OK (1)

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