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Posted by Ensign Kanina Dran (Doctor/Counselor) in Side sim: Mwezi’s Appointment

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OOC: If someone has some unresolved trauma, now is a great time to jump in.
Kanina looked around her office, hoping it was comfortable enough. She had a formal desk in the back, but she had opted to cover the floor in the center of the room with pillows, so everyone could sit comfortably. There was a desk in the center, large enough to write or draw on, but light enough it could be moved. She had several small plants, considering the well-documented effects of plants on serotonin levels, and the light was low enough to make the room comfortable, but not so low as to make readjustment hard when a patient left. She had opened up for walk-ins, technically needing to get to every member of the crew, but she would let those who wanted help request it first. She sat down on the floor, hoping she wouldn’t wait for too long before her first appointment.
-Kanina Dran, CNS

Mwezi stood in the hallway, not sure if this would be helpful or not. He knew that seeing counselors was helpful back home, and he was sure that human counselors were useful for other humans, but would she be able to assist him? He dearly wished that there could be someone here who was from home… He paced back and forth a little before finally gathering up his resolve and stepping up to the door, then ringing the chime.

Mwezi, CTO

Kanina stood up at the chime and smiled. “Come on in!” Her door was always unlocked unless someone was in with her. She had heard someone doubting outside her door, and she was glad he had made up his mind to come in.
-Kanina Dran, CNS

Mwezi opened the door, and Kanina was presented with an alien appearance that, unless she had read the files, would likely be rather unexpected and new to her. He looked Lupine, balancing on the toes and ball of his longer-than usual feet. A long-furred tail stuck out from his tailbone, and his body in general was massive, allowing him to stand nearly seven feet tall - if he hadn’t been slouching. His head looked almost Orcish, with a wide jaw, underbite, and protruding tusks. His entire nose and mouth area did extend further forward than on most humanoids, giving him the appearance of a werewolf halfway through transition. His ears aided this impression, being almost bat-like in size, the points extending to above the top of his head. Every inch of this was covered in fur, ranging from soft and almost downy on his face, ears, and back of hands to coarse and rough on the back of his head and on his feet. The only exceptions were the tips of his inner ears, the bottom of his nose, his lips, and the ‘pads’ of his hands, which had one less finger than the standard humanoid hand.

His posture, as mentioned, was one of a slouch, as he tried not to seem like as much of an absolute giant as he really was. There was also an intense sadness to his expression, although hard to read on such an inhuman face. Mwezi looked up at the counselor, then without prompting took a seat. “Lt. Mwezi. I serve as Weapons Officer, Chief of Tactical, and Head of the Security Forces onboard.”

Mwezi, CTO

Kanina smiled at him, unsurprised. “Kanina Dran. I’m the counselor, obviously.” She walked to the replicator and ordered green tea. “Can I get anything for you?” She would give Mwezi a moment to adjust to both her and the room.
-Kanina Dran, CNS

Mwezi looked up for a moment, then seemed to shrug, his large shoulders hunching upwards for a moment. “Nah. Just gotta talk, I guess? Folks said you helped with things, figured I’d come see if that was true.”

Mwezi, CTO

Kanina nodded and grabbed her tea, sitting down smoothly in front of him. “Is there anything specific you’d like to talk about, or would you like me to lead this session?” She’d had patients who preferred one over the other, patients where it depended on the day, and even patients that didn’t want to talk at all, just wanted to sit with her.
-Kanina Dran, CNS

Mwezi leaned back and took a few deep breaths, trying to calm himself. “Someone who was very close to me…” He paused. “In your terms I’d call her my Fiance, she was killed in a… Well. She’s dead. And I feel like my life has completely fallen apart…”

Mwezi, CTO

Kanina nodded. “It sounds like she died unexpectedly.” She didn’t need him to confirm that. “It can feel like the end of the world to lose someone you love, especially when you didn’t know it was coming. Mourn her for as long as you need to. There’s no rush.” She paused, thinking about Reele. “Your life may seem like it has fallen apart, but you have people around you who will help you pick it up again.”
-Kanina Dran, CNS

“It was an accident in her research lab. They told me it was an explosion,” Mwezi breathed shakily. He didn’t want to tell his friends the details. But he needed to tell someone. “It was supposed to be a safe experiment. They… she told me there were minimal risks… Teleportation isn’t easy, but since when did it cause big explosions?” he muttered, wringing the edge of his shirt between his hands. “It’s so hard. It feels like her death was meaningless, and we were so close to… everything. What do you do when the person you planned your life with is suddenly gone…? All my plans are suddenly useless…”

Mwezi, CTO

“Her death may have been accidental, but her life still held meaning.” Kanina moved to sit next to him. “Tell me about her?”
-Kanina Dran, CNS

“Kula was… She was brilliant, and beautiful, and so kind. I didn’t see every part of that when we were younger, but… Have you ever felt like someone fits into you perfectly? She was soft where I was brash, quick and intelligent where I struggled to keep up. There’s a reason she went into science and research and I pursued security… She was so adorable sometimes. The way she giggled when I did something stupid… The warmth we shared on a cold autumn evening… the way her fur shone in the sunlight… She was always so kind to everyone too. I mean, not always, she wasn’t perfect, but she tried. And she was good at it. Keeping her emotions in check. She’d just… Play an instrument or paint out her emotions.” He let out a long breath, smiling sadly. “Every little detail about her just… Made me want to be nearer to her. To make sure nothing bad ever happened to my Dearest Kula…”

Mwezi, that ramble went on longer than i expected

Kanina smiled with him. “She sounds amazing. She was taken from you far too soon. Unfortunately, sometimes that’s how it goes.” He was happier, and she was glad. Grief counseling was something she had done far to much of, but something that needed to be done. “Did you attend a funeral, or memorial for her?”
-Kanina Dran, CNS

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