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Chris was whistling while he exited the turbolift to the bridge and continued to do so until he got to his command chair and plopped into it. Pressing the buttons he punched in the command override and locked the bridge down. The turbolift will now not go to the bridge and he engaged a field damper to prevent site to site transports, tactical and Helm are locked to the bridge, all while still whistling.

Jumping up from his chair he looked around at the NE’s. “People. Can I have your attention. The ship has been boarded by hostile aliens. They have the means to control your mind and take over your body. Trust no one but the people here on the bridge now. The bridge is under complete and total lockdown. You will all stay here until it is safe. Food is here as well as water but we have to ration it. NE Johnson will take care of that. Use the latrine here. Stay out of my ready room unless it’s an emergency.”

Walking over to the armory locker and pressing the code to open it he started giving out phasers to everyone including himself. “Stay armed and be ready at all times.” He said while walking into his ready room and locked the door and sat down in his chair looking at his Cubes.

Captain Chris Taggart and symbiote, CO

A minute later a the Captain heard, ” Commander Sideman to the Captain, will you please respond.”

Lt. Commander Michael Sideman, XO

Ignoring the com Chris cave back into the bridge and sat in the center chair. “Listen up people. I am certain the Commander Sideman is under the influence of one of those things. Ignore him at all costs. We are safe in here and if need be we will protect this ship at all and any costs.”

Captain Chris Taggart and symbiote, CO

Not getting any response the Commander said,

“Bridge, this is Lt. Commander Sideman, I am not sure that our ‘guests’ actually mean us any harm. Please allow me time to get more not engage!”

Lt. Commander Michael Sideman, XO

Chris stood up quickly. “You hear that men? Now he has guests” Stating it with air quotes. Going to the tactical station and engaged all of the barriers in the hallways and locked all doors. The red alert came on and the lights went dim everywhere except for the bridge.

Captain Chris Taggart and Symbiote, CO

The lights in the transporter room went down and Sideman knew problems where coming. “What the heck is going on?” he asked as things on the ship started to progress.

If they Captain would not listen, he would take the necessary steps to secure the ship and make sure this situation did not get any worse.

Hitting the communications button the commander said,

“Sideman to Engineering, please respond…”

Michael Sideman, XO

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Sideman, XO

Ensign Valharra helped the captain engage the security protocols of the red alert at the tactical station. “Sir, Everything is fully locked down. ” Ensign Valharra informed the captain.
Ensign Valharra, Security

“Good. Now we are safe from them.” Them meaning Starfleet or the guests on board? Depends on who is in control of the Captain.

Captain Chris Taggart CO and Symbiote

Kanina arrived at the bridge, only to find the doors locked. She paused outside the door, and began listening carefully. She could hear the minds of the people closest to the door, several ensigns it seemed, but not the captain.
-Kanina Dran, CNS

Just then the commutations channel opened, “Sideman to Dran, counselor are you there?”

Michael Sideman, XO

Kanina jumped. She had been so focused on listening she hadn’t expected anything. “Yes sir. I am currently standing outside the bridge.”
-Kanina Dran, CNS

Chris was looking at the screens. “NE Ensign Vulk. I do not like how quite it is. I am sure that they are planning on something to hurt us. We need to be proactive and not reactive. I want you to terminate life support functions for the whole ship except the bridge. Do it now.”

Vulk nodded and used the only unlocked Engineering console and did as the Captain said. Alerts went everywhere and life support was shut down.

Captain Chris Taggart and symbiote CO

Life support (as mentioned in the other thread) came back online after a little while.

Then only a few moments later, one of the access hatches slammed open and Mwezi tumbled out, turning around as he did so to slam it closed and pant heavily, holding his body against the hatch and frantically locking it. “Captain!” he exclaimed, looking around the room as though he was extremely relieved. Although he usually wore his U.R.I., which translated his every word to those aboard this vessel, it was gone. He had to actually speak Federation Standard, leaving him with a thick accent. “The aliens, here… they control Sideman… I said Mistake to bring onto ship…” he panted heavily, looking like he’d just had the run of his life in low life support. Which was pretty accurate.

Mwezi, CTO

Chris jumped a bit when he saw Mwezi appear from no where all of a sudden but was glad he was on his side. Chris tossed his phaser to Mwezi. “Here. Take this. Glad to have you with us. Now how did you get to us and what are the infected ones like Sideman and the like doing?”

Captain Chris Taggart and symbiote CO

Mwezi took the phaser and began to stalk around the room the way he normally did, almost circling the captain as he traveled, eyes darting from one crewmember to another. He heard Taggart’s words but gave him a small shrug instead of answering. “Lost translator,” he gestured to his wrist, where he usually wore a Universal Translation device, since his native language wasn’t integrated into the Chernov’s internal UT. He was playing up his lack of knowledge of Federation Standard a little, but Taggart didn’t know how much he’d been working on it lately. “Big crew, Captain. Life support down not kill aliens. They were in space. Will kill good Crew. Not good idea.”

Quietly, he fiddled with the Phaser settings to make sure it was on stun, and locked it that way so it couldn’t be used to kill anyone.

Chris nodded at that and turned back on life support.

Kanina heard Mwezi enter and grinned. So deception was the way to go… She could do that. =/\=Counselor to Bridge. I have some concerns about Lt. Commander Sideman that I’d rather share in person. =/\=
-Kanina Dran, CNS

Chris heard the request and sat back down in his chair toggling the com switch. The symbiote searching his brain to see whom this person was and found it. [O] Counselor. We have not yet in person so I don’t know how to trust you. You can say start you need to say over the coms and if it is good enough, we’ll let you in. Speak. [O] Came the command.

Captain Chris Taggart and symbiote CO

Kanina nodded. A promising start. =/\= I don’t wish to alarm anyone, but I fear he is no longer himself. He seems… erratic. I left quickly, but I fear it may be spreading.=/\= Hopefully, she sounded convincing. Lying was not her way, but one does what they have to.
-Kanina Dran, CNS

There was silence for a bit then she would hear the doors hum and open. Once she was in if she did step through, the doors closed back and locked again.

Chris was sitting in the command chair looking at her. “I let you in because I think I belive you and if I’m wrong, Mwezi there will rip your arms out of their sockets. What is Sideman doing?”

Captain Chris Taggart and symbiote CO

Kanina nodded. She had achieved her goal, now to keep the deception up. He wasn’t alone in his mind, but she had absolutely no idea how to fix it. Why hadn’t she become a scientist? “He and the rest of the infected are heading to the science labs, although I have no idea why.” She sighed. “I haven’t had the chance to do my psychological evaluation of Lt. Cmdr. Sideman or I would have more precise information. My apologies, Captain.”
-Kanina Dran, CNS

At the mention of his name, Mwezi gave a convincing growl and stalked over to the door, then stalked back to the Captain to stand protectively over him.

Mwezi, CTO

“You didn’t do one on us either. And you don’t really know what he’s up to. We locked down all the doors so they can’t even get in there let alone to that level.” Then the symbiote just noticed something. “How did you manage to get here? How did you escape Sideman?”

Captain Chris Taggart and symbiote CO

Kanina answered without pausing. The benefits of knowing what question was going to be asked before it was. “I wasn’t in the transporter room yet. He had called me down, but something seemed off, so I waited outside. As soon as I heard where they were going, I ran straight here.” She stopped, weighing what to say next. “It’s my job to keep you informed of the mental status of your crew. All I can do is tell you of what I’ve observed.” Maybe if Mwezi stunned him… She was ready to declare him unfit for duty, so it wouldn’t really be mutiny. “I’m sorry I can’t help more.”
-Kanina Dran, CNS

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