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There was silence for a bit then she would hear the doors hum and open. Once she was in if she did step through, the doors closed back and locked again.

Chris was sitting in the command chair looking at her. “I let you in because I think I belive you and if I’m wrong, Mwezi there will rip your arms out of their sockets. What is Sideman doing?”

Captain Chris Taggart and symbiote CO

Kanina nodded. She had achieved her goal, now to keep the deception up. He wasn’t alone in his mind, but she had absolutely no idea how to fix it. Why hadn’t she become a scientist? “He and the rest of the infected are heading to the science labs, although I have no idea why.” She sighed. “I haven’t had the chance to do my psychological evaluation of Lt. Cmdr. Sideman or I would have more precise information. My apologies, Captain.”
-Kanina Dran, CNS

At the mention of his name, Mwezi gave a convincing growl and stalked over to the door, then stalked back to the Captain to stand protectively over him.

Mwezi, CTO

“You didn’t do one on us either. And you don’t really know what he’s up to. We locked down all the doors so they can’t even get in there let alone to that level.” Then the symbiote just noticed something. “How did you manage to get here? How did you escape Sideman?”

Captain Chris Taggart and symbiote CO

“I’m actually a bit curious regarding that myself ” The familiar calm tones of the ships Science officer. He was standing behind the Helm console having made his way there a few minutes after the Tactical Chief, in his right hand a phaser pointed in the general direction of the Captain. He gave the Captain and Mwezi each a slight nod. “Last I saw you, Captain, you snuck out of Sickbay, Doctor Kane was worried about ye” He said calmly not lowering his weapon.


Chris snapped his head around when he heard William start talking. Chris looked unhappy but let his Second Officer finish speaking. Once done he was going to retort but the counselor started talking.

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Kanina answered without pausing. The benefits of knowing what question was going to be asked before it was. “I wasn’t in the transporter room yet. He had called me down, but something seemed off, so I waited outside. As soon as I heard where they were going, I ran straight here.” She stopped, weighing what to say next. “It’s my job to keep you informed of the mental status of your crew. All I can do is tell you of what I’ve observed.” Maybe if Mwezi stunned him… She was ready to declare him unfit for duty, so it wouldn’t really be mutiny. “I’m sorry I can’t help more.”
-Kanina Dran, CNS

“We’re sorry too” he breathed out to the Counselor and looked at William but addressed the room as a whole first. “We thought we gave strict order to protect and guard that hatch!” All while still looking at William. “What are you doing pointing that phaser at us Will? That’s not very logical for someone whom is smart as a Vulcan.”

“Mwezi. Take the phaser away from the Commander and place him under arrest and in binds. We will not tolerate this type of behavior Commander. Surrender peacefully or ...... well you have been warned. Now drop it!” He said in a commanding voice and his full attention was now focused on William.

Captain Chris Taggart and symbiote CO

Mwezi stepped slightly in William’s direction, then spoke something to the computer in his Native Language. A command phrase, which roughly translated to “Head compromised. Isolation maximum”. Hopefully his access to this particular system hadn’t been compromised.

If his access hadn’t been compromised, a level Alpha forcefield would erect itself around the Captain - and the parasite in control of him. Being the highest level of containment forcefield they had, he hoped it would contain a psychic parasite.

Mwezi’s access code worked. A containment field went up around the Captain. He looked around shocked. “What is the meaning of this? What happened?”

Mwezi, with two options for the GM to choose from.

Captain Chris Taggart and symbiote CO

“M’sorry Cap’n. ‘s fer yer own good,” Mwezi mumbled. “Captain Taggart would never shut down life support over the entire ship,” he looked to the crew on the bridge, and tugged his translation device out of his uniform, strapping it on and re-enabling it. “Will, please disarm everyone. Taggart is possessed by the same being that murdered our Helm officer earlier. I don’t know if our other Alien guests are to be trusted. Personally, I don’t trust any of them. Parasite, I will hear you out.” He turned towards the Captain. “What do you want? If it doesn’t cause more harm to help you, we will consider it.”

Mwezi, takin charge.

William nodded and looked around the crew “Please drop yer weapons immediately and step back from them, counselor Dran please remove all armaments. This is a stun first ask later kind of day” He said in a calm manner. In the back of his mind he felt satisfaction and a slight relief that the Galdori officer had a plan of action in place, he was certain that even at this distance he would not have been able to take the Weapon Officer down before being taken down himself.


Kanina laughed slightly. She was already unarmed. A habit learned from a kleptomaniac patient with no sense of weapons safety. “I’m unarmed.” She sighed lightly. “Perhaps we ought to inform Lt. Cmdr. Sideman and see if we can resolve whatever going on between this parasite and our… guests.”
-Kanina Dran, CNS

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