Main SIM Briefing Room. Mwezi's Plan

Posted Nov. 23, 2020, 3:40 p.m. by Lieutenant Commander William B. Grey (Chief Science Officer / 2nd Officer) (Hjortur Ingi)

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Michael Sideman (XO/ Navigation Officer) in Main SIM Briefing Room. Mwezi’s Plan

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Michael Sideman (XO/ Navigation Officer) in Main SIM Briefing Room. Mwezi’s Plan

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NE Elderberry and NE Damask were in the Briefing Room preparing the Room with snacks and refreshments. Security arrived armed and were positioned outside the room as per the CTO orders.


The CTO, however, was nowhere to be seen within the Briefing room, having stayed on the bridge to monitor the situation from there. He put trust in the Security forces he had applied to this task. NEs Grace, Jones, and Pallow were good at their job, some of the least accident prone of his team. Meanwhile, the protocol requested by the CSO was in place.

Mwezi, CTO

William meanwhile entered the briefing room rolling the coffee tray in, prepared himself a cup of tea and sat down in his regular chair, awaiting the arrival of the firstt officer and the Aliens, crossing his legs and going over potential outcomes of this plan.


Deciding the cup of tea was ready for drinking he started taking small sips. Black tea always had a calming effect, something he needed for now. His heart had finally calmed down after the tumultuous happenings on the bridge, he started to think about why the Captain had decided to make a twenty-two-year-old inexperienced science officer the ships second officer, he knew that he was a good officer and probably one of the smartest people in the fleet but still, he had acted as the ships acting first officer so many times by now. He wondered what it was that man saw in him that William didn’t see in himself.


The aliens drifted in. They remained silent as they took positions along the wall.


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Commander Sideman walked into the conference room; he always seemed ready to go, and he tried to command respect. But he also knew that respect was earned, and he was still the ‘new guy on the block.’ Still, his rank and position gave him the authority, but that was not good enough. The Captain had made it clear when Sideman reported on board that he had a lot to learn. However, Sideman knew that he could not let the doubt in his abilities show because the crew might lose faith in his authority, and he did not need that. Sideman nodded to everyone and said,
“Please take a seat because we do not have a lot of time.”

Lt. Commander Michael Sideman, XO

William gave the first officer a polite nod and turned his attention to the Aliens “Now as we have not had a chance to meet allow me to introduce myself” He started in his soft Scottish brogue “I am Leftenant Commander William Grey, I am the ships, Chief Science Officer, It is my job to study new things and ask questions. Now this led me to question this alien being that visited our ship, this was of course after we captured it” He let that hang in the air as he took a slow sip from his cup of tea “Now according to it you are a pair of bounty hunters attempting genocide against its species. It also mentioned that it was due to your influence that our helmsman locked our ship and promptly committed suicide” He stared at the two beings, his face a blank canvas free of any and all emotion “Although I suppose a more apt description would be that he was murdered.”


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