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Posted Nov. 23, 2020, 11:07 p.m. by Captain Chris Taggart (Captain) (Travis Good)

Posted by Lieutenant Mwezi (Weapons Officer) in Recreational Activities - Crew Lounge

Posted by Lieutenant Mwezi (Weapons Officer) in Recreational Activities - Crew Lounge
Every now and then, Mwezi would go down to the Crew Lounge and pursue some mild entertainment. This time, he found himself in front of a 3D chess board, utterly confounded by the rules as he played against a bored NE. He wasn’t sure if he was winning or losing, and continuously was glancing back and forth from the board to a manual he held in his large palm.

Mwezi, CTO

“Checkmate,” the NE commented, forcing Mwezi to glance up from his 3D chess book and nod quietly. “I see. Sorry that I wasn’t the best of opponents.”

The NE shrugged. “I’ll reset it. You… go do something else. Yavin wants to play and he’s a much better chess player than you.”

“You’d think the chief tactics officer would be better at a Tactical Game like chess, eh?” Mwezi chuckled, standing and stepping away from the board.

Mwezi, CTO

“That is not always true Lieutenant.” Came a voice of the recently resurrected Captain.... again. “I was watching you and I think you let him win.” Chris got up from the bulkhead he was leaning on from across the room and started walking towards them. “See. I got you figured. You’re screwed, conniving like a Romulan and extremely smart. Smarter than most Vulcans. You put on an act. An act that suits you in certain circumstances.” Chris was next to them now. “You my friend. Are Columbo. And that’s a compliment. But since you are finished with your game, would you mind helping me finish that fine bottle of bourbon over there friend? I would like to talk with you if that’s ok?” He waited for his friend to respond.

Captain Chris Taggart CO

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