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Posted Nov. 23, 2020, 11:23 p.m. by Captain Chris Taggart (Captain) (Travis Good)

Posted by Lieutenant Dr. Solomon Kane (Chief Medical Officer) in Main Sim - Medical

Posted by Lieutenant Dr. Solomon Kane (Chief Medical Officer) in Main Sim - Medical

Posted by Captain Chris Taggart (Captain) in Main Sim - Medical

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NE Bridges and NE Thurman came into Sickbay dragging the Captain’s unconscious body. “Mr. Kane. We have the Captain here sir and we are putting him up in the nearest biobed.”

Once they did that and Kane came over NE Bridges gave Kane a folded up piece of paper. It read.


Pretend the Captain still has the symbiote in him by putting a force field up around him. This is a plan by the CoS to see who is the enemy. The symbiote or the Calmbacs. The Calmbacs are very sensitive to very bright lights. So use that as a defense if you need to. Don’t let anyone else get to the Captain. We have a plan that is taking place in the Briefing Room on deck 6 and we have full control of the ship.

Take Care.

Commander William Grey.”


Kane looked at the note and his jaw clenched. “Containment field, asap!” he snapped and the nurse put the field in place. He looked from Bridges to Thurman and said “We’ve got him from here. Get out.” and he turned to the Taggart. Looking at him he mumbled “What the hell have you gotten into now?”

Kane, CMO

The field went up and the two NE’s nodded and left. Taggart had shallow breathing but he was breathing. Upon further examination Kane would find that the Captain’s left ear was bleeding slightly.


“Full cranial scan. Take a sample of that blood and check for cerebral-spinal fluid. And compare this scan to the one from earlier. Go go go go go…” Kane snapped.

Kane, CMO


OOC: Sorry bro.

IC: The scan showed that what that symbiote left behind was a chemical slime that was eating away at Chris’s brain matter. The slime was targeting the brain synaptics. (Or whatever it’s called). The NE came back with the other x-ray. “PA Kane! There is a 2% decrease in brain activity in the frontal lobe compared to his previous x-ray done when he was brought in!”

NE Make up random name here.

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