Reporting to the captain

Posted Dec. 2, 2020, 2:06 p.m. by Ensign Bernie Warren (Engineer/Helmsman) (Christopher Logan)

Posted by Captain Chris Taggart (Captain) in Reporting to the captain

Posted by Ensign Bernie Warren (Engineer/Helmsman) in Reporting to the captain
As Warren gets to the bridge he chimes the chime for the captains ready room.

Ensign Warren

The NE Lieutenant Commander Michael Jackson at the center chair looked over at the new Ensign. “I’m sorry.” He began in a Boston accent. “The Captain is off today and last time I heard anything, he was on deck 12 looking at flowers or something. You can go check there or comeback tomorrow.”

Lt. Commander Michael Jackson NE

As the ensign looks at Jackson and says “Thank you sir. I’ll come back tomorrow.” As he said.

Ensign Warren

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