Reporting to the captain

Posted Dec. 5, 2020, 11:34 a.m. by Ensign Bernie Warren (Engineer/Helmsman) (Christopher Logan)

Posted by Captain Chris Taggart (Captain) in Reporting to the captain

Posted by Ensign Bernie Warren (Engineer/Helmsman) in Reporting to the captain

Posted by Captain Chris Taggart (Captain) in Reporting to the captain
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As Warren gets to the bridge he chimes the chime for the captains ready room.

Ensign Warren

The NE Lieutenant Commander Michael Jackson at the center chair looked over at the new Ensign. “I’m sorry.” He began in a Boston accent. “The Captain is off today and last time I heard anything, he was on deck 12 looking at flowers or something. You can go check there or comeback tomorrow.”

Lt. Commander Michael Jackson NE

As the ensign looks at Jackson and says “Thank you sir. I’ll come back tomorrow.” As he said.

Ensign Warren

“Ok. Welcome.” He went back doing what he was doing and just then the Captain came onto the bridge. “Morning Jackson. I forgot my PaDD to look at schedules.” He almost bumped into the new Ensign.

“Oh. Excuse me. Do you need to see the Captain or something?” Chris was wearing shorts and a t-shirt because he was off, that’s why! Ensign Warren could see the fit Captain in his early 40’s with his thick raven black hair, an eye patch over his left eye where there were also scars, a cybernetic right arm a cybernetic right leg.

Captain Chris Taggart CO

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As the ensign stands there he says “Ensign Bernie Warren reporting as order.” Says the ensign.

Ensign Warren

Chris looked at him and blinked then put out his right hand and moved it in a circular motion. “Aaaannnndddddd? What is your job here? I’m pleased to meet you Ensign but I need more information. Do you know how many beings are on this ship? A lot! You know what. Just come into my office and we will speak there.”

Chris opens the door to his office and goes to a table with some chairs around and sits in one gestures for Ensign Warren to do the same. “Go on.”

Captain Chris Taggart CO

“Well sir” as he takes a seat. “I’m an engineer and your helmsman sir. I have the ability to fix and pilot things. You’ll be needing your best helmsman at the helm sir.” As the ensign was explaining to the captain.

Ensign Bernie Warren

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