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Chris was first to arrive to the docking bay. All he had to do was get a jacket and a tricorder. He waited patiently by the door for the rest of the away team.

Captain Chris Taggart, CO

Kanina arrived next, having only spared a moment to pull her hair away from her face. She tilted her head as she looked at the Captain, then spoke up. “I’m to be introduced as a Doctor, sir?”
-Kanina Dran, Doctor + CNS

Kane arrived next, carrying a standard medical kit and a secondary black bag slung over his shoulder. “Why not? Taggart’s one, I’m one. Hell, we should just all be doctors.” Kane said tersely.

Kane, CMO

“That is one way to say ‘we come in peace.’” T’Aria followed shortly behind, an indecipherable edge to her voice. Briefly glancing at the array of tricorders and kits, she considered the offence the Galdori government might take from their quizzical devices. “Captain, did Councilor Miv mention any reservations about our equipment?” She doubted stepping through the docking bay with tricorders ablaze would set a better example than phasers. But, she supposed that depended on the Galdori’s consideration for privacy.

– T’Aria, XO

William had just joined the team, his black tricorder slung across his shoulder “Technically speaking most of the away team does have a doctorate or two” He said in his usual calm Scottish brogue.


Chris laughed. “Very true Commander and Kane. But Counselor, you are a trained medical doctor as well correct?”

Kanina nodded. “Yes sir. It’s required to be eligible as a Starfleet Counselor.”
-Dr. Kanina Dran, CNS

Chris waved his hand. “Well there you go. You’re a medical doctor for this trip and that is all. You can help the beings downthere mentally as per your job as well but again. Do not let on that you can read their thoughts.”

Evelyn was in her quarters finishing up the final touches on her fishtail French braid high bun hair style. There was music playing in the background that was originally from the 20th century Earth titled ‘West End Girls’. She swayed her hips slightly enjoying the bass riff and finally completed styling her jet-black hair. Her new roommate was already out on duty, so she sang to herself as she sat on her bed and slid on her black boots. “Ooh, a West End town, in a dead-end world. East End boys and West End girls. West End girls.”

While in her own little world, her PADD that was set on her bed made a notification sound. She lifted the PADD and her emerald-green eyes scanned the message on the screen. “Docking bay for an assignment? First day and already off the ship.” She stood up and walked back to the mirror completing a final review of her appearance. The reflection of the young woman of only twenty-two indicated that she was quite attractive. This was both a blessing and a curse for her at times. She had her red security shirt and skirt with the standard issue black boots. Her nails were varnished with red polish which went quite well with her fair skin tone and matched her security outfit. “Well, here we go.” She pressed the button by her door to access the ship’s computer. “Computer end music.” The music abruptly turned off and she headed out the doors and over to the docking bay.

After arriving at her destination, she walked through the doors to the docking bay and did a glance over of each officer until her eyes set on the Captain. She walked right up to him without hesitation and her tone indicated that she was clearly confident in herself. “Captain Taggart, I am Ensign Evelyn Gruver. I just arrived yesterday from the Academy and am reporting for duty sir.” She looked upwards at the much taller Captain and tilted her head slightly while she provided him with a friendly closed lip smile.

  • Ensign Evelyn Gruver, Security & Helmsman

Chris was stunned by this young ensigns bold action then laughed. “Whoa there High Speed Low Drag. Slow your roll. First, Thank you for introducing yourself, secondly, now is not the time for introductions. We are about to go on an away mission. If you are coming with us then please fall under your Department Head and report to them, if not then go back to the Helm.”

The quiet but hulking form of Mwezi was next to enter the Docking bay. Trying his best to not stand out, he glanced at the young officer in security and engineering red. He wondered very briefly if she was part of his team or the engineering team, then shrugged silently. He’d likely hear before long. Mwezi stepped over to the airlock and watched through the transparent window as the docking clamps approached and the Chernov docked with the station.

There was a slight shudder and the sound of a clunk as the two vessels connected and the magnetic locks were engaged, then all was still.

Mwezi, CTO

Chris felt the shudder. “Ok. Once the seal is made, Lt. Mwezi and his team will go first and make contact and we will all fall behind him.”

Captain Chris Taggart, CO

Evelyn listened to her Captain’s words and her facial expression turned to neutral. She said calmly, “Of course sir.” She pivoted off of her back heel and turned around towards the rest of the group. She immediately noticed LT. Mwezi in a red shirt and assumed that he was the Tactical department head. She walked towards him and stood at his side. “Lieutenant, it looks like I am with you sir. I’m in security and helm. First day, so just getting acquainted with the crew.” She remained silent after that feeling and hearing the clunking sound of the two vessels connecting.

Ensign Evelyn Gruver, Security and Helmsman

Chris smiled as she left and made a mental note about how much of a go getter she was and he like that.

Captain Chris Taggart, CO

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