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Posted March 27, 2021, 8:37 p.m. by Ensign Evelyn Gruver (Security/Helmsmen) (Matt Bongiorno)

Posted by Lieutenant Dr. Solomon Kane (Chief Medical Officer) in PreSIM: Medical Check-In

Posted by Ensign Evelyn Gruver (Security/Helmsmen) in PreSIM: Medical Check-In

Posted by Lieutenant Dr. Solomon Kane (Chief Medical Officer) in PreSIM: Medical Check-In
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Evelyn exited the turbolift on deck five and headed to sickbay to complete her Starfleet mandated medical check-in with the Chief Medical Officer. She found sickbay easily and still happened to be fifteen minutes early for her appointment. Therefore, she took it upon herself to become familiar with the deck as a whole. Evelyn made it a priority to pass by the two transporter rooms port and starboard, the crew lounge, auxilary control room, and both docking airlocks. She greeted the various crew members that came across her path throughout the duration of her journey. The fact that she was a security officer gave her additional incentive to be aware of every nook and cranny of the Chernov, along with satisfying her natural tendency to explore her new surroundings. After completing her own personal tour, she walked into sickbay for her appointment right on time. She checked in with the nurse at the counter and waited for Dr. Kane to become available to begin her check in.

Ensign Evelyn Gruver, Security & Helmsman

The nurse smiled and sent her to one of the biobeds. “The CMO will be with you shortly.” she said with a smile.

It was several minutes later when a figure approached… and he was unlike any other on the ship. Standing over six feet tall and weighing over two hundred pounds, he was an intimidating figure whose stature was well above the human average, but it was more than that. The man was also covered in tattoos. All of his visible skin was marked or colored, even the backs of his hands. The only part not covered was his face, although certain tattoos reached up to his jaw. His ear lobes bore scars from multiple piercings. His hair and beard, brownish-blonde, was just barely within uniform regulations; it was long and unkept, cascading down his face save on the left side where the side of his head was shaved almost to the bare skin.

The man walked up to the bio bed and glared at the occupant with an almost feral gaze. “What’d ya want?” he asked in an almost growl.

Kane, CMO

Evelyn was seated on a biobed patiently awaiting Doctor Kane’s arrival. Her legs were crossed at her shins with her feet dangling off the biobed with her soft hands rested in her lap. The bright lights of sickbay shined slighlty off of her jet black hair which was tied in a low messy bun. She noticed the Doctor approaching her and he appeared to be a walking piece of artwork from her perspective with all of those tattoos. Her emerald green eyes met his gaze as he spoke to her. She definitely did not feel any good vibes coming from him since she felt he was a real ass with awful bedside manner. She wondered why this man even wanted to be a Doctor in the first place. However, she didn’t let her feelings get in the way of her professionalism towards a ranking officer. She had noticed that a couple of the officers seemed to be on edge since she arrived on the Chernov anyways, so she was not at all surprised. Perhaps the good Doctor required some much needed shore leave.

She already had superior officers and also had dated pricks like this in the past, so she was adequately prepared for his negative attitude. Just like a typical twenty two year old she thought that she had seen it all and could handle just about any social situation which made her a bit naive at times. Fortunately, she was intelligent enough to understand that if she ever got injured that she would be in the hands of the man standing in front of her. Evelyn kept her tone calm and collected when delivering her response. “I’m Ensign Evelyn Gruver and I am here for my medical check in. I was recently assigned to the Chernov and am reporting to you per Starfleet regulations Doctor.” Her words were very direct and to the point. The facial expression that she conveyed to him was neutral. She definitely had high hopes that she would be in and out of this appointment swiftly. She tilted her head slightly waiting to go through the typical motions that were involved in a medical check in.

Ensign Evelyn Gruver, Security & Helmsman

Without blinking, Kane replied “That’s a helluva lot of words to say ‘boarding physical’. Hope you don’t write reports like you talk. And I thought they still taught Ensigns to say ‘Sir’ in the Academy. I guess you missed that day, huh?” and he reached into his pocket and brought out a tricorder… but a plainly modified one… pulled out the scanner and began running it around Gruver, his eyes focused on the display. Before she could answer his wholly rhetorical question, he said “Any changes in your health since last exam; illness, injury, blah blah blah…” he said in a tone that indicated he didn’t care about her per se; just the information.

Kane, CMO

Evelyn could not get a single word in with the imbecile. That was probably for the best that the Doctor kept on yapping his trap or she would have gotten herself into serious trouble with Captain Taggart later on. She was only an Ensign, so she knew she would have to put up with ass clowns like this from time to time in her career and deal with them. However, she might think twice if he was ever in a hostage situation. She played out that imagery in her mind with Dr. Kane being held at disruptor point in a hostage situation. She imagined herself saying ‘Oh please Klingon, be my guest and put him out of his misery. One to beam up Chernov.’ These were dark thoughts indeed, but she was aggravated and they were her own desires at the heat of the moment. At this point she would rather take her chances with the nurse at the front desk then to be stuck in sickbay with him ever again. The comments that she wanted to make would have gotten her a formal reprimand without a doubt. Therefore, she tried her best to enjoy his performance and not take it personally. One aspect that she was certain of was that this man needed to rethink his career. This coming from her more naive opinion, as she definitely had more growing to do herself. As the Doctor continued, she toned most of what he said out until he finally delivered his question. Her face was now stoic and she answered calmly with “No sir.”

Ensign Evelyn Gruver, Security & Helmsman

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