Post-sim - Exercise and Training

Posted April 2, 2021, 8:57 p.m. by Ensign Evelyn Gruver (Security/Helmsmen) (Matt Bongiorno)

Posted by Lieutenant Mwezi (Weapons Officer) in Post-sim - Exercise and Training

Posted by Ensign Evelyn Gruver (Security/Helmsmen) in Post-sim - Exercise and Training

Posted by Lieutenant Mwezi (Weapons Officer) in Post-sim - Exercise and Training
It was a regular day, a few weeks after the events on his homeworld, and Mwezi realized he still really hadn’t spent much time working with his new Security Officer. She spent a lot of time on helm.

He sent a short message to Evelyn, requesting she report to the Gym for a combat skills assessment and exercise session at a certain time.

Mwezi, CTO

Evelyn had received the appointment notification from Lieutenant Mwezi to meet him at the gym. They had previously worked together on a first contact mission, but they had not had the chance to properly meet or train due to the timing of her joining the Chernov and the assignment that was in progress at that time. After acknowledging his appointment, she quickly changed from her standard uniform to more athletic attire for the gym. When she looked in the mirror, her reflection indicated that she had on a red Starfleet issued tank top, red leggings, and light gray runners. As she had made her way to the gym, she would acknowledge her fellow shipmates in greeting or with a casual wave of her hand. Evelyn was an extroverted woman who enjoyed just about any form of social interaction that she could be a part of on a daily basis. After a few minutes, she finally made it to the gym area of the Chernov. After she entered the gym, the bright lights reflected off of her jet black hair. Her hair was styled in a messy top bun to help keep it out of her eyes during the workout session. She scanned the area for Mwezi, approached, and then stood in front of him. Her emerald green eyes glanced upwards slightly to meet the taller officer’s gaze. “Good morning sir.”

  • Ensign Evelyn Gruver, Security & Helmsman

Mwezi gave the officer a once-over, then turned and grabbed a practice phaser and target. “Do whatever warm-up stretches you need to do, then we’ll start with the marksmanship assessment,” he spoke. “And before you try to start any small talk, I am not in the mood to discuss the most recent mission.”

He tucked the phaser under his arm and began to fiddle with the training target, taking his attention off the ensign and assuming she’d do as he asked.

Mwezi, CTO

OOC: Mwezi refuses to talk about the most recent Sim because we don’t know how it ends! lol.

“Yes sir. We can talk about something else then, no worries at all.” Evelyn proceeded to complete a few back, leg, and arm stretches to get herself warmed up as Mwezi directed. At first glance, Evelyn was clearly quite fit, flexible, and well-toned with an athletic body type. During the warm up process, she could not resist her inner desire to get to know her department head and decided to initiate small talk with Mwezi. She figured that it would be fine as long as she respected his wishes to not discuss the previous mission. “So Lieutenant, how long have you served aboard the Chernov sir? Do you enjoy your position as the Chief Tactical Officer?”. She observed Mwezi preparing the training target. She had plenty of experience from when she was a cadet at Starfleet Academy. In fact, she was one of the top marksmen in her class. The young woman had been underestimated in the past due to her smaller stature and feminine traits, but others eventually found out that she can fire with the best of them. However, she had plenty of room for improvement over time as she was not elite, the potential was there and would take time to unlock it fully. “You know, this is actually my favorite training activity. I look forward to showing you what I can do sir.” She smiled at Mwezi, walked in his direction, and stood next to him. She craned her head up at the significantly taller man and had a look of confidence all over her face. “I’m ready when you are sir.” She winked at Mwezi and then awaited his response.

  • Evelyn Gruver, Ensign, Security & Helmsman

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