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Miv made another chittering sound, this one less easy to interpret, then took a deep breath. “I did not intend to offend you Captain. I suppose it is difficult to send intent when one’s conversation partner does not sense emotions in they way I do-” she was interrupted by Kane’s short rant.


Ensign Valharra followed the crew from behind. He heard the conversation about this being a friendly mission, so he instructed Ensign Gruver to stay with him in the back of the group. “We are with friends, we are just here as a formality, be cautious, you never know what could happen, but don’t draw too much attention to our jobs in this mission. Keep your phaser hidden, if they gave you one.” Ensign Valharra coached.
Ensign Valharra, security

Kane listened to the exchange between the Galdori and then the quiet exchange between Taggart and the XO. Exhaling sharply, he stepped forward and said “Look. Diplomacy be damned for the moment. We have a sick crew member with symptoms and signs of something we don’t fully understand, but that caused almost complete shock and loss of consciousness. So how about we save the curtsies and bows and who slighted who first until we see to him, hmm? Lead the way, Counselor. You can slap Taggart for his lack of decorum after we get Mwezi tended to. I’ll even hold him down for you. Let’s go.”

Kane, CMO

“There was no intended hostility in my comment,” Miv assured them, then made a clicking sound with her tongue. “Medic Ansi, please see to Mwezi’s health and examine him,” she looked to an Arwan officer in less decorated robes.

“In the meantime, the others are waiting in a nearby conference room,” she spoke, gesturing for them all to follow as she began to walk deeper into the space station.


Mwezi followed, glancing down as the medical officer clipped a scanner to his URI and downloaded his medical information from the wrist-mounted device. Personal translator as well as health monitor and several other uses, the Universal Remote Interface was worn by all space-faring officers of the Interstellar Alliance, or Galdori-Okinos Alliance as the Federation called them.

Mwezi, CTO

“Very well. Counselor Miv, will someone of Mwezi’s tribe be present at this meeting and I would like for one of my doctors to go with yours to learn more about Galdori anatomy and how to treat. It would be wise in both our aspects for this to happen. As a show of good faith, I have brought you the entire Human and Vulcan anatomy and surgery books to learn about us.”

Captain Chris Taggart, CO

William suppressed several winces, sighs and a very alluring need to rub his temples. The Captain was many things but tactful and diplomatic did not fall in those categories. He followed the Reptilian with the rest of the team.


“And we really need to figure why Warren is having symptoms of syndrome he technically should be susceptible to. Maybe we could do that before tea?” Kane asked acidly.

Kane, CMO

“That is precisely where we are headed, Doctor Kane. Do be patient. It is not a far distance. I am not a medical professional, but Counsilor Or is,” Miv replied patiently. She tactfully ignored the captain’s bluntness as well, glancing over to see the Chief Scientist’s reactions and vaguely wishing she could send a pulse of sympathy towards him.

Miv led them through a doorway and into a small room. There was a medical examination table as well as a circle of stools around a low table. Zish, the brown-furred Raka they had once met was there, a felinoid alien almost resembling a mini-caitian. Near the table was an older looking Arwan - his face almost like the face of a goat, in the way that Mwezi was lupine and Zish was feline. The colour of the trim on his clothing communicated that he was likely the Councilor Or that Miv had been speaking of.

He looked at the group with concern, then rushed over to Mwezi. Mwezi absolutely towered over the 4 ft tall man, but he helped the Laleri over to the medical table regardless.

Mwezi was made to lie down, then Or turned to Kane. “You, you’re the doctor who diagnosed Mwezi? I’ve read your report, it was sent to me. And I have to agree on your diagnosis as well as your assessment. It should be impossible for him to have Empathic Withdrawl, let alone an Acute case of it. And yet here we are. First case we’ve ever seen, as far as I can tell,” he seemed to be a nervous rambler, going on and on while he worked, pulling at displays and taking measurements.

“From what I can see, it looks like he’s definitely a pre-male. His readings suggest so. His betrothed, according to the records, was a pre-female. Unfortunately she’s… Dead. So the question is, if they never Morphed and never Bonded, how could he be suffering a lack of her presence!?” Finally, he stopped talking and turned to the rest of the group - all of the visitors included.

Miv and Or

“I cannot say we have much data on Laleri physiology or psychology. We wouldn’t need your help if we did.” T’Aria conceded. “But Vulcans experience a vaguely similar condition. Pon Farr provokes an acute neurochemical imbalance. Gone untreated, the victim will die within a week.” She spoke plainly, skimming over basic information to get to the point. “It’s a natural process that can be exacerbated or prematurely induced by trauma, regardless of a Vulcan’s bonding status.” She adopted ‘trauma’ to condense everything from heartbreak to brain damage to microbial infections. “I’m curious if something similar happens with Laleri bonds.”

T’Aria threw a glance at Kane, then Dran, before addressing the Councilor once more.

Kanina nodded once in confirmation, acknowledging the possibility.
-Kanina Dran, CNS

“It’s pure speculation,” she gestured to Mwezi, “but could physical or emotional trauma upset his equilibrium enough to cause a chemical imbalance or damage his empathic cortex? And would that be sufficient in constituting empathic withdrawal… despite his status?” It was her understanding that empathic species were especially sensitive to trauma. She wondered if the Laleri endured the same vulnerability.

As Lovejoy came as well she asked that captain “Do you need your most experienced helmswoman here to help out or what. I’m willing to do anything.” She then said to the captain and looked at him if she even was needed for such a thing. “I don’t know if you do but I’m here captain”. She mentioned.

Lt. Lovejoy

– T’Aria, XO

Or considered it. He glanced over at Miv, who made another one of those clacking sounds with her throat. He looked back to T’Aria. “It is vaguely possible, although given we have no record of something like this happening to anyone from any of the Five Tribes, it would have to be some very serious trauma. I’ve heard of the Ponn Farr. Salor, one of the members of the officer exchange that Mwezi is part of, is Vulcan. I’ve had several fascinating conversations with him about medical science. I don’t think it’s too similar, but it’s a good starting point. Doctor Kane, I notice that you’ve given Mwezi a treatment? How long before that expires? Unfortunately, we have to let him experience his symptoms in order to… fix his situation.”

Mwezi glanced over at Or, brow furrowed.

“He has a hypo with a cocktail of hormones and few other things.” and he handed Or a PaDD with the details. “Seems to suppress the symptoms. Each dose is good for about three hours. So depending on when his last dose was, there’s your timeline.”

Miv went over to the table, gesturing those who weren’t part of the medical conversation to join her as she sat down on one of the backless seats. “Please, I would rather not crowd Or when he does his work. Other than Kane and anyone else who is able to contribute to Mwezi’s health, could the rest of you come to the table? I received a message from Mwezi before your arrival. Presumably before his symptoms manifested, since he made no mention of it.”


Once mostly everyone had made there way over to the table, Miv glanced over at Zish. “I believe this is my time to take over. As far as your government and… the majority of ours is concerned, you are here to treat your officer, our Kin.” He looked expectantly at the Captain.

Mwezi, WO

Kane, CMO

William looked at the Captain expectantly, whatever was going on they’d need free reign to investigate if they were to help Mwezi. He had no doubt that Kane would keep the medical staff occupied but to get the council to allow them to walk around was a different beast altogether.


Kane looked at Or and said flatly “She’s dead? How’d she die? Could that have something to do with it?”

Kane, CMO

Zish let the silence hold for a few moments, but eventually he decided to speak up. “Well, as the Captain and I discussed in our communique, your original intent in coming to Galdor was to investigate the mysteries behind the so-called explosion on Research Platform Mivdu-Tor. Now, the research that is being done there is known to your Federation’s top brass, but not known to the wider galaxy. It’s classified, but we’ve authorized you to learn it. Now, this doesn’t mean you can go spreading news of this all over Starfleet. What you learn on this mission stays on this mission.

“The scientists of the GOA have, for some time now, been researching a new kind of teleportation. One that doesn’t break your body down into parts and re-form it on the other side. The specifics of how it works are too complicated to discuss right now, but the gist of it is that our Teleporters are able to push and pull physical matter into and out of a kind of subspace we call the Sar-Tep . With a special beacon that projects your location within the Sar-Tep, you can be pushed into the Sar-Tep by one machine, then pulled out by a different machine at the speed of subspace communication. Kula was a part of a research team into Sar-Tep travel, and the incident, while similar to an explosion, was more like an implosion. A test was in progress when there was a malfunction, and she was pulled into the Sar-Tep without a beacon.”


Kane looked at him for a minute and then said “So she’s not dead, then. Just lost. Ok, got it.” and he turned back to Or. “So with this… bonding or whatever the hell it is… can Wa-, er, Mwezi sense her? Maybe help you guys throw her a line or something? ‘Cause if you get her back, this syndrome or whatever goes away, right?”

Kane, CMO

Zish nodded quietly, thoughtful about the suggestion. Or seemed to shrug. “It’s certainly… possible.”

Mwezi sat up slightly. “I’ve been seeing her in my dreams, Councilor. Hearing her voice. I… what Kane suggests, I think we should try it.”

Zish straightened. “If so, I’d like your engineers and scientists working with mine on this. Try to find a way to get the Beacon to identify a psychic link. And Or… hold off on severing Mwezi. We’ll need his bond to get Kula back.”

Mwezi cheered up at the news.

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“Of course.” T’Aria glanced at Taggart, then indicated their chief science and engineering officers with a sublte wave. “Lt. Marshall, our chief engineer..” she nodded to them and made curt introductions “..Doctor Grey, our chief science officer. Their teams are prepared to help.”

“Ok, so lets go see where this interdimensional portal to limbo is. Maybe Mwezi will pick up on something.” Kane said and picked up his bag and shouldered his other pack. “I mean, that’s why we are here… right? So let’s get a move on.”

Kane, CMO

“Councilor Zish,” T’Aria turned to the Raka councilman, “were there any other scientists or personnel involved with Kula’s disappearance?”

– T’Aria, XO

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