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Or considered it. He glanced over at Miv, who made another one of those clacking sounds with her throat. He looked back to T’Aria. “It is vaguely possible, although given we have no record of something like this happening to anyone from any of the Five Tribes, it would have to be some very serious trauma. I’ve heard of the Ponn Farr. Salor, one of the members of the officer exchange that Mwezi is part of, is Vulcan. I’ve had several fascinating conversations with him about medical science. I don’t think it’s too similar, but it’s a good starting point. Doctor Kane, I notice that you’ve given Mwezi a treatment? How long before that expires? Unfortunately, we have to let him experience his symptoms in order to… fix his situation.”

Mwezi glanced over at Or, brow furrowed.

“He has a hypo with a cocktail of hormones and few other things.” and he handed Or a PaDD with the details. “Seems to suppress the symptoms. Each dose is good for about three hours. So depending on when his last dose was, there’s your timeline.”

Miv went over to the table, gesturing those who weren’t part of the medical conversation to join her as she sat down on one of the backless seats. “Please, I would rather not crowd Or when he does his work. Other than Kane and anyone else who is able to contribute to Mwezi’s health, could the rest of you come to the table? I received a message from Mwezi before your arrival. Presumably before his symptoms manifested, since he made no mention of it.”


Once mostly everyone had made there way over to the table, Miv glanced over at Zish. “I believe this is my time to take over. As far as your government and… the majority of ours is concerned, you are here to treat your officer, our Kin.” He looked expectantly at the Captain.

Mwezi, WO

Kane, CMO

William looked at the Captain expectantly, whatever was going on they’d need free reign to investigate if they were to help Mwezi. He had no doubt that Kane would keep the medical staff occupied but to get the council to allow them to walk around was a different beast altogether.


Kane looked at Or and said flatly “She’s dead? How’d she die? Could that have something to do with it?”

Kane, CMO

Zish let the silence hold for a few moments, but eventually he decided to speak up. “Well, as the Captain and I discussed in our communique, your original intent in coming to Galdor was to investigate the mysteries behind the so-called explosion on Research Platform Mivdu-Tor. Now, the research that is being done there is known to your Federation’s top brass, but not known to the wider galaxy. It’s classified, but we’ve authorized you to learn it. Now, this doesn’t mean you can go spreading news of this all over Starfleet. What you learn on this mission stays on this mission.

“The scientists of the GOA have, for some time now, been researching a new kind of teleportation. One that doesn’t break your body down into parts and re-form it on the other side. The specifics of how it works are too complicated to discuss right now, but the gist of it is that our Teleporters are able to push and pull physical matter into and out of a kind of subspace we call the Sar-Tep . With a special beacon that projects your location within the Sar-Tep, you can be pushed into the Sar-Tep by one machine, then pulled out by a different machine at the speed of subspace communication. Kula was a part of a research team into Sar-Tep travel, and the incident, while similar to an explosion, was more like an implosion. A test was in progress when there was a malfunction, and she was pulled into the Sar-Tep without a beacon.”


Kane looked at him for a minute and then said “So she’s not dead, then. Just lost. Ok, got it.” and he turned back to Or. “So with this… bonding or whatever the hell it is… can Wa-, er, Mwezi sense her? Maybe help you guys throw her a line or something? ‘Cause if you get her back, this syndrome or whatever goes away, right?”

Kane, CMO

Zish nodded quietly, thoughtful about the suggestion. Or seemed to shrug. “It’s certainly… possible.”

Mwezi sat up slightly. “I’ve been seeing her in my dreams, Councilor. Hearing her voice. I… what Kane suggests, I think we should try it.”

Zish straightened. “If so, I’d like your engineers and scientists working with mine on this. Try to find a way to get the Beacon to identify a psychic link. And Or… hold off on severing Mwezi. We’ll need his bond to get Kula back.”

Mwezi cheered up at the news.

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“Of course.” T’Aria glanced at Taggart, then indicated their chief science and engineering officers with a sublte wave. “Lt. Marshall, our chief engineer..” she nodded to them and made curt introductions “..Doctor Grey, our chief science officer. Their teams are prepared to help.”

“Ok, so lets go see where this interdimensional portal to limbo is. Maybe Mwezi will pick up on something.” Kane said and picked up his bag and shouldered his other pack. “I mean, that’s why we are here… right? So let’s get a move on.”

Kane, CMO

“It’s not a portal to limbo, and it’s not in a particular place. If it was, an orbital station wouldn’t be a good place to experiment,” Zish replied, tilting his head in confusion at the man’s response.

“Councilor Zish,” T’Aria turned to the Raka councilman, “were there any other scientists or personnel involved with Kula’s disappearance?”

– T’Aria, XO

“Those that were most deeply involved with the research are planetside, recovering from the incident. Some were badly injured,” Zish nodded thoughtfully. “It might be helpful to speak with them from an outsider’s perspective. If you wish to contact them, I can get you down there…”

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“And first we get Mwezi near the spot his girlfriend skipped out of reality at, and see if we can’t get him some relief. Yeah, that sounds like a great idea! Let’s. Go. Please.” Kane said acerbically.

Kane, CMO

“That’s not going to work, Doctor. They would need to be in physical contact,” Or replied, confused as to how this man thought Mwezi being on the research platform would be of any help. “We need to keep him somewhere with significant medical equipment, and the Research Platform is not that. It’s also… not entirely structurally stable at the moment.”

“That would be helpful, Councilor.” She flatly agreed and turned back to the away team.

“Cmdr. Grey, Ensign Blaze – accompany Dr. Kane’s team and the councilor to the orbital station. Keep us apprised of your status.” She kept orders brief. “Lt. Lovejoy, Ensigns Valharra and Gruver – with me.”

The Vulcan turned to Zish and echoed the doctor’s sentiment with a quick, “shall we?”

– T’Aria, XO

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William gave T’Aria a nod “Yes, sir” He said before turning around and quickly following after Kane and the others.


Zish nodded and gestured for everyone to follow him. He led them to a Shuttle dock, where a young Laleri pilot was leaning against the wall, looking a little bored. “Anyone who is going down to the surface, Shilo will take you. You’ve gotten their destinations, Scout? Those going to the Orbital Station, I’ll be on the Helm.”

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Evelyn remained unbelievably silent and idly observed the senior officers interactions while listening to the alien’s story unfold. This was her first, first contact mission and it was a learning opportunity for her across several different levels. The chances of her messing something up were highly probably if she spoke her mind in this case, so she opted not to do so to avoid an angry Captain and alien race. She definitely did not want to have anything to do with their Sar-tep project as it was in a sarcastic way a hard pass in regards to her own interest in the project or even in volunteered participation. In her mind, transporter technology had come quite a long way up to this point. If it was not broken, why try to change it up? Suddenly her thought process was interrupted by her executive officer’s voice. Evelyn’s emerald green eyes darted upward to meet T’Aria’s gaze, “Yes sir.” Evelyn then walked toward T’Aria, stopped, and stood by her side until they were to embark on their mission.

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